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Dear Friends...
"And now my head shall be lifted up above all my enemies around me; Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord!" ~ Psalm 27:6

All around us the world is shaking and evil lifts its voice; but...
we lift our voice louder than the enemies!

Whatever your situation, whatever we all find ourselves facing in these days, we determine to lift our voices and worship Jesus. Angels are released to strengthen, comfort and minister to us throughout the world as the Love of God enfolds us.

He shows us the way of escape,
whether in lockdown or lockup!



While many nations have experienced heavy lockdown this year, in Mozambique we are blessed to move around in comparative freedom. Initially the laws were tough but we worked the system. We set up zoom and encouraged one another through team meetings, prayer and teaching online. We got so full of the Word, the passion to share it with those on the outside rose up strong. We as ‘Team’ determined to find a way out, we were after all, simply locked down, not locked up!


On our website you will find photos and job description of Afrika Wa Yesu Team. 38 beautiful faces make up the key leaders and teachers, not forgetting the ever increasing number of children, many of whom are active in ministry also. Then we have the pastors and leaders of 150 churches, also our groundsmen, several who are pastors and in ministry also. Then we have you, our friends and supporters who keep us all going! Your love, prayers, encouragement and financial giving is what sustains us, provides not only what we need, but enables us to grow and do even more! Thank you for being part of our AFRIKA Wa YESU TEAM! For those who don’t know, Afrika Wa Yesu simply means ‘Africa for Jesus’ in the Sena language. This is the tribe we initially moved through in the early years of our calling. 

Enjoy the pictures and see what the Lord has done, and continues to do through Afrika Wa Yesu on the move. 

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Together for His Glory,

                    Rod & Ellie
             and the Afrika Wa Yesu Team.


"For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord,
as the waters cover the sea." ~ Isaiah 11:9

WE ARE EVERYWHERE! ……. from North to South, Cabo del Gado, Niassa, Nampula, Tete, Zambezia, Sofala, Manica and Inhambane provinces, our teams are visiting churches, winning souls, baptizing, casting out demons, holding teaching seminars and shaking the nation in Jesus’ name. As they go, we receive photos, videos and reports on WhatsApp. We can barely keep up celebrating one great report after the other. How privileged we are to be part of such an amazing call, amazing people. We are rich beyond description and very grateful! It is impossible to share them all but here are some excerpts for you to enjoy.

THE RISSLER FAMILY~ Magiga in Zambezia province is a strongly Muslim town. Though a difficult place to evangelize, the church run by Julinho and his brother, has a large and significant group. People are very committed to Jesus. Afrika Wa Yesu is the only church in the area while here are many mosques. Julinho is well known in the village, friendly to everyone and a good witness. He has a simple manner, secure in his faith, and in love with Jesus. He does not make himself appear important, he just is who he is. His personal encounter with Jesus is evident.

We saw children playing in the church yard, but at the time of the children's meeting, they started to walk home. Though they longed to stay, they were forbidden by their parents to participate in any Christian activity. 

On this visit to Magiga, we counted eight former graduates who are active in the Lord's work. Visits like these encourage them, they are hungry for the Word. They are on the front line, bearing fruit. It is not an easy job, the place is difficult, but they are still in the battle. It is an honor for us to serve them.

PASTORS ARMANDO & LURDES JO ~ There is a massive harvest movement all over the Mozambique today, especially in Cabo-Delgado and Central Mozambique due to the internal conflict. I thank The Holy Spirit for prompting Afrika Wa Yesu and other ministries in the nation to seize the harvest, but we can do more. People of closed culture in the north, Mozambique are opening for the gospel. I believe that this is going to bring such a great move of God as far as soul winning is concerned. We are seeing increase in souls in many Afrika Wa Yesu churches. 

We have started a training exercise on personal evangelism and discipleship beginning of October through December. The phrase focus is “EVERY MEMBER INVOLVED”. I would like to see an explosion dispersed where everyone truly gets involved everywhere.

With scattering of displaced people due to the war, not only the people are scattered but also the soul winners. People like Pastors Aquimo, who was also forced to moved out because of attacks, but never folded his arms in soul winning. He and many more others ministers of the gospel are scattered and they are preaching the gospel everywhere they are going (Acts 8:4). We need to be looking for the harvesters, and equip them more for the work of the ministry. We have 2 guys (Marcelo & Verne) from Nampula, who have come to me and said: “Pastor, we want to go North to evangelize.” It impressed me and right now, I praying on the best way how to send them, seeing that they are young people. I am planning to send them first to Namialo for some weeks, to help Pastor Aquimo, then take them with me for outreaches, then to the North so they can be well trained for that difficult region. I want to complete this before the end of the year. There is a lot that needs to be done.”

