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Dear Friends...
February Marched right into some trouble but we shall overcome!

With all the escalating events and changes, suddenly it’s more like ‘Dear Family’ as the level of personal concern and caring about one another has shot up high. How precious is life, and how strong our connection becomes!

Since we arrived on Nacala Base on a regular Leadership visit, the world plummeted into this present darkness; though nothing can extinguish our light, ‘For it is God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.’ ~ 2 Corinthians 4:6

At this time of writing, there are few recorded cases of CODV19 in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. As we see advanced nations who have access to help struggle under the weight of this virus, we are very aware of what can happen here where people live in such close proximity, entire families in one small room and many struggle to find enough water to drink and cook with, let alone wash hands continually.

We have had to send all our students home from two Bible Schools, Vocational Training School, five pre-schools, churches are at this time in small house groups. Our churches have all received whatever instruction we can give and we remain connected through cell phones. What a marvelous tool of encouragement at such a time as this.

All over the world, all creation is groaning, is in pain, looking for deliverance. Jesus told His disciples all these things would come to pass. He said, “I am with you always. I will never leave you nor forsake you.” In these days this is our assurance, that no matter what we go through, we are never alone.

We send our love, our encouragement and prayers, and our gratitude for your continued prayers and support.

MIZPAH! ‘May the Lord watch between me and you while we are absent from one another’ ~ Genesis 31:49

….and till we connect again!

Rod & Ellie
and all at Afrika Wa Yesu.

The Way Up is Down!

When Bible School opened, I embarked on an unexpected mission right on our home base. I love to learn and enjoy the great online Bible Studies available. While considering my next phase for ‘more of Him’, I received an invitation from a ministry in the USA to enroll in a powerful course that would result in a red cap and cape graduation in the USA. The picture looked beautiful and without doubt, the teachings anointed. “Is this it, Lord? Is this my next level?” It wasn’t. The response came clearly as Holy Spirit spoke personal direction; “The way up is down.” And then, “You need to enroll as a student at Inhaminga Bible School.”

To the shock and surprise of all (myself included), I took my place among our Inhaminga Bible School students, and started working towards my own Afrika Wa Yesu diploma. Though I often teach the students and know the material Rod diligently prints and binds into books each year, I have never systematically completed our own six month intensive curriculum.

‘Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.’ ~ James 4:10. This was the way up for me, to graduate and stand together with my Mozambican brothers and sisters, dressed in African print, equipped for the work of the ministry. I was daily behind a desk in the lecture room, taught by teachers who have graduated from the same school. I have discovered just how great our school is, and how excellent our teachers, and how the students think and interact! I have by no means brought myself lower by choosing this way to my next level, I am totally honoured and privileged to be part of this Mozambican Bible School!

The Word is ever new and as a student I learned self- discipline and teamwork at another level. At first it was not easy for the teachers to teach me, the co-founder of the ministry who teaches them in Team Meetings, but they got used to it and enjoyed it. I have insight into the hearts of the students like never before. To see their hunger for the Word, hear their questions and comments is making me exceedingly rich. I feel I am finally being equipped to serve in the nation of Mozambique!

Bible School class of 2020 ~ I am the speck right at the back on the right hand side. Thank you, Director Mariano, for accepting me in Bible School. Thank you, teachers, for welcoming me to class and thank you, students, for allowing me to become partakers of your lives. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for this great idea!

Teaching my fellow girl students how to make pancakes in my kitchen.

A gift for a woman who had no cooking pots.


Of course He knows where you are, just like He knew where Adam was when He called in the garden “ADAM, WHERE ARE YOU?” He wants you to come out of your place of hiding, out of your place of sin, shame or shyness. He wants you to come out of the place where we feel most safe, and to step into the light of the knowledge of the glory. 

“The hour is come and now IS, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, for the Father is SEEKING such to worship Him!” ~ John 4:23

Bible School puts a totally new light on the scriptures. We had to learn John 4:23,24 (in Portuguese), these verses exploded inside of me with the understanding that God is actually looking for me to come out from where I am, even from my habitual place of worship, to show myself to Him in a different intensity of Light and to worship Him in that light. At any unexpected time, I hear His voice inside of me, “Ellie, where are you?” I know He is calling me to come and worship Him. I drop what I am doing and I say, “I’m here, Lord! I’m coming Jesus!” I find myself rushing to the nearest private place, even into the forest to fall on my knees, raise my hands, lift my voice, and worship Him… in Spirit and in Truth.

Encouraging worship and Holy Communion with our Nacala students the night before they left campus due to government mandated shutdowns.

Rod's final words of encouragement to Nacala students.

Last big service for a while at Inhaminga wa Yesu - the church has moved to small groups gathering by age group at the church - we are still allowed to have gatherings of less than 50 people.

Church Construction

Ndoro Wa Yesu ~ Pastor Lino and the Building Team have done such an excellent job on the church at Ndoro. The decision to build a good church came during cyclone IDAI when people came by canoe to be fed under plastic covers attached to a mud church.
Milange Wa Yesu ~ We have just commenced with the same incredible Building Team. Doing as much as we can before a possible lock down.

Personally we could not be in a better location for the time of unknown ahead. Our cottage is at the bottom of the Maas Family garden. Separated by a short path from Chris and Debs and the grandkids. Most of Nacala Team lives on campus also. We have a beautiful view of the bay from our verandah. 

Watching all the ships go by from our verandah.

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