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Dear Friends
What incredible months of victory and success we are experiencing.

June/July has been astounding with graduations, mass evangelism and conferences throughout our four bases. August, and indeed the rest of the year, is full of Team visiting churches, more conferences, following up on Alumni.

We are super-charged after our annual Team Conference and vision casting. Board meetings and AGM leave us amazed at the reports written by each department and the recording of event upon event. Financial records are astonishing! How can so much possibly fit into our lives? The secret is PARTNERSHIP AND TEAM; a coming together of like-minded people who pray and give with all their heart. People full of vision, passion and a mind to work. People who love Jesus, love Mozambique, love one another and are knit together to form a strong net to bring in a great harvest as well as raise up faithful leaders. In addition to sharing some of these events with you, we have news of exciting ministry growth and a changing of the guard in Nacala; and a big trip Ellie went on that she never should have.

We give praise and all glory to God; great things He is doing and great are His plans for us. We are grateful beyond words to each one of you who touches and blesses this ministry through friendship, prayer and giving.

Our life is an incredible journey, as you read, hop on and enjoy the ride.

With love and appreciation,

Rod & Ellie
And all at Afrika Wa Yesu


The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is spectacular to watch. In order for it to go smoothly, teamwork is essential. It’s not just about the old guard standing down and the new stepping up. It involves a lot of planning from those who train, back up and participate to uphold the standard. There’s the band of musicians, the horses, the ceremony. There is also extra security to watch over the change.

At Afrika Wa Yesu, we have just had our own changing of the guard in Nacala. Though not as spectacular as Buckingham Palace, it carried much planning and heart, bringing significant change to the ministry. While watching the Queen’s change of the guard on YouTube, it came to mind that the old guard stood down before they were worn out and ineffective. The new guard moved in fresh and alert, ready for the new day and anything that came with it. This is a bit like it is here with us...

GOODBYE, Jeff & Nicky... 

Jeff and Nicky have served 19 years with us in Mozambique. The first four years they were in Inhaminga, then we sent them to Nacala to open up our second Bible School and establish the Nacala Base. This they have done excellently with the help of other team members. Nacala is a thriving and growing base with much potential for the future.

How To Leave a Ministry – This is a topic we have talked through with Team Members. There is a time to remain on Team and there may come a time to leave. It is vital whether in remaining or leaving, to be in honest and open communication with the leaders; to have no hidden agendas and to be transparent concerning decisions and changes that come to all of us.

Jeff and Nicky have been exemplary in transition.We have officially known for some time that they were planning to leave AWYesu and return home to the USA. They deserve to have more time with family and freedom to pursue other dreams. We have talked, planned and prayed with them in their transition and they have done their best to leave everything running well. Because of their heart for Mozambique and this ministry, they remain part of Team Family and plan to come and visit next year for a couple of months, and serve in whatever capacity needed. 

As a ministry we say goodbye to a valuable couple, for us personally, we say goodbye to much loved co-workers and dear friends.

Thank you Jeff and Nicky, you will always be loved and respected here in Mozambique.

Africa smiled a little, when you left. 

We know you,”Africa said. “We can learn to live without you, but we know we needn’t yet.” And Africa smiled a little when you left… “You cannot leave Africa,”Africa said. “We are always with you, there inside your head. We are in you. You have not left us yet.” ~ Anonymous

NEW DIRECTORS of Nacala Base,
Welcome Chris & Deborah! 

From Baby Boomer Generation Leaders to Generation X and Millenial Leaders. We are bound to see a lot of changes. This is exciting. Pray for Rod & Ellie, the only Baby Boomers left on Team, that while we contribute wisdom and experience, we remain flexible and make room for the new. 

We are delighted to welcome our ‘kids’, Chris and Deborah Maas as the new Directors of Nacala Base. Deborah is born and bred and raised in ministry, we did one of our first missionary journeys into war torn Mozambique when I was carrying her in my womb. Chris comes from a Christian family, friends whom we knew when he was born. They established Votec at Nacala and also the woodshop. Both born in Zimbabwe, ordained together with all AWYesu Pastors, they are loved and respected by all. We are immensely proud of them and our three grandchildren Gabriel, Ashira and Mikayla, and delighted to see them step into a new place in their vision and calling within Afrika Wa Yesu. God has planned all things well, for such a time as this.

Afrika Wa Yesu... around Mozambique!

Inhaminga Graduation

Nacala Graduation

Gorongosa Graduation

Nampula Kids Club Inauguration

Team Conference with Ellie ministering with Mariano (top), Rod and Shammah Apwam, in Nacala.
Team Fun in Nacala!

Youth Conferences... Baptism in Gorongosa

Youth Conferences... Worship in Nacala

Church Family of Muanlate wa Yesu

Women's Conference in Ribaue

Anointing Jeff and Nicky for their new adventures as they step down from leadership and return to the USA.

Anointing Chris and Debs as new Directors of Nacala Base

Ellie's Big Trip

We had just concluded a wonderful Team Conference and Team fun time. We had partaken of Holy Communion together and prayed our final blessings over each other, and sat down to eat our final meal together.

There was a step and there was a drain and I took a trip so hard, the dust literally went flying as did my breath. The Team stopped chewing
on their chicken lunch in stunned silence while Rod, Chris and Debs leapt up to reach the heap in the dust. Upper left arm broken, no doubt. Off to the best hospital in Nacala over a very bumpy road. X ray’s showed a bad fracture in the upper arm at the shoulder ball.“We cannot do this surgery here,” said the doctor. They wrapped me in a plaster cast, my left arm first, then around my entire upper body, kind of like a mummy. They gave me pain killers to which I had an allergic reaction, causing my body to break out in a fiery, itchy rash and to swell up tight in that hard cast. My hands and feet swelled like balloons and my breathing became more and more labored during the two days it took to get an Air Rescue plane to arrive from South Africa and take me to a good hospital in Nelspruit. So grateful Rodney was with me all the way. By the time we got there, the blood in my arteries was very dark due to lack of oxygen and Rod was told that further delay would have seen my body totally shutting down. During surgery the bones were pulled together and stapled onto a metal plate with 10 pins, five of them into the shoulder ball. Well, we are back in Nacala where I am alive and well and rejoicing to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I am believing for quick recovery, rather than the two months predicted by the doctors. Thank you for your prayers.
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