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International tourist arrivals to Chile reached a historic high last year with 5.64 million visitors in 2016. According to data provided by the Research Division of the Tourism Department, tourism grew by 26% from 2015.

In 2016, most international tourists came from Argentina, a 49% boost from the previous year (2.9 million entries). Meanwhile, tourism from Europe increased by 9%, totaling 449,667 visitors.

The European market provided the greatest influx of travelers to Chile, 41,523 tourists came from Italy, a 24% rise from the previous year. Tourism from England increased by 11%, totaling 51,611 visitors; the rate of arrivals from France also grew by 10.2%, with 77,129 visitors. Arrivals from Spain rose by 6.3% with 77,987 arrivals.

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Panguipulli: a beautiful southern postcard
Panquipulli welcomes you with its amazing Swiss influenced church and makes you understand the meaning of love at first sight, the idyllic town that it is. Enjoy the delicious flavors of its typical products like cheese, honey and jams.Take the opportunity to go kayaking, cable riding, rafting or trekking, where the vegetation and landscapes will make your jaw drop.

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Route of the elevators of Valparaiso
Valparaiso invites you to visit its hills, but it doesn’t want you to get tired out! Step onto its famous funiculars (elevators built on rail tracks) and visit the heights of the main port. Take the Artilleria Funicular up to Paseo 21 de Mayo to enjoy a privileged view of the bay. Lose yourself on the famous Alegre Hill and its Paseo Yugoslavo when you step onto funicular El Peral.

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Tortel: the village of footbridges
Known as the city of bridges, Tortel invites visitors to take a stroll through 7.5 kilometers of platforms, bridges, and stairs built with cypress wood, which connect the various sites of this picturesque place declared a “Typical Area” due to its architecture and lifestyle. Explore the mouth of the Baker River, the most-voluminous river in Chile.

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Karukinka, the natural reserve at world's end
In the south of Tierra del Fuego is Karukinka Park, one of the planet´s last ecosystems still untouched by humankind. With almost 300 thousands hectares inhabited by more than 100 indigenous species.
Los Flamencos National Reserve

The Los Flamencos National Reserve invites you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape around it. The diverse climatic conditions of its seven areas will surprise you as you become one with your surroundings.You can see its variety of flora and fauna where flamingos take center stage.
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