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October 2019

Which Doctor does what job

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Folks, What I would like to share with you today is the Hierarchy of Orthodox medicine and what each part really does. We often say go see a Doctor, but what sort?

I call it the The pyramid of Orthodox medicine So here we go and I will add some comments as we go through.

We have all gone to GP's - General Practitioners the are really the triage stage in the whole system - the M.A.S.H. unit. They are there to pick up on the serious stuff and channel you through to an appropriate specialist or surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment. Often expected to be a one stop shop and having to cover a huge range of health conditions.

They are confronted daily with a barrage of chronic health  conditions and people who load all of their expectations onto the Doctor and want to come out of the consult room with a script in their hand  (not one for more exercise or eating healthier mind you) 

They are there to treat the simple stuff plus sort out the cancer  - diabetes - heart disease and channel you through to the right specialists. It is an incredibly demanding role.

Good GP's are vital in a well functioning medical system.

The next step up from GP's  often defined by being hard to get an appointment with and their fees being large plus being the experts in their field.

Some cross over with surgeons here. The trouble with being a specialist is you are a specialist and generally if you are a chronic disease sufferer your complaints may not neatly match the medical field of specialty so you may need to see more than one.

There enters that challenge of everyone being on the same page as to medications prescribed and who is doing what. More on this in later posts.

These are the people with the sharp knives. Necessary in certain cases and for serious injury indispensable. However on a scale of 1- 6 where 1 is do nothing 2 - 4 various sorts of self help and five a GP/ Specialists they are a serious step 6. You better make sure you need it because you are going to go home with some parts missing.

However if you need surgery  - then these are the people you go and see - usually found in Hospitals or more commonly now in specialist private hospitals.

Functional Medicine Doctors
A rare breed of doctor in that they specialise in doing deep diagnostic work to find out the cause of your ill health. Then do something about it. Fancy that!

Their current numbers are unknown (we may have to set up a captive breeding program here?)  I learnt about this from a woman who had  a serious gut disorder. A Functional Medicine Doctor was the only one who was able to help her. She went from walking skeleton to being vibrant & alive and a Natural food Chef and blogger. Check her out Danielle Shine

From hearing her story if you have an ongoing chronic complaint and have had no improvement from the GP & Specialist go find one of these people. They look at the body as a whole functioning system rather than a collection of organ systems with a specialist looking after each one of them. Fancy that!
Functional medicine is the future of orthodox medicine, its getting there slowly.Their approach to Herbalists & Naturopaths seems to be friendly and supportive Hallelujah!

Yours for better health
Christopher Smith

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