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Dear Friends...
Friendship is a wonderful gift. It comes in many forms; each one packaged differently. We go to friends for different reasons. Some to have a laugh with, or a cry. Some for advice or to chat with over a new idea. Then there are those we go to for help, those whom we can depend on for our life.

We looked up the true definition of friendship.

The definition of a true friend is someone who has your back, no matter what. They watch out for you and ensure you are not in danger. They will never purposely lead you into making decisions that aren't good for you. A true friend will always have your best interest at heart.”

That almost says it. We concluded that words just do not sufficiently cover the meaning of true friendship. 

Through your support, whether in communication, prayer or finances, you've got our back, and we are very, very grateful! We pray a hundredfold return of blessing to you in every way that you participate in our lives. 

Proverbs 18:24 ~ "There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother."
                    Rod & Ellie
             and all at  Afrika Wa Yesu.

I've got your back!


The beauty of this ministry is in its diversity of the people who work with us, and the diverse people groups we reach. It’s an honour to introduce to you…

PEDRO, LUCIA, AYLA AND GILCA. Pedro came to us from Zambezia province. He graduated from Inhaminga Bible School then went on to serve in Nacala. One of his hallmarks is his incredibly ready and infectious smile. After a few years he married Lucia whose smile totally matches his. They now have two small children, Ayla and Gilca. Those of you who follow on fb may have seen Ayla who is just three, singing with Jani on evangelism. Here are some of their testimonies.

"WE PREACHED ON THE BOATS, ON THE PATHS, IN THE MARKETS AND IN THE HOMES. In Merunguzi, Mutheya and Geba, also in a new place, Muhita where they were so interested in the gospel of salvation, and were crying for us to plant an Afrika Wa Yesu church there. So we made the decision to take the gospel of Christ and to take the life of Jesus further into Mozambique. We are discipling these two brothers, we thank God they know how to read and write Portuguese. It is a great opportunity to meet people who know how to read and write in these far hidden areas and we've already talked about the Bible School and are preparing for them to come next year if possible.

During evangelism we pray for the sick, encourage believers, win new souls and also visit Muslim and pagan friends. Nine souls made the decision to follow Jesus Christ and obey everything He says to them.

In the area of ​​Mutheya we have a woman in the Church who is a paralytic, she is living in a very critical situation. In this area water is a serious problem. There is only one well from which most people drink, people walk the distance of 5 to 6 kilometers to get this precious liquid. For this mother it is so difficult because in addition to the disability, she is ill. We would love to help to buy her a three wheel bicycle wheelchair.

We believe that every challenge we face is training us to another level, despite not understanding it now and making no sense now, we are convinced that the army of the Lord is preparing for a great battle. 

During evangelism together with the students in the Muhita district of Nacaroa, we had many good results and we glorify God for everything that happened in our lives and we believe that students are not the same but changed.

  • 17 Souls who gave themselves to Jesus Christ.
  • 3 People have been healed from illness.
  • 400 people heard the word of the salvation of God.

Cured of Epilepsy: A boy who had epilepsy received the cure through the laying on of hands. According to the parents, the boy had been suffering from this disease for 10 years, and every day he was falling over many times. We prayed for him and God healed this boy. We called his father who said that until today, he did not continue to fall or convulse, he is free.

The 17 people who gave themselves to Jesus Christ worship together at Domino, declaring that they are with us until the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

A lady received Jesus Christ as Saviour because she received the cure for the disease that plagued had her for 6 years. She had been to many traditional healers and hospitals and found no cure. She was a Muslim and asked us to talk about Jesus to her husband as her husband not yet received Jesus but was amazed to see his wife very strong and healthy. This woman had suffered from sores that swelled up and would not dry on the whole body. She testified in front of her husband and said, “Allow me to be a Christian even if you don't want to.” The husband is the leader of several mosques! He said, “ I keep thinking about that word, the truth Jesus and Savior because He healed my wife.”

ROGÉRIO CHICO is from Inhaminga. If you walk down the escarpment path you will find a cluster of huts where Rogeiro grew up and where his family still lives. Inhaminga as you will remember, has suffered much through wars and famines, and is famous for much death and destruction. It hosts the biggest massacre memorial site in Mozambique. When people hear the name ‘Inhaminga’, the response is often, “Don’t go there….it is a forsaken place hidden in the bush and there is nothing good there.”

