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...Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated a glorious 50th wedding anniversary, put together by our daughter Tammy and our grandson Raurie. All we had to do was arrive at the bus stop and be loaded up with a bunch of party loving friends and family members. It was wild in more ways than one. The venue at Harare Lion Park was spectacular. Having gone before, Tammy found the most beautiful spot amongst the trees, boulders and bush. She organised for the antelopes and zebra to be tempted into the area behind the huge sunset and camp fire. A magnificent meal served on tables with white table cloths and pretty lights made it incredibly romantic. We thought we were in paradise. 

We are grateful for treasured friends and family who came; and for this milestone in our marriage and for that which is still to come. How faithful our God is! 


Each month as we come to newsletter time, we are overwhelmed by the goodness of God. Where and how do we even start? It is impossible to adequately describe the magnitude of the result of our partnership!

Reports and photos are coming in fast from our Team Members and church leaders on the field. Powerful testimonies of deliverance, salvations, the joy of learning and growing through seminars and training and the ‘Helps’ projects to the needy. Some of our Team are visiting churches more than a thousand kilometres from our main bases, and then back again. Our vehicles are old, maintained on base by men who believe in the impossible (thanks to Leon, Aaron, Chris and Rod and helpers). From village to village, city to city, along horrific roads, long and dusty foot paths and the occasional good road (thank you Jesus!), we move.

This combination, all of us joined together with you, creates the harvester movement through Mozambique. “INCREASE” is our key word this month as with increased vision, increased effort and passion, we increase in harvest for the Kingdom of God. 

Thank you for your friendship and commitment in helping us make it all possible!

We pray joy overflowing and more to you our friends and supporters as you read and ………. SEE YOUR HARVEST!

from Rod and Ellie
           and all at Afrika Wa Yesu


Apostolic journeys are part of our call and responsibility of taking care of the churches, allowing ‘Acts chapter 29’ to be demonstrated on earth and written in heaven.  The book of Acts overflows with powerful acts of salvation and miracles in only 28 chapters. We read concerning Jesus in (John 21:25) And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. 

In the same way the book of Acts could never contain all the works of the apostles. The Bible stops recording them in chapter 28. They still happen today though, and are recorded in heaven. In fun we say we are living in Acts chapter 29.

We burn with a fire to do more…..That fire is the Holy Spirit.
We give our team the opportunity to dream, to receive Holy Spirit direction. Dreams become visions and visions become reality when you start by worshipping God. Enter His Presence with thanksgiving and praise in your heart. Love Him, adore Him, give your whole self to Him and He will come down and flood you with joy and energy. Thoughts, ideas and love will fill your heart and mind. Then write it down, tell us what is in your heart. It all goes before the key leaders. Together they strategise, plan and work out how it can happen, which areas should be visited, when and how... then comes the sending. (John 20:21,22) Jesus said to them…. “Peace be with you. Just as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you. When he had said this, he breathed on them and told them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

THE CHURCH IS PEOPLE, NOT A BUILDING... but it sure helps when the people have a good, secure building to meet in.

Planting a church often starts with a group meeting regularly under a tree. Here the Tete House of Peace group is gathered. 

Or people may build a grass shelter. A young boy peers through the grass from the outside.

In the city of Tete the church is growing fast. They have erected tin sheets. Tete is the hottest city in Mozambique, this church is like an oven but they are doing their best.

Pastor João, due to his job, could not attend Bible School in person. He has worked hard doing all his lessons through long distance correspondence. 

Pole and thatch, brick and tin roof churches in the provinces of Zambezia and Niassa. 

Merenguze wa Yesu

Magiga wa Yesu

Jemusse reports...

According to Macua culture, from October to December, initiation rites begin. These rites include traditional medicines, witchcraft and circumcision done by traditional healers. This often leads to severe medical problems. We have a great challenge in teaching the Church not to practice these traditions. Some parents do ask us to teach them the right way. We tell them to go to the hospital for circumcision, not the traditional healers. They can also ask hospital health workers to come to their homes and do it there. We assure them they do not need to call up ancestral spirits nor hold the ceremonies that bring a lot of bondage and physical complications. As a result, eleven boys from the Church families were circumcised in their homes without having to go to the bush and endure the days and weeks of suffering. 

Physical Work: The work of the ministry is not only about teaching and preaching. A lot of physical work needs to be done as well. This month we put in new plumbing for the bathrooms. We also made a new roof in the wood shop. We opened a new road behind one of the houses which will make things much easier because of the rain destroying the old road every year. We are also improving the kitchen and cafeteria.

