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May 2019

Magnificent Magnesium - all round good guy Mineral

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Magnificent Magnesium
One of the four key minerals in the body for basic metabolism Calcium - Potassium - Sodium & Magnesium.

But why supplement?
There are several factors that impact the levels of Magnesium we actually ingest into our bodies that if present means we are likely to be lacking.

Magnesium not being there in the first place
Our food stuffs having gone through refinement often lose Magnesium, add to that Magnesium deficient soils being common in Australia and you can see that even eating a good diet can still have you consuming less than your body’s needs.

Magnesium not being able to be absorbed into the body
For effective absorption Magnesium needs Hydrochloric acid in our stomachs This acid production is in turn dependent on Zinc, B1 & B6.
Zinc is commonly deficient in our diet as well so you can see a compounding effect between these minerals.

Magnesium being blocked by other minerals
Copper excess in the body is common nowadays and Copper excess directly blocks both Magnesium and Zinc from being used in the body.

Magnesium being used at a greater rate
Magnesium is also used at higher levels in our bodies by stress so in our modern life with stress widespread here is another factor depleting Magnesium from our bodies.

So, a combination of the above factors and suddenly you are taking in less than optimum amounts of this vital mineral despite your good diet.
But what role does Magnesium play in our body that makes it so important?
    Essential partner with Calcium for muscle movements and prevents Calcium deposition in the body

•    Magnesium relaxes smooth muscles –all the tube organs in the body become larger when relaxed – bowel – arteries etc

•    Magnesium for melatonin production – the sleep-inducing hormone – used both in making it and also prolongs its effect in the body –With high
Magnesium levels the better energy recharge we get from sleep

•    Energy levels – Mg is needed in essential energy production and energy transportation reactions
•    Magnesium also prevent excess Sodium build up in body and subsequent fluid accumulation.

•    Magnesium really shines though in the body with enzyme reactions where it plays a part in over 300 different reactions.

Missing Magnesium is like having your star player sidelined for the football game.

Cramps in any part of the body are an excellent Magnesium indicator – Intestinal – legs after exertion or at night when sleeping.

How do you supplement?

Food of course is the first recourse- but how do you now it has the normal levels of Magnesium? Organic or Biodynamic sources are excellent as you know the farmer is focused on the mineral balance.

Kelp – Soya beans & Lima & White & Mung & Red beans – Lentils, almonds, raisins, parsley, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts and garlic are some.
While you are changing your diet or for a quicker effect you can supplement. There is a range of supplements, powders and capsules on the market you can choose from. 

Yours for better health

Christopher Smith

Menieres Information Package getting closer to completion
Well- I have the bulk of the content completed - now it has gone out to a trusted friend for a read and edit. One thing I will need to change is to drop the word disease. In the package it will be known as a condition.

Language specifically in the field of healing has a lot of impact either to empower or dis-empower.

The word Disease is dis-empowering - The word Condition is empowering.

A big thanks to Dr Sherene Suchy for insight into the impact of words and terms around people with health conditions.
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