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Dear Friends,

Scattered as seed across the nation; carriers of life, hope, peace and joy. As a Team we are everywhere, and through your participation in this ministry you are with us! Thank you for being part of our lives and calling, you have a place in every heart touched for Jesus. 

It is impossible to sufficiently express what your support means, except to say that without the collective giving of those who join hands with us, we would not be here doing what we do. The Afrika Wa Yesu Team would not be trained, equipped and sent. Bible School graduates would not be evangelizing, making disciples, planting churches. Thousands of youth and children would not be helped and inspired to make a difference in their nation... the list goes on and on. Only in heaven will we know it all! 

Even so, we are compelled by an urgency to do the more, be the more and to raise up more leaders. This desire is being fulfilled through those who serve in this ministry, walking, biking, riding on rough transport to go, go and go again. Seminars and conferences are happening in city churches and bush churches, in open spaces and in thatch huts. We tell the story, the people are the story!

The move is on, we feel the atmosphere shift with every drum beat as the prayers and praises of those who love Jesus reverberate across the land. The drums and stamping feet literally cause the earth to tremble. This is Mozambique, this is our life, this is our God!

Forever grateful to Him who sits upon the throne, forever grateful for you!

              Rod & Ellie
                      and all at Afrika Wa Yesu

PS. Thank you for the great participation on Facebook and responses to our newsletters. The smallest comment brings great encouragement to us all. We feel you cheering us on!


The cover photo shows an elephant trail. Following in the footsteps of those gone before, elephants often walk in single file. We photographed their path to the banks of the Zambezi river. Other animals follow it too, the sand becomes nice and soft beneath their feet. It is good to open the way for others to walk on.

"Every place on which your foot shall tread, I have given to you.
As I was with Moses, I will be with you.
I will not leave you nor forsake you."

🐾 Joshua 1:3-5 🐾

These words spoken by God to Joshua are a great source of inspiration to us. Imagine what they meant to Joshua as he walked through the desert for forty years. Remembering the days when we walked miles and miles through hot, dry zones buried in dust and war, we see how each step was purposed by God. There were times when we saw little result; then something phenomenal would happen. Something wonderful like a witchdoctor converting to Jesus and bringing us the rare gift of a mango and a banana. People received hope, demons fled, the sick were many times healed. We see how the same God Who was with us continues to work powerfully in those who acknowledged Him during that time.

As He was with us, He is with them, and with those who have come to Christ through their testimony! Multiplied through Team, we see pastors and church groups doing incredible things. Jesus spoke of His disciples doing greater works and certainly we are seeing others doing greater works than we ever did. We see faithfulness, endurance, loyalty, hard work and passion multiplied. 

BE ENCOURAGED RIGHT NOW! Never think you are doing nothing. Even when you don’t see the fruit, it is growing. Every seed that falls to the ground and dies shall spring up to life and bring in an abundant harvest. Keep planting in the lives of others, and your own life will be tended. Keep watering, even if you have only tears to water with. Keep pulling out the weeds, cleaning up debris, even if you have to do it with your bare hands. Keep loving, even when your heart is broken. Keep on keeping on, you shall see the reward of your labours. 🐾


Visiting Maringue, one of our walking zones of the 1990’s. Also the place of final peace accord meetings, bringing the end to a long and brutal civil war. Can you believe some groups walked 7, 12, 20 and some FORTY kilometers to a main point to meet with us for the week-end. So hungry to know more about Jesus! Plus they carried gifts of maize meal and chickens as well as dragging a few goats. Some, like us, were young then and not so young now. We were thrilled to see so many young people, the children not yet born then, serving Jesus now. The harvest of those long journeys on foot. Very humbling and richly satisfying! All glory to Jesus!

To the ends of the earth: the smell of dust, bushfires, potato bushes... how we love Africa!

There be obstacles: but there's a way around them. 

Room for one more? Seven friendly travellers on a lonely bush road. "We have no other way," they said when we voiced our concern for their safety. "There is no public transport that comes this way." So one stops to chat, like one does in Africa, and soon we knew quite a lot about each other.

Arrival in Maringue! 

New church plot at Maringue. Pastors Mariano and Graça at our new church plot, Maringue. The people are making the bricks and we’ve promised to put the roof on when the walls are up.

Time for worship and the Word...  
35 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The move is on, we feel the atmosphere shift as the prayers and praises of those who love Jesus reverberate across the land. The drums and stamping feet literally cause the earth to tremble. This is Mozambique, this is our life, this is our God!

