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Change is Happening!

Positive change is happening. I am encouraged to see tangible actions taking place in advancing women. In this issue, I want to create conversations around several progressive companies that are moving forward with bold initiatives. Change is happening! How can you use these examples to drive more positive change in your organizations?

For this issue, we explore: 1) How Slack got ahead in diversity 2) P&G's announcement that it wants to hire more female directors for its product commercials, and 3) Forbes' first-ever ranking of America's best employers for women.    

Let's take a look at some of the best practices that are ensuring that Change is Happening for women at work and have a conversation about how they could be implemented at YOUR organization.  


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How Slack Got Ahead in Diversity

When Slack's 2017 diversity report was released, the numbers showed that the company continues to outperform others in Silicon Valley, even without a designated "head of diversity." Read The Atlantic's article to find out how they're doing it.  

  • Where do the D&I efforts “live” in your company? Is it an HR thing or an “everyone” thing?
  • How could your organization incorporate some of the ideas from Slack into its recruitment and hiring processes?
  • What are some hidden biases that women might face at your company when they are interviewing for a job?
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America's Best Employers For Women 2018

Forbes announced its first-ever ranking of America's best employers for women, noting that nine months after the #MeToo movement sent shock waves through American workplaces, many corporate cultures are slowly starting to react. Although some have struggled to support women, others appear to have been getting it right all along. 

  • What are some of the ways that your company communicates (or fails to communicate) a culture of diversity and inclusion to its employees?
  • What partnerships could you establish with organizations that could help yours achieve gender equity in the workplace?
  • What ideas from these “best employers for women” could you implement at your company?
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World’s Biggest Advertiser P&G to Hire More Female Directors

This Bloomberg article says that Procter and Gamble wants women directors for at least half of its product commercials by 2023, up from about one in 10 today. It’s a direct challenge to the male-dominated agency world, from a client that spent more than $7 billion on advertising last year.

  • What is the specific business case for women at your organization?
  • How can your senior leaders articulate the business case for women?
  • Where are the opportunities for your company to set itself apart from its competition by leading the way on issues like this?

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