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Dear Friends...
We live in a masked world and I can't breathe behind a mask!

The masks are indicative of the evil days of deception we are living in. There is little that is clear, open, face to face any more. No matter who is stealing, killing and destroying, events throughout the world right now are understood in the words of Jesus. “The thief comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. However... I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly!” (John 10:10)

Whether the stealing, killing and destruction is carried out and exasperated by the virus, the hate, the violence, the looting or the media, or through the terror, brutal killings, beheadings, kidnappings, burning of homes and fleeing refugees in Northern Mozambique, it all comes from the same source; the seat of satan.

Through it all, the promise of Jesus holds true. We who love Him have the gift of life (even if we die) and not just ‘life’ friend, but ABUNDANT LIFE!

This abundant life is ours to share with others as we take hope, food, emergency gift packs to people traumatized by some of the worst forms of terror. Children who have seen their parents raped and beheaded and have run, run, run for their lives; spent days hiding in the bush without food and water. Families who have been split apart by abductions, the young girls take off to serve as wives. These people have not only lost their fields and homes, they have lost their future and their hope. Some of these are Christians, some Muslims, murdered by people of their own faith, massacred by radical Islamic Insurgents purportedly linked to I.S. 

How does one even begin to give abundant life to people suffering like this? We cannot. Only Jesus can. All we can do is show that we care, give hope, encouragement, meet a few immediate needs, and tell them of Jesus. 

The immediate needs consist of food, pots and pans, cups and plates, water containers, blankets as well as other items. The needs of daily living that one cannot carry when carrying children on the back, on the hips, trying not to lose the others as they run wild for the fear that surrounds them when the guns and rockets start firing. 

We have also given away small cell phones, vital to communication when one is under attack, fleeing, trying to find loved ones gone missing. These phones have been loaded full of credit, the Word of God, Bible studies and even the Jesus Movie! 

God is doing amazing things for people all over the world. One just has to start giving what one can, and the ball starts rolling. Incredible! 

We thank you, dear friends and supporters, for your continued giving during times that are hard for you also. Thank you for your prayers and for joining with us in touching these people in Jesus’ Name.


Rod & Ellie
and all at Afrika Wa Yesu.


Team working together to pack over 300 kits for displaced families.


Right or wrong, helpful or not, the nation has no choice but to be masked. Not complying can lead to huge fines, severe beatings or imprisonment in places where one can easily contract the virus, or worse. Masks must be made, especially for refugees who run for their lives with nowhere to obtain one.


Neatly packed into a sturdy bag are the following, quantity depending on the size of the family: blankets, pots, buckets, mosquito nets, plates, cuts, spoons, soap and water purifying agents, and 5m of plastic for roofing temporary shelters, as well as a letter of encouragement and a number to call to connect with the ministry.

HE SENT HIS WORD AND HEALED THEM... and delivered them from their destructions (Psalm 107:20)

These phones have been loaded full of credit, the Word of God, and even the Jesus Movie! These simple cell phones are surprising in what they can do - A big challenge was being able to stay in contact with church members who fled for their lives as they had no way of contacting us. They also were unable to go very far because they did not have money for transport. By giving them a phone, they can call us and let us know how they are - we can also send them money for transport in case of emergency. A big bonus is the ability of these phones to play audio and video - we loaded SD cards with the Jesus Movie, audio Bibles in three different languages, preaching, Bible studies and worship, the Gospel message and more. 




THE JOY OF ENCOURAGEMENT... you are not alone!

Rod gives a phone to the man from local administration who organised the giving, sharing the gospel and encouraging him.


Many families are homeless, having to depend on shelter under someone else's roof or in the bush and under trees.
MINISTRY UPDATE: Pastor Armando Jó gives a run-down of the situation in Northern Mozambique and how Afrika Wa Yesu - and you - are helping. Thank you for your prayers!
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