NB: Editors Note: The beloved Jo family recently buried their new born daughter, just five days old. With this tragedy heavy upon them, they stood up and went on a two week missions trip. They returned home briefly before getting up to go again and again. Great courage has brought great comfort and strength. We are very proud of them. One of my favourite quotes for difficult times is:


Building a church shelter in a strategic zone for refugee assistance in helping displaced persons regroup.

NORTH UPDATE: Please read the heart of our brave Team who work there, and the heart of the people they work with. Many of the testimonies are too horrific to post in our newsletter. Pray for Northern Mozambique!

AGOSTINHO, Teacher and Administrator of Nacala Base ~ It is very sad, if you are not there yourself, what you hear about the north is not anything compared to what is really going on. We heard terrible things. We have a weak understanding of the things that are happening there. It left us so sad. 

What brought me the most joy was that the brothers we met there are so ready to work and be part of the Kingdom of God. That left us so happy. The displaced people there are very sensitive. Just a little bit of encouragement and Word, they receive it so readily. This is the good part. The Holy Spirit is doing a certain work there. They have a lot of faith – when you say you want to pray for them, they are so eager – “He's going to pray for me!”  I was very touched when we visited some old ladies, we took a photo with one, she was sick – we asked her name and spoke together, she started telling us some of the stories of what is happening. We said, “We are feeling what you are feeling. We want to pray for you even though we don't know you, we feel with you.”  That family was so happy. They received comfort and courage. 

Church participation is VERY good. We divide into groups and meet together, and change leaders over for meetings. The thing that caught my attention there was their punctuality. They arrive very early for church. 

A great problem is the people running away are in a great crisis. The blessing we took there to give, it was so hard because it is never enough. There were others we didn't visit but the leaders there knew they were in great trouble. So we went to buy the goods and call them one by one to bless them. It was the only way to do it because EVERYONE is in need – some are worse off than others. But thanks to God, we were able to help the people. 

JEMUSSE, Assistant Director of Nacala Base ~ It is so difficult there, to know the right words of encouragement. You try to choose and you just think, “What can I say to these people?" They have been through a war that has not really affected us here. There are so many women that tell you, “My husband was killed in front of me. In front of our children!” One of our student graduates told of how he saw his father being killed. 

One of the words that I preached constantly is “God will turn your tears to joy.” Reading from the Bible how God restored His people. It was really hard, because you want to help and encourage, but the situation is terrible. You can't just pray for them without seeking God, because it hurts your heart, and you also have to intercede for those who are left behind there, it's so sad. 

What I loved was the people – when they make a decision for Christ they are so committed. They didn't miss a single meeting. Even though the distances were 5 kilometres to walk and it was really hot, they were always there, especially the women. They were always there, never missing a meeting. We had many meetings, always full of people. And in worship, it was so good. Sometimes people who are new in the faith, it's easier to lead them and teach them that people who are stuck, thinking they know everything. We have to go back to our first love. The love that just wants to feel the embrace of the Father. To seek Him and to please Him. Not that thing of having the right words and being eloquent in the Word. That stirred my heart. 

There was a child there, 10 years old, man, it's a story that… is so hard. (Editors note: This story is too terrible to put in this newsletter) These children,  they are... altered. I was wondering... one day, when this is over, how will those people be? We need to pray. They are terrible, inhumane things that should never happen. But in all this the church is strong and this is a great joy. 

Spiritually the church is standing strong. Most of them are refugees. Some were Christians when they came, others converted recently. But they are not strong in the Word, but in dedication. So it was a good time to feed them with the Word.

Ministering to the displaced and traumatised... "And the King answered them, 'Don't you know? When you cared for one of the least important of these My little ones, My true brothers and sisters, you demonstrated love for Me.'" ~ Matthew 25:40 TPT

PASTORS MARIANO & GRAÇA ~ Peace, Family. Our journey takes us through many rough places with great blessings from God. We left for an area called Munguzi, where we have a Church run by two student graduates; their testimony is wonderful, Munguzi is an area that 20km from Minhonha, We had a wonderful time and ended with water baptism.

