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September  2018

Wisdom from the Dentists Chair
Hello to everyone 

The ABC recently reported about testing in Honey products carried out by a concerned retailer. The results are alarming! 

ABC Report

The honey shenanigans are the mixing of local product with imported honey plus also the mixing of sugar syrup into the honey product to dilute it and loser cost.

The retailer Robert Costa concerned about what he saw in the industry funded the testing of honey product that lead to this revelation.

The article had the main brands that were adulterated in this manner as Capilano and the Aldi and supermarket brand honeys.

So for you dear consumer how do you get the authentic product ? - Shop with your local beekeeper - yes it may not be the cheapest but that extra cost ensures a local food business keeps going. It pays to know who  grows your food.

So there I was in the Dentist chair having two filings in my teeth. Normally I get my annual check and its all good but a habit of having a sweet with desert had taken its toll.

My Dentist Thomas told me and I am telling you that having any sweet material  within two hours of bed time does not give your mouth time enough to remove the substance before bed.  When you sleep the saliva in your mouth reduces and you are at a higher risk of  cavities. The Halva in my case - very nice and very sweet was the culprit along with time.

Thomas also told me about the adulteration of honey on the market and  the practice of mixing winter honey where the bees have been fed sugar water( to keep them alive) with spring summer autumn honey derived from pollen was an issue.  Once again know your beekeeper!

Yours in better Heatlh

Christopher Smith
Your ACTION STEP this month is to review what is in the larder Honey wise - Find who is your local beekeeper and buy honey from them. Also knock off the sweets two hours before bed time.
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