The comments remind us of (John 1:45,46)

Philip found Nathaniael and said to him, “We have found Him of Whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets wrote –JESUS OF NAZARETH, the son of Joseph.” And Nathanael said to him,

"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"

Philip said to him, "Come and see." John 1:45,46

Can anything good come out of Inhaminga?’


Rogeiro graduated from Inhaminga Bible School and went through a six month Discipleship Training with Pastor Mariano. He now teaches at Nacala Vocational Centre where the electrics course has just been completed. You can check this out on the Afrika Wa Yesu web site. Votec is run by our kids Chris and Deborah Maas who are also Directors of Nacala Base.

Rogério (left) proudly hands out brand new work suits to the electrics students.

Rogério writes: “Most of these students, they come blind and then go back with incredible vision. There are people who don't know what to do, where to do it and when to do it. But when they come here and then go home, their life is changed. This is what is necessary, this testimony is unforgettable. Afrika Wa Yesu Leadership, you are heroes, your story of changing people's lives is with people the people forever and they will never be forget.

I, Rogério myself, testify that my life has changed here at Afrika Wa Yesu. I am proud of this ministry, I am proud to have you by my side.”

A New Life for the Old! Rogério leads this old woman to Christ.

Imagine living a life of unbelievable difficulties through wars, famine, pestilence and more... never knowing Jesus - and then one day someone shares the message of salvation and the love of Jesus with you! This precious lady cannot count how many years she has been alive, but now she has received eternal life and knows she will be in heaven!”

Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creation;
old things have passed away; behold,
all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

The good that comes out of Inhaminga spreads throughout the entire nation. All Glory to Jesus!


A Time To Plant…” Pastor Lino came from Gorongosa to Inhaminga to do the planting. Believing for good rains and then together we shall harvest!

Church Leaders of the North (Group) – Some of the men and women who receive refugees, teach, help and distribute supplies.

People are hungry and destitute.

They arrive with nothing, no identity cards, no birth certificates, only the clothes on their back. They arrive exhausted, traumatized, hungry and thirsty and many are sick.

We have a small team who are full time on the ground, then our Team members from other places take turns to help also. Here Pastor Armando does his share encouraging and handing out food.

We have always said to our Team,

We’ll not ask you to do anything that we have not done or are not prepared to do ourselves.”

We believe that as leaders, we must show the way through example. How can we ask people to risk their lives for the sake of the gospel and for helping people, if we are not prepared to do so ourselves? Thus all top AWYesu leaders take their turn to enter the hot spots to support those on the ground.

And they went everywhere through the towns, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere.” Luke 9:6

We have shown the Jesus Movie in very remote parts of Mozambique, in Malawi and Zimbabwe since the 1980’s. It continues to be one of, if not the most powerful evangelism tools we use. The book of Luke in the local language of the people, whatever tribe or tongue.

A SNAKE ON THE BIG RUNWAY - Our Little Bird at Oliver Tambo International

I am not sure whether it is Rodney that always finds the drama or the drama that follows Rodney. Either way, it make me, Ellie, the Drama Queen!

Co-vid restrictions in Mozambique have been very light compared to most nations. Other things can be a whole lot more difficult though, like some of the work having to be done on our plane, flight tests and medical issues that cannot be done in Mozambique For this we need to fly to South Africa, which we did at the first lifting of some of the restrictions in this neighbouring country. We had no idea how complicated this exercise would become!

We flew into a small international airport after having been told it was operational during the pandemic. What they did not tell us, was that it was fine for the pilot to land, but no passengers were allowed. Ellie, the unsuspecting passenger was persona non grata! (An unacceptable or unwelcome person).

While still in the air, after the airport control had asked for confirmation of number of persons on board, we were told we had to divert to Johannesburg, Oliver Tambo International. “Not possible,” said Captain Hein. Black skies and lightning flashes heralded an electric storm in that direction, not good for crossing mountains. Also, due to having already flown such a long way, our fuel would not be sufficient to get us to Johannesburg. Not to mention that our Cessna 206 is not rated for this major international airport.

