HABITAT  starts his Open Archive Point at M^C^O Wed22Apr h19
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April 22 19h | M^C^O, Milan

We are happy to announce the opening of Habitat Open Archive space in the venue of M^C^O - New Centre for Arts Culture and Research in collaboration with MICIAP - Journal of Urban Photography.

HABITAT and MICIAP will welcome visitors with an opening party on April 22 at 19.00h.
There will be music, drinks and a selection from the photographic archives of Habitat and Miciap.

We are looking forward to see you there.


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Barcelona, Irregualar Borders

"Barcelona has always been an example of urbanism. The architectural order, as searched by the academic theory in the Cerdà Plan, stands as testimony of “postcard’s city”..."

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The Drift of the Late Utopia

"... Auroville is an experimental city who’s inhabitants are supposedly entirely devoted to the search of the superconcious. Connecting to the Divine, the most splendid side of our soul, lazily lying hidden by Ego, could lead humanity to Evolution..."

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HABITAT is a research platform concerning unconventional housing phenomena and their possible declinations.
Habitat aims at building a collection of heterogeneous perspectives by photographers, artists and researchers in urban matters, dealing with the potential forms and experiments on contemporary living and housing.
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