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Rod & Ellie's April Newsletter

Hello Dear Friends...

"STAY AT HOME!"… they say. Sometimes we have responded... "Oh, I wish we could!"  but the call compels and passion propels all Afrika Wa Yesu through March into April. While we do observe the primary regulations, we have not remained indoors nor silent. Small groups can do great things, and in small groups our Teams visit villages, we continue to build physically and spiritually, and we are on the move…..always!


Pastor Mariano visits a family in the Dimba valley.

Pastor Lino visits a mountain group.

Pastor Armando meets with a group of leaders.


Flying seems so simple, but to get in the air takes a lot of jumping through hoops. Each year we have to fly to South Africa for a flight medical, each alternate year to renew Rod’s flight license. Documentation takes time and effort, and money, and now of course multiple covid-19 tests. Then of course there is the unpredictable weather!

This is where Rod originally did his flight training in 1989 Johannesburg School of Flying... still at it for renewals of license.

THE SAME OLD VEHICLE ON THE SAME UNSPEAKABLE ROAD! Donated by Christ for the Nations in the 1987, our TOYOTA Land Cruiser is still on the road! This photo is in our book, 'Beyond the Shadow.' The next one is hot off the press!

This vehicle rides on the stories of multiple miracles through secret missions, ambushes, roadblocks, flooded rivers, logs and nail spikes across the roads, drama upon drama. Then there is the mud. Mud like some 4 x 4 experts would pay a lot of money to drive through, and we get it all for free!

The engine has never been changed but it recently received a new body, the old one having rusted to the point of falling off. Though she has been off the road for some time, joint vision of Rod and Leon Soma has her back on the same unspeakable road, Dondo to Inhaminga.


Church structure going up in Milange: We cannot always build a strong church structure, but this type of shelter helps a great deal in keeping rain and sun out.

Two cyclones and two roof replacements at of Chiluvo Wa Yesu. Cyclone Idai took off the brand new roof. We replaced it, then came Cyclone Eloise to take it off again this year! NO MORE!

More accommodation for Inhaminga Campus. Thanks to our magnificent building Team. It is a miracle to be growing as a ministry while so much has slowed down world wide. We are grateful!


There are miracles and then there are notable miracles. Our Teams in both Inhaminga and Nacala started knocking on official doors, again and again and again, requesting permission to reopen our Bible Schools. Finally the release came and we are delighted. We have 53 students in Inhaminga and 34 in Nacala and 16 in Nacala Vocational School.


Luke 11:10 “Everyone who keeps asking will receive, and the person who keeps seeking will find, and the person who keeps knocking will have the door opened.”

TIP OF THE SPEAR - It takes courage to be the tip of the spear; that sharp tip right on the point that takes first impact and makes the way for the rest of the spear to follow through. It is a great honour though, and we believe this is the beginning of breakthrough for many.


Afrika Wa Yesu has been blessed with some of the finest missionaries Mozambique has seen. They came from Brazil, USA, Zimbabwe and Romania. Without these missionaries we would not be where we are today. Now, we have very few missionaries left and the Bible Schools, Kids Club pre-schools and churches are run by Mozambican men and women. What a joy and victory this is, to see the incredible work they are doing. WELL DONE to ALL!

Students in class; seated in the auditorium

Student work Projects: Cleaning campus and bringing in the harvest. All students participate in practical work as well as studies.

Acts 2:38  “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

The scripture clearly states, “Every one of you!” How come some people are still wondering if they should be baptized or not? This is pretty clear. Also, the word ‘baptize’ means to be immersed, so anyone thinking that the sprinkling you received as a child is baptism, no it is not. You need to go under the water and come up out of it just like Jesus did!

Water Baptism is a powerful part of the transformation in the life of a follower of Jesus. In Nacala, a walk down the mountain takes us to the beach where in the sight of the mostly Muslim population, the students proclaim their desire to follow Jesus forever. It is a very exciting experience for them as they take this important step. So much JOY!

Being immersed or baptized in the Holy Spirit is a powerful spiritual encounter with God. It is a glorious gift promised to every believer who desires it.

Acts 2:4 “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”

Dear ones, we are living in great times. We will let this fire spark the whole of Mozambique


Praise and Worship; and Prayer and Intercession play a key role in this ministry, whether in Bible School or in the churches.

The Old Testament Passover Feast is celebrated each year during Passover. In line with what the students are taught from the Word of God, we carry out the practical demonstration.

A goat is purchased, slain and roasted on campus. The bitter herbs in memory of the suffering of the children of Israel in Egypt are eaten with a slice of meat on a piece of unleavened bread. An entire week is given to Passover with classes, worship and practical participation.

We also celebrate Holy Communion, this time with a whole new understanding of the Blood of Jesus’ shed for the forgiveness of our sins. We break the bread together, we give thanks for our new life in Christ. It is a wonderful time, and then on Sunday morning we all get up while it is yet dark and gather together on the soccer field. We worship till the sun comes up, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It is a life impacting experience for us each year, and for the students that have never learned nor experienced these things, it is very moving. Life changing!

Then, right at the end of the Sunday morning service, Rodney presents a basket of chocolate eggs. He explains the traditional custom of children hunting for chocolate eggs. Not biblical but a lot of fun and of course everyone is super happy to get this special treat.


Mozambique is in serious trouble. We need the prayers of the saints and we need the intervention of nations that stand for righteousness. The most horrific deeds we have ever heard of are being carried out against men, women and children of all religions; Christian and Muslim alike. The most part is attributed to Islamic Insurgency, but it is not only that. Murder, rape and torture, dismembering, beheadings, deeds from the pit of hell are causing thousands to flee their homes and live like animals with no place to lay their head. This is an unmeasurable crisis. 

We are warned not to speak of these things yet the news worldwide is full of the reports, many of them denied in Mozambique.




Faithful Partners, we need to ask you to make a change in the way you send your financial giving. We trust this will not be a great inconvenience. Our donations now go only to CITY LIGHTS Church in Colorado. Some folk have made the transition as from several months ago and it is working well. City Lights take no commission for their service. Pastors Kurt and Emily Chamberlain have been so kind to step in and stand in the gap for us. Without this help we would be seriously affected. Please see the details below.

City Lights Church have partnered with us for easy, tax-deductible online contributions. You can donate online through our website or through this link:

To help offset the cost of credit card processing fees, we request that you choose the ACH (Bank Account) option if possible.

If you prefer to send a check, you can make the check out to "City Lights Church" enclosing a separate note designating the donation for "Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries"

MAIL TO: City Lights Church
P.O. Box 336757
Greeley, CO 80633

Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.



Much Love,

Rod, Ellie and the Afrika Wa Yesu Family.


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