We took a trip to Namialo in order to rehabilitate the pastoral house. Some of our Nacala workers, Juma, Simão and Fernando joined teachers Lucas and Isac and myself.  In addition to physical construction, we were also transforming lives. In the mornings, all the teachers were involved in the construction, and in the afternoons, teacher Isac and some brothers from the church went to evangelise.

Isac reports from Namialo...

To begin with, Namialo is an Administrative post of Meconta that is located at the intersection of Cabo Delgado, Nacala and Nampula, it is a place where there are several mixtures of languages such as Nahara, Makonde, Swahili and Macua. The predominant strongholds are: Prostitution, even with minors, alcohol, adultery, thieving, consumption of drugs. It is a melting pot where many of the refugees from the North flee to, because of being at the cross roads to different places.

We arrived in time to set up our tents then in the morning started started with evangelism from house to house, winning ten souls to Jesus. We continued the next day also, a man was delivered from demons and eight more souls came in. 

On Saturday we evangelized openly on the road gathered on Sunday for a blessed service. Some of those who had accepted Jesus came to be with us in the church. The service was very impactful and some began to weep at the Word. They realized that though they were healthy people on the outside , they were sick on the inside. They needed to be healed inside because of many traumas in the heart and mind. Most were in this condition and we prayed for them.

We continued daily preaching the gospel everywhere it was very powerful to see people stop and listen attentively. Three of them who were Muslims decided to walk with Jesus. One of them invited us to go preach at his house and 5 family members accepted Jesus. Altogether 36 souls came to the Lord.

Agostinho reports on Zambezia and Niassa...

Josué and I started a two-week apostolic trip to the Provinces of Zambézia and Niassa, specifically in the Districts of Namarrói, Mecanhelas and Cuamba. On our way we spent a night in Nampula City, where we had time with Pastor Armando and his family, taking the opportunity to teach the Nampula Bible students that night.

On the following day, since there is no direct transport, we had to detour through the Ile district to catch another ride that would take us to Namarroi. While waiting for transport at Ile, we met and spoke with a Pastor friend who had received us in his Church there in 2006 and 2008. It was great to see this friend who cooperated with us in the previous missions.

We were welcomed by the leadership of the AWY Church in the Mutchelelane area, 7 kilometers from Vila de Namarroi by Casimiro Felizardo, one of the recent graduates from Nacala. Then in Namarrói we visited three churches far apart, named Mutchelelane, Muakhiua and Muheliua. There we had several meetings with the leadership of the Church, youth, young married couples. The ministry of the Word brought encouragement and freedom, and we shared the Holy Supper together. We also taught about evangelism and we practiced the same with them. 42 people received salvation through this evangelism and this filled the leaders with joy; and they promised to stay and practice this work in their areas.

A woman was freed from evil spirits. She faced serious problems in her home in which she played a part by engaging in immorality and infidelity to her husband. We spoke to her privately and exhorted her with the Word of God. Then as we were praying for her in the service she manifested a demon and was released.

On to Niassa: We left Namarrói passing through Gurúe on the way to Niassa. We traveled on the back of motorbikes over 90 km of rough dirt road carrying the bibles we were to leave for the brothers there. Right after that the Lord our God graced us with comfortable transport and we continued our journey on to Cuamba. As we arrived in the night we were hosted by our brothers who live near the bus stop. The next day we went to Mecanhelas and early in the morning we arrived and looked for other transport to Namuro, an area that is approximately 45 kilometres from the main town of Mecanhelas after Interlagos towards Chiúta.

We arrived in Namuro and found the people waiting for us. Immediately we gathered with them people and began to minister to them, encouraging them. This zone needed a lot of encouragement because there was a great spiritual attack on the church leader who was accused by the popular allies of his own son-in-law, of belonging to a satanic group. This persecution went so far as to end up in the hands of the judges of that area. Thanks be to Jesus our Lord, he was found innocent of the acts in which he was accused, but this shook his reputation at great risk in that village. Finally he with all his family ended up emigrating to Ritande a very distant place near Mandimba and there planted a new church. 

The leader's departure did cause many changes, but the people are thirsting for the Word of God. The members are still there in large numbers and the Afrika Wa Yesu Church is functioning well. Our visit to that place was really helpful, as our mission was really to encourage and wipe away their tears.

Sussendenga wa Yesu

Aaron & Patricia report... 
We journeyed to Sussundenga Wa Yesu with Pastors Antonio and Rosa from Chimoio Wa Yesu. This was the first time our family traveled together with this precious couple. Everything was ready and organized for the seminar. We arrived at night, and there was a large group waiting for us, who had travelled from other places where there are Afrika wa Yesu churches. We had our first meeting on arrival and continued all day on the next day. 

