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Dear Friends...

This month we travelled to Zimbabwe for the funeral of beautiful Victoria, our 19 year old niece who courageously lived twenty months after being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. Her love for Jesus and the power of her testimony continues to live on; to speak and to prophesy of great things in God. She has touched more lives through her life and death than any other person we know. Though we all prayed and believed for her miracle, it did not come in the form of healing or the way we all wanted. More than 1000 people attended the powerful service in Bulawayo. The actual burial took place in our home town, Chipinge, where Ellie’s parents, grandparents, as well as many of our friends and relatives lie buried. It was very moving and we were honoured to assist with the burial and to speak in the church service as well. Our very ‘hands on’ culture demonstrates our togetherness in personally taking care of many details that are normally left to an undertaker. Assisting in the mortuary, the men taking turns to shovel dirt into the grave, while the women throw flowers in and finally place them on top. It was one of the most moving experiences we have witnessed. The courageous parents, Jon and Shereen and their children, were supported and upheld by many. 

It has been quite a year for us, two of Ellie’s sister also very unexpectedly passing on; all this in a space of four months. We continue with increased passion and fervour to give our best to this world and to Jesus for as long as we have breath in us. The joy of the Lord is our strength and we love the life He has given us.

Thank you for your love and support in all these things,

Rod & Ellie
And all at Afrika Wa Yesu


Since our Annual Team Conference in August this year, we have seen an explosion of evangelism throughout the nation. We bought four units of speakers and microphones, bright lights and equipment to show the Jesus movie. Each of our four bases has one of these units on hand. Different groups go out to win regions for Christ. We are focusing more on smaller towns and villages that are not usually reached than on the big cities where most visiting evangelists like to go. Our teams visit people in their homes, preach in markets, invite people to afternoon/evening teaching and preaching, followed by the Jesus Movie. An incredible harvest is coming in with signs and wonders confirming the Word that is being preached. We are blown away by the passion and tireless work being done by our Mozambican teams. #Feeling proud and happy!

Crusade in Namarroi, Zambezia Province, with Pastor Armando and evangelists from Nampula Wa Yesu.

Crusade in Merenguze, Nampula Province, with the Nacala Base and Vocational Centre students.

Crusades in Sussendenga, Manica Province, with Pastor Lino and his team from Gorongosa wa Yesu.

Off to show the Jesus Film in the villages.

Baptisms at a youth conference in Magiga, Zambezia Province.

Long-Distance Bible School graduates in Gurué.


Our emphasis on legacy is PHYSICAL AS WELL AS SPIRITUAL. We see the necessity of strong buildings to house and train a strong church. Our rural churches are made of poles, mud and thatch, but as the nation is growing and changing, we need something more durable in the towns and cities. This takes hard work, commitment and money. It is exciting to see the building teams we have trained do a great job in helping to ensure we build a legacy that remains, and is not washed away by cyclones and floods.

Chiluvo Wa Yesu - Pastor Lino and his Team have worked very hard building this church in record time. The original church as well as surrounding homes was totally swept away during cyclone Idai, leaving only bare earth.

Ndoro Wa Yesu - Ndoro features strongly in our book ‘Beyond the Shadow’. Low lying plains where the hot sun bakes the black mud. This mud turns into black slick at the first drops of rain. This year the mud intensified through Cyclone IDAI, and our pole and thatch church could be reached from one side only by dug out canoe. Even so, we turned the leaking church into a shelter, rigged grass and plastic up at the back where we cooked food for the many hungry people left destitute. We determined to build a strong bring church with secure roof. That is exactly what we are doing!

Pastor Elias was a young boy running around the church during those years of war and famine when we walked the bush to take the gospel to the unreached. There was no road then, just foot paths. He has since come to Inhaminga Bible School, served for years in the church and was this year ordained as one of our pastors.

The people are so excited about the building going up. They are carrying water from the well, cooking food for the builders and taking very good care of them where they are camped on site.

Salinas Wa Yesu - Salina wa Yesu is a three-year old church plant near to the Nacala Base with 45 adults participating on Sundays, and their prayer house fell down in last year's torrential storms. This year, the Vocational Centre is running a construction course. We have encouraged pastors from areas which have been most affected by the cyclones of Kenneth and Idai to send students for training in building. Using the construction of Salina as their practical project, we are equipping them to join in the re-construction of their own churches back home. Many churches were washed away and Afrika Wa Yesu has earmarked four churches in different areas to be rebuilt with strong cement blocks and tin roofs instead of mud walls and thatch coverings, in 2020. More on this project here.

SALAS ANEXAS da EPC de DIMBA! ~ Our Gift to the Community!

The school year is now closing and will open again at the end of January when we shall post new pictures. 

The original Primary School in Dimba was built soon after the end of the war in the 1990’s. Nothing being maintained properly and having gone through another attack with surrounding houses burnt down, it is looking very shabby. In the meantime, part of the Dimba community fled the killing and live close to our Bible School. These kids have been sitting in the dirt or on old walls with books on their laps since 2014. From the start we wanted to build them a new school but the government refused to allow us for political reasons that make no sense. Finally we were given the go ahead and our own building team trained and overseen by Rod has produced this beautiful structure with large grounds and shady trees. It is our gift to the poorest and most despised part of the entire province.

The beautiful new school!


We have four locations marked for new buildings next year. Two churches were obliterated by Cyclone Kenneth in Cabo Del Gado province and the other two in very strategic places in Zambezia Province where the congregations are growing fast and strong. Pray with us for these to happen. Each of these churches will also be used for training seminars and conferences for leaders, women and youth.


Graduation brings together extremely proud parents, kids and teachers. It is said that education is the best gift you can give a child. On it’s own though, it does not always yield a good result, thus we strongly emphasis good character in all our classes.

Gorongosa wa Yesu preschool graduation.

Inhaminga wa Yesu preschool graduation.

Nampula wa Yesu kids club graduation.

Muzuane (Nacala) wa Yesu kids club graduation.


We have just concluded a conference for children from our village churches on campus. These kids live on reed mats and around the cooking fire. They carry water from far, they help hoe the fields. Many go to bed hungry at night. To come for four days and nights where they live in joy and comfort, water on tap, plenty food prepared for them, is mind blowing for them. They are taught the Word of God, they worship, pray, are prayed for and they spend the afternoons having fun and playing games. To see them weep before the Lord and to hear their testimonies of what Jesus is doing in their hearts, is very touching. Wow, what an honour to share these days with them and to teach them also. Our teachers are all Bible School graduates, trained in Children’s ministry.


The uniqueness of America is shown even in the unique feast of Thanksgiving. Is there any other nation that sets aside a day specially for giving thanks? Is there any nation that gives as much to other nations? No, there isn’t! 

While much of the world loves to criticize America, we personally as well as a ministry, love to applaud and give thanks to this amazing nation. We wish that all nations would grow up to be just like you, America. We love you, 


Thank you to all friends and supporters (most of which are American) who enable us to do all we do, who pray for us, encourage us and lift us up.

Rod & Ellie
And all at Afrika Wa Yesu

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