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Dear Friends,

"I am the Aleph and the Tav, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the Completion..." ~ Revelation 22:13, TPT

 There are no beginnings without endings... sometimes they roll into each other quite smoothly and almost indistinguishably. Other times they are very clear cut and can even have a wide gap between them. I love this translation which refers to the end as 'the completion'. This is not the end of another year, it is the completion!

This year we have completed so much - sometimes when one is in the midst of all the hustle and drama of the doing it's easy to get discouraged and think it's all for naught - because you cannot see the completion. We thank God and give Him glory for the completion of two Vocational Centre classes and a Bible School class! No closures for the Base schools! And even though preschools were closed our kids club teachers worked in home groups to make sure the kindergarteners completed their courses and were made ready for Grade 1 mainstream schooling. 

We completed our homeschool season of life! All our children are happy in the international school in town, making new friends and coping very well with their homework and exams and all that goes along with that.

Local church ministry continues as we are thrilled to be allowed to meet to worship once again - our ladies especially have been very busy travelling and arranging women's conferences and coming home with fantastic testimonies of healing and deliverance. God is so good! Showing the Jesus film and house to house evangelism, encouraging the church to stand firm, and helping the needy all is becoming second nature to our team, who are out on the field every chance they can get to spread the love of God.

Nacala Base also completed a youth conference, the first in two years due to COVID restrictions - what joy and fun and laughter on base as these youngsters encountered God and revelled in the freedom of friendship and growth. 

For our ministry team we completed a basic administration course - bringing our team up to speed on all the nitty gritty logistics of running a ministry. We all love the practical side of ministry, but not many enjoy the paperwork, reports, and filing that also needs to be done! Emma did an outstanding job with a crash course on payrolls and labour laws and procedures and budgeting, while the whole group did a two week computer course at the same time and also developed their report writing techniques... we will see much fruit in the coming year, I am sure!

As we scramble to wrap up our year, we are nearing completion on our kitchen renovations - extending the cooking area and putting a nice roof over the whole length of it, building a pizza oven for making all sorts of treats, a new wash up area and improving our cafeteria area as well. Our student bathroom renovations are complete, and a lick of paint will have everything shining like new before our next intake of students in February 2022.

Speaking of wrapping things up, a spur of the moment discussion has turned into a full blown event as our Nacala community has banded together to collect toys, clothing and school materials to wrap up as presents to be delivered to needy children and orphans in Nacala. We are combining this with a bike ride through town, there has been no other event like this before in Nacala, and we hope to make it an annual tradition! It is our way of sharing the light of Jesus and celebrating the best Christmas Gift ever in an area which, largely, does not celebrate Christmas. It has been quite a ride so far... be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we continue to post updates!
Electrics Graduation
The top picture shows the graduating electrics class doing a presentation of a circuit board for a house they'd created as a class project. Below that, we have two alumni who are putting their newly acquired skills to good use, safely and neatly wiring up simple homes as their new businesses in their home towns. 
Carpentry Graduation
Presenting diplomas to our carpentry course, they produced excellent work in spite of our carpentry instructor resigning halfway through the term. Below, we caught up with Votec alumni Fadueque Zacarias at his carpentry shop in Mecanhelas, Niassa Province. 
Another alumni shot - a construction course graduate, Ernesto Pedro, sent us this picture of him working on an underground tank.
Bible School Graduation
What a thrill to graduate Bible School students this year - both in house students and correspondence learners! We are very excited about our correspondence program, we are reaching so many students from different denominations and professions across the country who are studying in their homes via email and meeting monthly for in-person lessons. Their employment means they can't attend Bible School for six months, so this is a great way to still reach and train them. We are in the process of putting our curriculum online to reach even more through this technology. Next year, our Bible School classes will be recorded to go with each lesson, so online students can listen along as well.
Kids Club Graduation - Muzuane
Janifer completes kindergarten! Her mother, Raquel, directs our Muzuane kids club. Her father, Jemusse, is our Nacala Base campus manager. They are a powerhouse couple and we are honoured to work with them.
Around Campus
Some of our Inhaminga team travelled to Nacala to spend two weeks with us - we held a computer and administration course where we helped our team better understand the how's and why's of the procedural side of the ministry.
A vibrant, enthusiastic group of youth were a pleasure to have on campus, filling the atmosphere with praise and worship and laughter. We are excited to push forward in youth ministry more next year.
The time on the base between conferences, courses and schools is filled with maintenance and improvements. We have renovated our students bathrooms and extended our kitchen area - 2022 will be efficient and effective physically as well as spiritually.
The woodshop on the base continues to receive and fill orders, thanks to an excellent team and great management, thank you Emma & Chris!
Packing up Christmas presents and snacks for distribution to orphans and underprivileged children through our Nacala community.
Apostolic women, Raquel, Madalena and Salima, travelling together to minister to groups of ladies in nearby churches. Raquel testifies: "We talked with Amina and her daughter who came to ask us for help because they were tormented by demons. They had no peace in their lives, every night they couldn't sleep because of the torment. We talked about Jesus and we prayed for deliverance, and we burned their witchcraft fetishes. They were delivered, and are testifying they can sleep very well and are both free! Glory to God."
Our Family
Gabriel, Ashira and Mikayla are all happily settled in a school in town, Mikayla just completed her junior school education and next year we will have three high schoolers in the house!

Thank you for all your support and back up in prayer and encouragement as we work towards completing our race - one year at a time! We thank God for each of you.

Have a wonderful annual completion! Merry Christmas, and a blessed 2022.
Together for His Glory,
Chris and Debs,
Gabriel, Ashira, Mikayla

and all at Afrika Wa Yesu
Prayer Points:
  • Praise for churches being opened to meet again in groups of up to 50, let's continue to believe for full capacity meetings.
  • Grace and protection for Gabriel, Ashira and Mikayla as they continue with mainstream schooling next year, that they would make good choices and bring the Light into their new friendships.
  • Pray for us as we prepare for 2022, planning projects and areas of focus.
  • SOULS knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We love hearing from you!
Let us know what the Lord is doing in your life and how we can pray for you and your family.
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