Pastora Rosa and I ministered to the women. My heart was broken to hear how many struggles and difficulties many of them have gone through. We listened to their hearts, prayed with them and we ministered to them. Rosa has a special gift for doing this. She kept listening to each one that came and I could see how she loves each woman. A true shepherd takeing care of the sheep. We spent the whole day together and the night was full of celebration with the Jesus film. On Sunday we still continued ministering, and there was a lot of joy, smiles, especially in those women, who had been listened to, and had been ministered to individually.We love doing this work with Pr.Antonio and Pr, Rosa, we see that they are an apostolic couple, dedicated and passionate about the work.

Bible School Graduation at Gorongosa wa Yesu: I felt great joy and emotion to see Pastors Lino and Vina doing this graduation. It was very beautiful, organized with so much love. Twenty years ago, Pastor Lino was a student at the Bible school in Inhaminga. I (Patricia writing), remember the day when God confirmed the call in his life. And today to see him there graduating his own class, as a Director of the Bible School, is something wonderful.

Pastor Armando Reports...

Mopiha Wa Yesu is a very strong local church. They mobilized themselves and built a 12 x 6 meters church building. They have carpenters and builders within the church. The local members made the bricks and properly burnt them, contributed 85.000mts, this is a lot of money considering the income of the people live. They bought 50 zinc sheets, nails for the roofing structure, they went to the bush and cut some poles for the roof and what they have done is just amazing and I was deeply touched. 

The couple that journey with us from Nampula church, went were also moved and pledged to bless the with some 12 benches, Lurdes and I, pledged to blessed them with 10 bags of cement to plaster outside and 4 x 20 literes to paint the church in and outside.

The Mopiha challenge: There are some isolated communities with churches around and with a lot of witchcraft. Mopiha have been wanting to reach these areas but were uncertain how to do it. We gave them some instruction base on Acts 8, when Philip went down to Samaria and what happened afterwards and we believe that the fire will soon spread to all other villages around Mopiha. We plan to go back there in November, I am so looking forward to it.

Healing Testimony: A Lady had been married then got divorced. While they were still together, they had a field which belonged to them both. After some time, the lady decided to go back and clean the field and plant something for her living. When her former husband heard that she was planting something in the field, he came and cursed the lady by words and did some witchcraft against her. Then the lady began to have her both legs and stomach swollen up and eventually she got very sick and totally messed up.

While we were preaching in the evening session, The Holy Spirit gave a word, with exact description of the situation above. She was not in the meeting but her brother was in the meeting. We first broke the curse, cast out the devil and released the healing. Her situation changed immediately for the better and she continues to improve for the glory of the name of Jesus.

Salvation and Holy Spirit testimonyMany people from the community were dawn to the church by The Holy Spirit and 38 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour from these new converts 35 were water baptisedThe following day, during The Holy Spirit teaching about 48 people were filled with The Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in the other tongues. We ordained 6 Church Elders, men of good reputation, full of acts faith and their testimonies is well spoken of in their communities (Titus 1.5 and 1Tim. 3).

Pebane: The Church at Pebane has gone through many persecutions as it is in a strong Muslim area. Pastor Julinho is a great leader and we are very proud of him, his wife and the leaders around him. We sent a team of four evangelists to encourage, strengthen and give some direction, not only to Magiga but as well as all other local churches under Magiga.

Testimony of the Baptism of The Holy Spirit: One of the benchmark for Magiga conference is the outpouring of The Holy Spirit. About 30 people were baptized with The Holy Spirit and fire, speaking in tongues. We believe that this fire will continue to spread across many villages far off.

Nampula wa Yesu Bible School Graduation: Among our graduates we are honoured to have the wife of the president of the United Pentecostal Church. She never missed a single class during this entire time.

Water Baptisms: In Nampula we water baptised 29 new followers of Jesus who made their public declaration that they love Jesus and have been translated from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light!

Edson is finally water baptised. He is an active military man. One of his greatest desires, after he received Christ, was to go through the water baptism. He did not want to go back to the battlefield in Cabo DelGado before the water baptism, fearing that he would die before being water baptised. The first time we had a baptism, he was on a mission, the second time, he was not allowed to participate by his commanding officer, the third time, he had a motorcycle accident and nearly died, was hit by a vehicle. And this time he was not going to miss this chance for anything and finally he was baptised! It was a big deal for him and his family.

Tete Baptism: The Zambezi River is known for its multitudes of huge crocodiles... Nobody seems to be worried here!

Helps Project: All our bases are active in administering help to the poor and needy through our Helps projects. This is a great blessing to many people.

Grandma Carlota says thank you for the food.

Pai Dionísio sends his thanks for helping him.

We love to hear from you! 

Which of these stories spoke to your heart? How can we pray for you?

We thank God for you and bless you in Jesus' name!
"And don't allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you've planted is coming!"

~ Galatians 6:9, TPT


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