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Dear Friends,

It has been a full few months! Students leaving the base each morning at 5am on the back of a truck which takes them to Salina: a slow, hour-long ride away, to beat the traffic. They have been working until 16:00 and then comes the haul home again. They have to take everything with them for the day, generator to power the cement mixer, cement mixer, pots for lunch, water, charcoal, and more. Some church members slept on the property to guard the piles of blocks and stone that were delivered, but without a storeroom in which we could lock things up, everything else comes back at night. 

There were the usual 'Make-a-Plan' Africa moments! Maintenance needed on the truck, the cement mixer dying when we needed it most, but God is faithful and our team is incredibly dedicated, hard working, and divinely inspired. We have been able to achieve our goal of being roof-height by the time students graduated! We also have approval from the local electricity company to install electricity.
From Ground Up at Salinas Wa Yesu
Congregants and students gather at the site.
Outreach & Evangelism
Working together with local churches, youth and students, our Nacala Team has been showing the Jesus film, preaching, teaching and praying for the sick in surrounding areas. It is a honour to share the gospel in tucked away villages with those who've never heard the name of Jesus before. Salvations and disciples are the most precious rewards!
Graduation Celebration

It was hard to say goodbye to our seventeen graduates this term, they are all good men and they have tremendous potential ahead of them to change their communities and bring glory to God in all they do!

An excerpt from the students' message:

"The three months of our course was not vain, today we will reap what we patiently sowed. It was a rich time, with rich teachings, useful for life, and we will take what we have learned from you and this will become part of our lives. We want to address our thanks first to God, Author of life and all that exists, for health of each passing day and we believe that Your powerful hand has always been with us at all times, thank you Lord. Our immense gratitude to the Afrika Wa Yesu Ministry for the opportunity and desire to see lives transformed to the glory of Christ, we have never lacked bread, we were welcomed with all the material we received from you. In this regard, words are still missing to express our thanks, In particular, to our Presidents and Founders of the Ministry, we love them, and we feel loved, God bless them, our gratitude to the Maas family, we thank you for your kindness, and above all, thank you for the necessary support in everything. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for responding to this vision that comes true in our lives today, we love you and God bless you.

"Our thanks to our beautiful teachers, the lights of the students, guides, and candles on the way - Master Djuma, it came from you, and from you to us and from us to the nation. You have contributed to each of our stories, and know that what we are today would not have been possible if you had not answered the call that is in you, you are and were the tools used for our transformation, our gratitude for you is immense and We pray that God will restore strength in you in the name of Jesus.

"Thanks to our pastors and the church at large, for allowing each of us to become part of this wonderful class of 2019, we will use what we receive as a tool to expand God's kingdom through work. And thanks to  all the workers' cooperation who during the short time we had gave their sacrifice their strength, in particular to our cooks, because although "man shall not live by bread alone," man also survives by the bread. God bless you."

“If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain.
If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees.
If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people."
― Chinese Proverb
Every victory we have, no matter the greatness or seeming insignificance of it, is because of Jesus Christ. He paid for it on the cross for us, He offers us the greatest exchange imaginable - our failure for His victory. Our pain for his peace. Our striving for His complete acceptance. To have a lasting impact on eternity is the greatest honour one could hope for on this earth. It is a grand privilege to serve Him.

Every harvest we experience on this field is your harvest, too. We are so grateful for your partnership with Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries. May you have a rich and intimate Christmas season, connecting with loved ones and with our Lord as we remember the incredible goodness He has towards us, today and always. 
      Together for His Glory,
Chris and Debs,
Gabriel, Ashira, Mikayla

and all at Afrika Wa Yesu
Merry Christmas from all of us!
We love hearing from you! Let us know what the Lord is doing in your life and how we can pray for you and your family.
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