Editors in Chief: Avi Seidmann, Simon Business School
Ray Dorsey,  University of Rochester Medical Center
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The Next Generation House Call

Fueled by new technological advances, the 21st century house call is emerging chiefly to increase access to care. Point-of-care diagnostics, remote monitoring and increasingly ubiquitous broadband technology are enabling care to return to the home. At the same time, other forces, including aging populations, growing burden of chronic conditions, consumer empowerment, and the need for cost-effective care, are driving adoption.

[Excerpt from "The Return of the House Call", authored by 2016 Advisory Board member, Senator Tom Daschle and Summit Co-Chair, Dr. Ray Dorsey. Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 162 No. 8, 21 April 2015]

Christina Farr, Journalist, Fast Company

CHRISTINA FARR Journalist, Fast Company

Christina Farr is a San Francisco-based journalist specializing in health and tech. Before joining Fast Company, she worked as a reporter for VentureBeat, Reuters and KQED. Her byline has also appeared in USA Today, Washington Post and Mashable. She has appeared as a featured expert on ABC News, CNN and NPR.
Damian Gilbert, Founder & CEO, TouchCare

DAMIAN GILBERT Founder & CEO, Touchcare

Damian Gilbert is the CEO of TouchCare, a company that created a mobile health app that connects providers with their patients via scheduled video calls. TouchCare's platform connects patients with their providers whom they know and trust, to support existing relationships and enhance continuity of care.
Adam Jackson, CEO & Co-Founder, Doctor On Demand

ADAM JACKSON CEO & Co-Founder, Doctor On Demand

Adam Jackson is CEO and co-founder of Doctor On Demand, a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board-certified physicians and psychologists via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Over the past 10 years, Adam has also been an active angel investor and adviser to over two dozen companies.
Oscar Salazar, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Pager

OSCAR SALAZAR Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Pager

Oscar is the Chief Product Officer and co-Founder of Pager, an on-demand service that connects patients with healthcare in their home, office or hotel. Oscar has been a part of several successful ventures. He is the founding CTO of Uber and current advisor, as well as the VP of Technology at Ride and CEO of CitiVox.
Stephanie Tilenius, Co-Founder & CEO, Vida


Stephanie is founder and CEO of Vida, a next-generation mobile continuous care platform for preventive health and chronic health conditions. Prior to Vida, Tilenius worked with late-stage portfolio companies at KPCB and was a VP of global commerce and payments at Google.

Innovation Spotlight

TouchCare makes mobile health easy by securely connecting physicians and patients anytime, anywhere.
TouchCare telemedicine platform
Now, some appointments can be as quick and personal as a FaceTime call. Designed for medical practices of all sizes, from solo providers to hospitals, the TouchCare telemedicine app requires no lengthy implementation, works within existing workflows and can be easily deployed with a simple download from the App Store.

We sat down with 2016 speaker Damian Gilbert, Founder and CEO of TouchCare, to learn more about the role his company plays in transforming care for Aging Americans.


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