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Flood Relief Update

Dear Friends
Cyclone Idai blew in and our carefully planned calendar year is
'Gone with the Wind.'

Our days have accelerated at a pace that has us running to keep up with them. In the midst of it all, the Glory of God continues to flood our Inhaminga Campus. Passion and purpose motivates us all and the joy of giving and serving is strong. Our team, students and workers are pulling together and we are going somewhere…always. 

Out of the deep waters that brought destruction to so many, amazing testimonies are arising. We are grateful beyond measure for the fact that as a ministry family, Afrika wa Yesu has not lost one church member, not one of our students or workers have lost a family member. Yes, they have lost homes and possessions, but not one life. All Glory to God with thanks for your prayers as well as the provision to help replace some of the losses. 

Hats off to our Team in the strategy we use to help. We send small groups out to visit flood areas, always carrying food and some basics with them. They return with full reports and we respond by going in whatever vehicle is available. The roads are awful, we get stuck a lot just outside of Inhaminga Vila where the big trucks grind up more sand in the road. Inevitably Rod has to pull huge, heavy vehicles out with Big Foot before we can pass, then he has to pull our truck through also. This also helps those who would be stuck in the road for days and sometimes weeks. Yes, the drivers literally camp by their truck, sleeping under it till help comes.

Each place we visit is made alive by the message we bring, the Jesus movie we show at night, the praise, worship and dancing under the trees, meetings in thatch and much churches. For believers in Jesus Christ, Holy Communion is served out of the very cups we bring for them, their cups and plates many times having been washed away in the floods with everything else. Our evangelism outreaches that were planned are not lost, but incorporated into this great opportunity to bless people through giving gifts and encouragement. Our Discipleship training is more hands on and practical than we could ever carefully organize. Share the love of God, preach Christ Jesus crucified and risen again and alive today, pray for the sick, cast out demons, bind up the broken hearted and rejoice, REJOICE FOREVERMORE! Pray without ceasing. Sit and chat with families, find old friends, make new ones. 

The people are full of gratitude. 'Thank you, thank you for coming. We know we are not forgotten because you are here. We know God loves us because you came.' Together we laugh, we cry, we sit under the trees and talk. What a privilege to be here. They bring us chickens to eat and chickens to take home. Where they find them we don’t know, as many chickens and goats were swept away by the floods. They tell us how their fields filled like great lakes covering their crops, and how they dived under into the murky waters to break off maize cobs so they could cook them and have something to eat. 

That harvest is lost, but already they are planting sweet potatoes. Some of the rice fields will recover. We will continue to help with food distribution as in some areas rice does not grow and the maize is gone. Considering the magnitude of the situation we are actually not reaching many people but are able to take care of our own congregations and people surrounding them. We are doing what we can with the time, days and resources that we have. 

Thank you for coming over into Mozambique to help us! Thank you for the finances, prayers, love and support we receive from you, and ass on to those that have suffered much. Mozambique is a land of much suffering, yet a land filled with resilient people who always get up one more time to live, love and help one another also. 

It is our joy to share many pictures with you, each speaks a thousand words and these words are spoken to you who share in our joys and sorrows. How great is our God! How precious our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, how amazing is our Helper, Holy Spirit who both equips and enables us.  How wonderful the family of God!

                            Forever grateful,

Rod & Ellie
And all at Afrika Wa Yesu

This monster was in the way.

Rod to the rescue!

We got horribly stuck.

We made it!

Registering names for efficient distribution.
Holy Communion.
Praying for the sick.
My house in the House of God.
“When she was a young girl," the woman said, "she held my daughter’s baby while my daughter was being baptized. It was a little cold, and my daughter stood shivering when she came out the water. Deborah took her jacket and covered my daughter. Please tell Deborah this chicken is to say thank you for what she did that day.” Friends, that incident was in the early 1990’s! The woman never forgot the act of kindness.
Lost in his mind and lost from home, a child appeared in the village and grew into a man. He was not naturally aggressive but when the children teased and mocked, he responded with flying rocks. Yesterday, he was drawn to our camp and started to sweep outside the church. Our Disciples in Training tried to converse with him but his speech is intelligible. How to reach the heart of this man who did not comprehend the meaning of words? "Ah, a few buckets of hot water and a bar of soap followed by new clothes will help. Then a good meal and burn the old clothes.” This was unheard of, nobody had done it before, and by the looks of things, neither had the man they called Pedro. Our Disciples are being trained as teachers. A good foundation for this is to do flood relief, feed the hungry and bath the filthy. They scrubbed with purpose, gave Pedro a haircut and dressed him in the finest clothes they had in their small back packs. It was not an easy thing to do, but they did it with joy, remembering the words of Jesus, Then they prayed for Pedro, slapped him on the back in friendship and gave him a hug. Pedro now comes regularly to the church where he is welcomed.
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