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Dear Friends...


You may remember our dramas about being diverted to land our little bird at Johannesburg International Airport. Not looking forward to returning to Mozambique through the same route, we were delighted when all airports were opened again and we would be able to return in the normal way. 

Cyclones and rain delayed us a few more days, then came the news that the restrictions on airports were being reimposed the following day. We saw a one day gap in the sky and packed up our plane to take off early in the morning in hopes that we could make a get-away without anyone stopping us. It was really a no-brainer. We knew that only pilots were cleared to use the airport, flying goods in and out. Rod could get out but not Ellie. More bad weather, fully booked international flights and intensified covid-19 lock downs could delay us for weeks. We needed a miracle!

I am not just a passenger, I am crew... and a Blue Angel at that.
"Where did you get that hat!?" ...don't ask.

While expressing my concern to a new friend, she said to me, “Tell them you are not just a passenger. Tell them you are crew.”
“I am?”
“Are you not a key part of your organisation?”
“I sure am! I am the co-founder and the right hand help of the president and pilot!”
“Well, tell then you are ground crew!” she said.

“Mmmmm,” I pondered for a split second and got the full realisation that: Ha, for sure I am not just a passenger! That is the truth, I am not just a passenger in this ministry nor in this world. I am not a nobody, I am a somebody. If they but knew my position in this operation, whether on the ground or in the air, they would know I am highly valued and vital as a crew member.

With head held high, off we went to clear customs and immigration. “Number of passengers?” they asked Captain Hein. 
“No passengers, two crew,” said the captain. Passports stamped, all documents cleared, the captain reported to the control tower to clear his flight plan. There he was asked the same again, same response. Still not totally sure if this was going to work (we have been called out our plane before), we boarded our plane and started taxiing onto the runway. Then came the voice from the control tower, “Charlie-9 Alpha Whiskey Yankee, are you carrying any passengers?”
“I am two crew.”
“Roger, C-9 AWY, you are cleared for take-off.” 

Oh man! Did we take off! As you can see by the extra big smile on the cover photo which the crew member took gaining altitude. Whoops and hallelujahs took us across to the Mozambican border without being called back. Okay, now to navigate ever changing weather during the next five hours of flying.

OUR FLIGHT WAS MAGNIFICENT... was the pilot and our flying machine.
Pastor Mariano took some of our workers to clear the trees that had fallen across the road due to cyclone Chalane.

Watch this incredible axe swinging, these guys are strong.

Salmo is our chief acrobat in the heights.

Thanks guys, we could not get home without you clearing the way for us!

BEIRA AIRPORT... near home, yet so far!


Beira tower gave us the go ahead for landing at the second busiest airport in Mozambique. We were surprised to see no activity anywhere. The big airport was strangely deserted except for an elderly masked man sitting at the big ‘International Arrivals’ door which appeared to be locked. 

“There is nobody here today. No customs, no immigration personnel.”

“EXCUSE ME?” We were cleared to land here, how can it be closed?”

“Ah, but it is New Year’s Day, 1st January. I don’t know where everyone is, I think the personnel decided to take the day off.”

“Is this for real? I suppose they are all babalaas (hungover) after the New Year’s party!” Ellie was not happy. 

It was hot. Not a breath of air, humid, horribly hot. After some phone calls a rookie official arrived and let us into the dark terminal, no air, no open windows. It took three hours of receiving instructions by phone from superiors while the rookie politely and painfully meticulously repeatedly asked the same questions of impatient superiors who had sent him, and filled in form after tedious form. All the while he was so diligent, so afraid of making a mistake and so, so polite to us. Ellie spoke encouraging words as he struggled. The encouragement intensified until she realized she was trying to encourage herself and stop herself from fainting from the heat and stress of the day. The rookie opened the door and let her out as she could no longer breathe. Mask was off long ago. 

Oh the story is long, but that’s enough for now. At last, in the plane, the tower officials still on duty, they gave us instructions for take-off and ...up, up and away to our next stop at Mungari bush strip. Someone asked if I kissed the ground on landing. I said “No, I had to run for the trees as I was so desperate for the bathroom!”

FINALLY... Mungari!

We were glad to land as clouds were gathering ahead of us.

I love Mungari!

Beautiful Drive Home...

Forest and bush loaded with wildlife make the journey home a treat. A variety of antelope, large and small, warthogs and rich birdlife appear at any moment.

Crested guinea fowl, so pretty.

Watch the video of Nyala on the road.

It was dark by the time we got home but what a welcome from our Team singing and dancing and a dinner prepared in welcome! We slept that night like one can only sleep in one's own bed!

Early morning devotions and reconnection with our workers made us all so happy.

Why do some men look so happy when their hands are full of grease?

And driving through puddles?

Pai Castigo standing in our promising field of maize.

...for being here.

Love riding through the bush and visiting people at their huts.

From a young age children take care of younger siblings.

With no toys, no electronics, the children run barefoot
 wild and free outdoors playing with one another.

We followed the sound of drums and found a witchdoctor trying to cast a demon out of a woman with a group of villagers singing and chanting around them.

Sunday at Inhaminga Wa Yesu.

Beautiful people.

SO MUCH MORE TO TELL... but enough for now. We hope you have enjoyed participating in these snippets from the lives of your friends in Mozambique. Touching lives, reaching out and spreading the Good News. 

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world
that He sent His only begotten Son,
that whosoever believes n Him shall never die,
but have eternal life.”

We are just an email or Facebook connection away and we love connecting with you.

Sending our prayers, our love and deep appreciation for your commitment and support to us.

               Rod & Ellie
         and all at Afrika Wa Yesu.


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