Pastors Mariano and Graça being greeted upon arrival at an Afrika Wa Yesu church.

The work of evangelist continues with great importance. People are totally lost without Christ, but when the gospel is preached they respond positively. At Cavalo district of Dere, many people came to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour, surrendering their demonic witchcraft fetishes. Others ran to their homes to bring their things to be burned as the gospel reached their hearts. We feel very happy for what God is doing.

TEACHING SEMINARS for adults and children were held in different places.

These photos show leaders from Namigonhane, Nambila, Zinho, Furquia, Namarema, Mucondo and Fernando, the latter being the place where the meetings took place. It was powerful, a great blessing.

These are some of our Bible School graduates who participated in the seminar. It is wonderful to see the work they are doing. 


It was wonderful to spend a whole month in Pomene, the place of my childhood family holiday memories. To share these memories and make new ones with our children and grandchildren was very special to us.

The church, hidden behind masks, welcomed us with unmasked joy and singing. We were blessed by their excitement at being told we had brought a temperature thermometer and would all gather for church on Sunday. 


We have shared three Sunday services with the people here. They had not had a normal service since covid-19, but had continued to meet in small groups for fellowship. 

On the second Sunday, the Maas family brought the Word of God. It was very powerful, with each of the children standing up to minister, followed by Pastora Deborah and Pastor Chris. The topic was ‘Family’, an excellent word that brought conviction and much hope to the people. They are still speaking about that message. We are very proud of the Maas Family. They minister beautifully together.

Mikayla rejoicing at Pomene Wa Yesu.

Gabriel and Ashira doing their part.

Rod had announced we would have a festa on the second Sunday. A huge pig was fetched in the Land Cruiser and prepared for the feast to follow the church service. Other churches groups were invited, close to 200 people feasting that day. It was wonderful.

Rod prays for Pastor Anisio, who is doing an amazing work in Pomene.

Pastor Lino arrived with Alberto and Jeremias to work on the new church building with the help of local members.

PASTORS LINO AND VINA GRAVATA ~ and their children travelled from Gorongosa to take over from us in Pomene. This family is dynamic. Their two young boys, not yet in their teens, insisted on doing their part and worked hard on the building together with the sons of Pastor Anisio and Nilsa. 

They write: We had a blessed time in Inhambane, our children were so happy to play on the beach and play football and fish. Remarkable times as a family. 

Pomene and Minerva churches are doing very well. Pastor Anisio and Nilsa, their life is a miracle. We had the privilege of ministering, teaching and lots of fun. We taught about Family, Holy Spirit and Leadership, we showed the Jesus movie and many people received Jesus as Lord.

The church at Minerva is really strong, led by the wonderful couple Zacarias and Luísa, both of whom are from Pomene. About 400 people came from different and distant places to see the film and the people were very happy encouraged by our visit there and felt loved.

Editors NoteLino and Vina visit the hard places a lot. It was so good to see them have time at the beach where they could play and relax also.

ROGÉRIO - TEACHER AT THE VOCATIONAL CENTRE ~ I learnt so many things on outreach in Salina – some of the people there are not very nice. During evangelism it was hard work – we packed our lunches and walked a long way – more than 10 km. When we shared the word, some people said they were Catholics and were very complicated. They said they've been baptised, confirmed and married, so I'm 100% Christian. It was religion, not knowing Jesus. So we tried to get them to understand, they chased us away. Some respected us, others didn't. Some of them, when we said we were sharing about Jesus, they SPAT! The first time, I thought, does this person have a health problem? I didn't say anything. She kept spitting so I asked her, “is everything okay with you?” And she chased us away. So we knew we were speaking the truth because we were making them uncomfortable. Others received, but many rejected Jesus. 

One man really harassed us, humiliated us... and a week later he came to the church. When he came, he stayed far away and called me – “Youth! Come here” I came and greeted him. He asked, “can I come there? To the church?” I said, “ yes, please.” He said he had such a weight on his conscience. “I want to ask your forgiveness because I humiliated you. What you were sharing with me was life, it was really good, but at that time I acted terribly. I want to say sorry. And I want to worship God.” He received Jesus and went home. After some follow up, others who rejected Jesus at first have now accepted Him. So what we are preaching to people, whether they receive or not, they hear. And the Word works in them. They come to recognise the truth.


"Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the Word of the Lord may run swiftly and have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you.” ~ 2 Thessalonians 3:1

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