Advancing Women in the Workplace One Conversation at a Time
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Engaging Male Advocates Key to Changing Culture

Because men still occupy more than 80 percent of senior leadership roles in corporate America, we're still making the rules. The issues that keep senior leaders up at night -- talent acquisition, a strong pipeline in the face of a Boomer mass exodus and the competitive business case -- require male engagement to effectively address. How can that best be achieved?

For this issue, we explore: 1) Suggestions for cultivating patience as we work toward gender equity 2) Tips for overcoming obstacles to gender balance, and 3) Study results showing that organizations are failing to present the business case for gender diversity, a key element to engaging male advocates.    

Thank you for joining me in the important work of advancing women in the workplace.


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Cultivate Your Patience: The Fight for Equality Has Just Begun

This Forbes article points out that change can be difficult to navigate and emphasizes the need for open dialogue to ensure that the conversation moves forward.

  • What opportunities are you providing for men to engage in conversations about gender equity?
  • What are some ways to "turn down the heat" on conversations so that multiple points of view can be heard? (ie. avoiding "branding" language)
  • What have been some gender inclusion initiatives that haven't worked at your company? How could they be re-tooled so they provide a better outcome?
Organizations Not Presenting The Business Case For Gender Diversity

This Forbes article examines some of the findings from “Gender Diversity: The Commercial Imperative,” which reported that 40 percent of male respondents were convinced that gender diversity doesn’t improve financial performance. Men were less likely to believe that gender diversity impacts financial performance when presented with the business case without empirical evidence.

  • What are the industry-specific drivers around gender that you can use to illustrate the business case to your employees?
  • How can you or your department change the conversation from a  "people-related" issue to "business-related" issue?
  • How do you make the "What's in it for me?" point to men and middle management?
Overcoming 4 Big Obstacles to Gender Balance

This Thrive Global article examines why changing the organizational culture is more difficult than other change management projects and suggests four ways to change processes and practices "to meet people where they are." 


  • Are men actively engaged in your women's leadership advancement efforts? If not, how can they be invited into this work?
  • What kind of measurable goals could your senior leadership set for your organization around these efforts? How can people be held accountable?
  • How can you address any negative emotions that may go with change at your company? 

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