Kruger International agreed to allow us to land for refueling but said we could not clear customs and immigration as was planned. For three hours we were pushed from pillar to post, nobody knew what to do with us and though we had our Covid-free documents in our hands, they would not make a concession. Finally the skies cleared and we took off for Johannesburg International. This not without some trepidation as our Cessna 206 is but a little sparrow compared to the Jumbos that land at Oliver Tambo!

The largest airport in Africa loomed ahead of us as the fast setting sun glinted off some big planes coming in to land. I was not happy to hear the tower say, “C9 AWY, we cannot pick you up on our radar.” 

For some reason, our transponder which was fine on take off was no longer functioning. The next announcement was a general warning to all traffic to neither take off nor land as, “There’s a snake on the runway.”

SO WHAT!” I thought, “Squash the thing!” I voiced no opinion though as my captain was straining to hear directions from the tower as to where he was to land and how he was to avoid the snake. Not only was the transponder not working, but heavy static on the radio made it extremely difficult to hear the instructions. My hero kept calm as he maneuvered into an extremely strong cross wind and we touched ground safely. We saw no snake and heard the tower state that it seemed to have moved off. 

We were instructed to park off the side of the runway and go nowhere. 

Do not pass GO Do not collect $200…Do not??????”

Two security vehicles came rushing along the side of the runway. Then with a lot of coming and going of other personnel kept us on the runway with planes shaking us as they landed and took off. Finally after two hours they escorted us like errant schoolchildren to a parking bay which we had to procure via phone with much pleading and explanation while they complained that parking bays were to be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Try explaining to these guys that we had no idea we would be landing there. It was all so out of the ordinary nobody could comprehend how we had actually got there. It was not nice and not funny except it is funny now! We had a different kind of experience of the world being truly upside down because of Covid-19! 

Surrounded by security and fire safety vehicles at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Flying out of Mutare, Zimbabwe

Crossing the Sabi River... it is thirsty for rains, coming soon.

From Kruger to Johannesburg, after the electric storm.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: While many are locked up, we are traveling non stop, up and down Mozambique, into Zimbabwe and back, and now in South Africa. Sometimes people ask, All this travel not by choice but from necessity. This means numerous covid-19 tests to ensure we are covid-19 free before we can cross borders or receive medical care which we have both needed. (We are both fine now!) At the same time, we have loved catching up with family and old friends, and making some new friends.

Our Zimbabwe return could not have been at a more beautiful time, taking us from majestic Jacaranda  through to magnificent Flamboyant. 

Mutare, where Ellie went to high school.

Royal carpets of Jacaranda.

One month in Zimbabwe took us from royal Jacaranda to magnificent Flamboyant.

Magnificent flamboyants of Zimbabwe.


As the world changes, churches and organizations change their way of working also. This affects us all, even to the ends of the earth in Mozambique. We have a great testimony in that Afrika Wa Yesu support has not gone down at all! Through your incredible giving, we continue to grow and multiply as a ministry and the harvest is big, to your account!

All our support except for one giving church in South Africa, comes from America. What does this say about America? Volumes! Volumes of generous care and love for people in a far-away land, volumes of love and participation in the lives of those who can never give back to you. That is true friendship.

To make things easier, we are delighted to announce another partner in the area of receiving your donations in the effort to  ‘COME OVER INTO MOZAMBIQUE AND HELP US!’ 

A BIG THANK YOU to Pastors Kurt and Emily Chamberlain of CITY LIGHTS CHURCH who are partnering with us to receive gifts on our behalf in order to provide donors with a tax-deductible receipt. This is great for those who prefer online giving. Simply select the DONATE button on our website and fill in the form. Thank you, City Lights!

If you prefer to send a check, you can make the check out to "City Lights Church" enclosing a separate note designating the donation for "Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries"

MAIL TO: City Lights Church
P.O. Box 336757
Greeley, CO 80633

REZ continues to receive donations made out to us by check. We are incredibly grateful for this assistance since 1990! Incredible Partnership of long time friends. Thank you Pastor Jonathan Wiggins and Ms Amy. We are truly grateful. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

To donate via check at Rez.Church, make the check payable to:  “Resurrection Fellowship” and attach a separate not specifying the donation is for Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries, Mozambique. 

MAIL TO: Afrika Wa Yesu
C/O Resurrection Fellowship
6502 East Crossroads Blvd
Loveland CO 80538


With love and much appreciation.

Rod & Ellie
and all at Afrika Wa Yesu.

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