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On Father's Day (and Every Day), Male Advocacy is Critical to Our Daughters' Futures 

To all my subscribers, I have an important request of you for this issue. Please forward this to every parent (particularly the men) in your circle of friends and colleagues and start a conversation about gender equity in the workplace.

As I've worked with clients over the past 15 years, I've learned that most people think it's a good idea to advance women's leadership at their companies. Women already know it's a good idea. We don't have to convince them! And frankly, a majority of men understand the business case for change. The business case is about 80 percent of what I talk about or the "head piece." 

However, to truly advocate and champion change, it takes "the heart piece" -- a personal connection or deeper understanding. That 20 percent is critical to drive change. I've found that many men don't connect those dots until we become fathers. I myself didn't "get it" as I was raising my daughter until she entered the workforce, and it was commonly accepted that she'd make 80 cents to every dollar my son earned for doing the same job.  

I'm passionate about connecting men to the heart piece of advocating for women in the workplace. In this issue, we look at some of the ways dads can move the needle with their sons and daughters and how that can translate to a more equitable workplace in the future.

Additionally, to encourage men make the connection and get involved, I created the Father of a Daughter Initiative and Facebook page.


Thank you, and Happy Father's Day!


P.S. Whether you are a father or not, whether you are a man or a woman, you can advocate for women. Please visit my Facebook page and post a picture of yourself and a woman or girl who is the inspiration for your work as an ally! Also, take the FOD pledge (or Women Championing Women or Advocating for Women), and display a copy in your office so people can see you as a visible advocate. 

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How to Be a Feminist Dad

This article at gives five tips for raising kids with more egalitarian views about gender roles, including closing the wage gap at home and encouraging our daughters to lead. 


  • If you are a parent, how could your parenting of children now affect how they will treat colleagues of the opposite sex when they enter the workforce? 
  • Discuss the effect of gender stereotypes in the home on adults in the workplace.
  • What other tips can help improve gender equity in the workplace for the next generation?
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In the #MeToo Era, Raising Boys to be Good Guys 

The New York Times examines some of the ways fathers can influence their boys in order to expand their views on traditional gender norms, which can affect how they treat women and girls in the future (and how they respond to sexual harassment themselves!). 


  • How can the concept of chivalry affect how men and women interact as colleagues? 
  • How does empathy play into a workplace in which the number of men consistently outnumbers the number of women in a room?
  • How does the concept of "swapping chores" play into your work culture? Are women encouraged to pursue traditionally "male roles" and vice versa. If not, why not?
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Fathers, Stand Up to Gender Inequality in the Workplace. Our Daughters (and Sons) Deserve Better!

In this LinkedIn article, I talk about how for most of my business career, I never made the connection that if I wasn’t advocating for women, calling out bias and holding other men accountable for their actions, I was actually hurting not just my daughter’s future, but the futures of my colleagues’ daughters too.

  • Approach five men in your organization and ask them about gender bias and what dreams they have for their daughters.  
  • Discuss some of the subtle forms of gender bias you have noticed at your organization. How could you engage a male advocate to help change these? 
  • Download and discuss the 10 actions men can take to advance women.

"The talk was fantastic! It was very informative, and Jeffery was very knowledgeable. He presented the information flawlessly. It was hands-down the best talk I have seen in my 20+ year professional career. I can't say enough good things about this talk and the engagement of both men and women." 

~Conference attendee of Fortune 100 Company

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