Reception Post with the pole and thatch church building in the background ~ when people arrive from far, they are given food and water before joining the rest of the group. 

Hungry after many miles on foot, eating in the newly built reception hut.

Lunch with Pastor Branco and family ~ These are special times of personal catch up, amazing stories as well as a lot of laughs. 

The next generation: The children are always made to feel special and have separate gatherings and games just for them, after corporate family worship.

Family Life: The people live so simply with so little; yet they are a happy, laughing and generous people.

Sitting under the sausage tree: These sausages are very heavy and, like coconuts, they can cause real damage should they fall on a head!

How it was: This is how it was in rural Mozambique in those days. Noted as one of the most violently affected towns during the civil war, famine on top of brutal killing stripped the life out of the town and surrounding areas. Both Inhaminga and Maringue are remembered as the most perilous and tragic places in Mozambique.

Maringue today: The town has some pretty buildings, small shops, plenty of food and the people are able to buy good clothes. 

A motorbike for a blind man! Pastor Branco and his wife walked with us in the bush many years ago. They literally risked their very lives for us. He since became blind but continues to pastor and plant churches with much energy. He travels by motorbike taxi, this becomes expensive as he covers a vast area. Now he has his own bike to take him anywhere, any time he wants! Plus, the one who drives him is a church member and backs up his ministry. The couple are simply getting the 'feel' of riding together... he is not driving ;-)

We were profoundly touched and encouraged to see the effectiveness of this blind pastor. He knows the Word well, quoting passages from memory. His preaching is with conviction and in the anointing of Holy Spirit. He has vision, reaching new places all the time; counselling, directing the churches under his care, helping people. His own family are a tribute to him, the children leading him by hand to the bathroom, making sure the chair is steady beneath him when he sits down to meals. His wife is attentive, anticipating his need. He has many friends, one in particular named Joao Sithole who has taken special charge over him. This man as well as his wife are school teachers. They are the friend that sticks closer than a brother, helping in every personal and ministry area. Pastor Branco is not left alone in the dark but living a full vibrant life. It is a beautiful thing to see.


This year we are seeing a greater outpouring of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire everywhere we go. People are hungry for the Word. They eagerly receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire, immediately speaking in tongues and glorifying God in heavenly languages. 

John the Baptist said these words concerning Jesus. (Matthew 3:11) “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but one mightier than I is coming after me, whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

Jesus continued with this message of fire in (Luke 12:49, 50) "I have come to cast fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already blazing! But there is a baptism with which I must be baptized, and how great is my anguish until it is accomplished!" 

Both John and Jesus were speaking of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. The Holy Spirit poured out at Pentecost. Jesus clearly spoke that this would not happen until He had entered into a certain baptism. He was not referring to John baptizing him in the Jordan river, as this had already occurred. He was speaking of his baptism into suffering and death. The baptism from which He would rise up out of death, having made the sacrifice of salvation, washing away our sins by His own precious blood. He was resurrected by the same Spirit that makes us alive now! "But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells in you." ~ Romans 8:11

Before He ascended, Jesus told the disciples to go to Jerusalem to wait for the promise of the Father, the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. The Holy Spirit could not come to the unclean, for He is Holy. This empowering fire is what He was so passionate about. The Holy Spirit baptism that would empower us to be His witnesses throughout all Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. The price He paid through His suffering and death, the victory of the cross could now come upon us the church as a blazing fire! First He had to die. Then He had to be resurrected by that same Spirit. Then He had to ascend to His Father, then the promise would come. “I must go so that He, the Spirit of Truth can come!” Glory, glory glory! We are called to carry the fire and cast fire everywhere we go!

A load of blessings for Zambezia Province: Thank you to our supporters for blessing our churches in Zambézia Province. Thanks also to the amazing pastors and leaders who travel far and wide to hidden villages to tell of Jesus and take care of members; teaching, preaching, comfort in tough times and transmitting vision, passion and inspiration. Also for sorting out the problems that do arise, keeping the members on track. All directed by the amazing Afrika Wa Yesu Ministry Team Leaders. Each person who has received wheels, has proved themselves faithful and able in the work of the ministry. They deserve a lot more than we can give. 

Building a block church in Tete: Our building team led by Alberto is in Tete. A two day journey with our truck loaded with supplies, they courageously set out to conquer the place known as "hotter than hell". Working in extreme conditions, camping where there is no shade and no water nearby. In spite of this, they are making incredible progress with a leader who works harder than anyone else, the building grows at record speed. Well done mestre Alberto Gravata and Inhaminga building team!


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