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Dear Friends
If we wrote even a fraction of our news, you would be reading a book.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians, “See how large a letter I have written to you with my own hand.”So though this may be a large letter, we hope you read through and receive the blessing of the content.

Your support and encouragement makes up the meaningful and life changing content; so it is your letter also, and we thank you for it!

Rod & Ellie
And all at Afrika Wa Yesu

Visitors from Far Away...
...and... "Watch what you say, Ellie!"

We have amazing friends in Mississippi, and were super excited to receive a Team from Word of Life Church in Jackson. They brought immediate blessing and with much enthusiasm I posted some fotos on face book with the following caption. 

Thank you. What an excellent Team you have sent to us. Just the beginning of their trip and so much accomplished already. "We love them and are stealing their passports!"

Through all the long African roads, amazing meetings and serving and vehicle break-down, my wish to steal their passports came to pass. We were horribly robbed of seven passports, money and documents when Rod’s bag was stolen out the cruiser while he was changing a tyre. What drama ensued! Emergency travel documents for the Team would mean a trip to Maputo and missing several of days. Prayers went up from all over. 

The police said they needed money for transport to pursue the thieves, and with this financial help they would be able to retrieve the bag. On the third day the police returned the bag they had needed the money to go and collect. We were so happy to get the bag and passports and all documents back that we were ready to hug the police! Who could we report the police to, anyway? 

We are very grateful to Matthew, Adriana, Roger, Will and Ruth and all at Word of Life for all their understanding and kindness. Not once did we feel accused of negligence or failure, though for sure we felt SO BAD, and know that indeed the responsibility lies with us. 


On the boat with WOL team to overnight in Racine Village.
Making friends in Racine - precious people.

Vocational Centre Graduation

Word of Life, Mississippi, first partnered with Afrika Wa Yesu by sowing into the Vocational Centre. What an honour it was to have representatives from Word of Life attend and address the alumni at our Votec graduation this year! They also presented several of our local church leaders with much needed transportation in the form of bicycles and motorbikes, enabling them to more easily visit church members and different church groups. Thank you, Pastor Joel, Pastor Matt and all at Word of Life!

Food For the Hungry 

Your response the two horrific cyclones that hit Mozambique this year has been incredible. We will continue to give food every month to some areas where all crops were lost, till the end of March. It entails a lot of work but gives such great opportunity to show the love of Jesus everywhere our Teams go. 

Because of a breakdown, (our second on food relief) we could not reach Nagudi with the Word of Life Team as we had planned. We had however sent our truck ahead and Pastors Mariano and Lino with their disciples did a great job.

The Witch and the Sacred Tree 

At one of the high schools in Inhaminga, there is a tree that is traditionally considered ‘sacred’, here ancestral worship and sacrifice has been offered for decades. One of the local traditional leaders named Chief Rosa, (a truly wicked woman known for witchcraft and cruelty), was angry when some branches were cut off the tree and said “Watch out, you will be sorry you did this!” She offered more sacrifices and released curses. At least 30 students at that school began to manifest demons, screaming and writhing and falling to the point of unconscious, and were subsequently carried off to hospital. The nurses could do nothing for them. 

Pastor Mariano and our team from the Bible School were called to the hospital to help. They prayed for the youths, demons fled in the Name of Jesus and through His power students were set free. But already the demonic pandemic spread through the town and others started manifesting also, fear spreading like a disease, affecting people throughout Inhaminga town. In the midst of this some people have died, and their family members started manifesting demons and becoming unconscious. 

Parents began bringing their young people to church for deliverance. Our team dedicated themselves to deliverance and counselling, spending much time ministering to people collectively as well as individually. More than 100 youth came for special services. The hospital continued to call our leaders to come and take the remainder of the patients to church saying, “we have no way to treat this kind of sickness, please help us.” People started bringing their unconscious family members to church rather than the hospital. 

The witchdoctors are losing business. They are not happy, but we are. The devil is crying, and we are laughing!

Some of the young people who were delivered of demons, totally free now!

Twenty-Two Family Members Saved in One Go!

During these days of manifestations, the family of a well-known man who had been sick for some time came from various places to see him. He died, and though this death was most likely from natural causes, one of his daughters began manifesting demons. They decided to take her to the witchdoctor and while on their way, Pastor Mariano asked where they were going and why. In response to their explanation he said, “Come over to the church, we can help you.” The demon was speaking through the girl in the father’s voice, saying, “I am Leao, I died because… etc, etc. and I am going to…. etc, etc.” The team told the demon to keep quiet and told it to leave, and the girl was set free. This was a powerful testimony to the family and to the girl. 

The church members were cooking food for all the people coming and going, as some stayed there the whole day being ministered to. This family was given food also.

Pastor Mariano was asked to officiate at the funeral. As always, he took the opportunity to preach Christ and several people accepted Jesus as their Saviour. 

Yesterday, the said family invited Pastor Mariano to their home; he went with two other church members. As they sat together, with twenty-two members of the family, they asked; “Why did you help us? We want to know why you took all this time with us, gave us food and have been so good to us.” He responded “It’s because God loves you very much. He cares about you so He sent us to help you in your time of trouble.” 

Oh, then we will come to church to hear more about this,” they responded. 

Well, we can tell you right now. We will welcome you at church but you don’t have to wait till then. We can tell you about Jesus right now!”

Consequently the entire family received Jesus as their Saviour. Half of them live in Mwanza, several hours drive away. We have a church in Mwanza whom we have referred them to, and the leader there will visit them to encourage them in their new found faith. 

There are too many testimonies to write. The book of Acts is activated in Inhaminga. Yes, the devil is sorry he ever messed with us!

All glory and honour to Jesus our King, our Lord and Saviour.

July Celebrations

We are preparing for Bible School Graduation and conferences in both Inhaminga and Nacala. Also two crusades. 

Then we will enjoy our annual AWYESU TEAM CONFERENCE and team fun together. Our busiest month of the year is happening right now, and our greatest victories are being celebrated. It is also the time of sharing vision and strategy, new beginnings….WOW!

Thank you for your prayers as we give ourselves to know the wisdom and counsel of God in all He has called us to.

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