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Making Your BRG Indispensable 

There has never been a better time than now for BRGs to step up and demonstrate the incredible value they provide to companies. The one thing BRGs must do is to create an integrated diversity leadership plan to help your organization to deal with the challenges of the business world today.

BRGs are the perfect vehicle for bringing employees together and giving them a voice in the workplace, especially as we continue to be challenged by the pandemic, remote work and social discord. Companies have used their BRGs to break down barriers, increase empathy at work and provide a pulse check on what employees are thinking, discussing and experiencing. 

In turn, BRGs have a crucial role to play when it comes to creating empathetic return-to-work planning, fair representation at the table and how to best meet company goals and priorities.

Read the blog, Using ERGs to Build Empathy and Advancement for Your Employees, and discuss the below questions with your team. 


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Share with your network:
  1. How are you mentoring new people who have joined your company in the past 15 months, who have possibly never met their fellow co-workers or their families in person? 

  2. How can your BRG link your organization's goals and priorities regarding retention, engagement and diversity with the "new normal" in today's business environment?
  3. 44 percent of ERG member comments implied that their work goes unrecognized and lacks support and engagement. How can you set up opportunities to recognize and appreciate their contributions? 

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