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ABOUT CAROLE:  Empath, International Psychic, Prophetic Channel, Master Healer and Mentor. Her purpose is to INTEGRATE a Direction to access High Vibrational Frequencies of Light (peace and love) for Higher Consciousness Awareness. Carole is Multi-Dimensional (able to access information at will) to help you create a new perspective of acceptance of what is in your life, to create more health, happiness, abundance, and love. Carole helps you with major life changes, such as divorce, work, illness, mental and/or emotional issues, death of a loved one. Her Master Mediumship accesses your Higher Self, Celestial realms, Master Healers, Teachers and Guides, the deceased loved ones, even beloved pets, Past, Parallel, Future Lifetimes. She teaches Usui Reiki (Universal Life Force), Multi-Dimensional Development to access your Higher Self.
NOW IS ALWAYS THE PERFECT TIME to live your dream! 


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August 2020

Greetings and Welcome, Friends! 

A Message from the Venusians
We are the Venusians from the 7D of Creation, consisting of 44 facets of energy prism clusters. We have been "nudging" our Carole with our message bestowing upon you new concepts to strengthen your resolve as an  "ascending species".

Humanity has entered into the second half of the 2020 Transformational surge of world-wide change.  The media continues to shock and awe, magnificently implanting fear which begins to be conspicuous to many of you awakening the subconscious mind.  These seeds fester to continue to create an awakening from the "slave race" mentality implanted, in part, by your social media. 

Thoughts become things.  What are you thinking about?  How are you thinking? The human mind is so powerful that it only takes 21 days to create a new habit, to manifest change, replacing a bad habit with a new one. The human subconscious is a miracle and so very powerful.  So many subliminal messages have been and continue to inspire or torment, shifting attention at will.

The chaos now being felt by most on many levels (mental, emotional and physical), is truly tilting Awareness into a new perspective.  As time is speeding up, so is thought and action formulating new realities. The new realities are what has been shaping your world.... always.  Now, new perspectives have been introduced, having been intellectualized since the 90's and prior as the Ascension process.

Let's now talk about love and lack, mirror reflections of the duality in which you, as a humanity, have always been experiencing. The world of duality (3D) world is of the mind also the purpose of gravity (grounding), a pull of "like attracts like" energies. Once again, the dream is the mind creating a scenario planted by higher minds to create an outcome.  As you have heard slave race being a cast name onto humanity, it continues to cripple through mind games, coorsion, hypnosis at its best.  We and many other non-human species have been waiting until the "Alignment to Proceed" was at hand and we and other are here to support you with, "all hands on deck".  Humanity is being given an opportunity to awaken to its greater self, to realize that it is being manipulated for its own Growth.  Remember the mirror effect of the 3D dream?  This is all being played out to move the dark into light... for everyone, everything, as time for necessary growth to release the mind, ego, thoughts, all of which consists your 3D reality now being dismantled to shift into higher forms of reality.  

Feeling disappointed? Have you failed or been failed? Let's go back, or better yet, go behind the veil of disappointment.  What was implied? What was expected? So many of you have stopped dreaming from the shock and awe triggering negative emotions. Remember that you are not alone.  Our message today is a message of love and hope to entice you to begin to dream a new creation for you to experience!

Can we ask you to look within and be with your deepest fears, and go behind them to see the joy that still remains.  Your Gift of Choice is now at hand.  What do you choose to think?  What do you choose to feel?  What do you choose to experience?  Change is up to you - Become the Sovereign Being of Light to experience a NEW human dream.  You are the mirror and you my choose which side of your mirror to experience.  Why not choose LOVE!

With great devotion,
The Venusians 44

 * Please know that you can experience these lovingly inspirational beings of light by contacting Carole for a private 4:4 RECALIBRATION session, created and performed by the Venusians. Please see below for more information.  Thank you.


1. Jade Wellness:
   CLEAR THE PATH, private session $99 
   (regularly $155 or 3/$333)
2.  Remotely (phone, What's App, Skype):
    4:4 RECALIBRATION, private session $44


USUI REIKI Levels 1 & 2 in ONE Day!
- Saturday, August 15, 2020

Investment: $222 (Cash - Venmo - $Cash App)   
yllabus to follow upon registration (see below for more information).

(Not just for healing)

  • Relax the mind;
  • Get restful sleep;
  • Decrease bad habits;
  • Increase your abundance/prosperity;
  • Activate your intuition for new ideas;
  • Restore hope for a better future;
  • Release fears / anger / raising consciousness (even weather consciousness);
  • Combat illness and restore health quicker;
  • Pain relief for yourself, a loved one, a beloved pet;
  • Important Precursor to receiving other holistic/medical treatments to optimize healing at a deeper level.

 Whomever you are, whatever you do, REIKI “enhances your work, your intentions, your Life! You don’t have to be sick or in pain.

You will learn: how to prepare the flow of UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE through you; how and where to direct this energy; where to apply it to create balance for yourself and others; long-distance to enhance the flow of balance and love love to people, places, and events. 3 Sacred Symbols: Empowerment, Balance, Long-Distance; how and where you can place Reiki and the Sacred Symbols, and much more…

You will receive: your workbook, attunements and Certificate. $222

YOUR REIKI MASTER & TEACHER. Carole was initiated/attuned to REIKI  in 1999 and attained Master Level in 2001 by her spiritual mentor/teacher, the Late Linda Turner (student of Mirna Fairbach, founder of Crystal Vision).  Since then, Carole holds Healing Circles, private / group sessions, and classes throughout the Tri-County area. Will hold a Reiki Circle in your home for 10 people or more. More info at

* * * * * * * *

Advanced Practitioner - 2-day class
- Saturday, August 22 and 29, 2020

Investment: $333 (Cash - Venmo - $Cash App)   
yllabus to follow upon registration (see below for more information).

We are all being called now to practice applying and sharing the loving gift of REIKI, as the imbalances of the 3rd Dimensional World / Mind needs more love than ever!.  Please join me this weekend to learn life-changing tools (7 Reiki symbols) as well as Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki! 

Learn advanced techniques and 7 new Sacred Symbols to:

-Prevent and Relieve the core belief for Infection / Tumors;
- to separate you (or a loved one) from an unhealthy, negative, detrimental situation:
-Cut Cords of Limitation to have and be more;
-Stop Psychic Energy Draining from others;
-Place an Energy Wall for Protection around yourself, others, car, home, etc.;
-Expansion (Abundance) Symbol you can use in your wallet, check book, when you gas up your car, and more;
-Increase, add, open more LOVE to self, others, situations;
-Release Karma, deflate the importance of any addiction with Psycho-Therapeutic Reiki – a healing session of its own;
…and more.
These Amazing 7 Sacred Spiritual are Sacred Tools you will learn to use in your every-day life, business, etc., thus helping to create a better flow, thus eliminating stress in your and other people’s lives! 
(Proof of Reiki Level II or Master Certificate)  Call me to reserve now! Thanks.
* * * * * * * * 


Tuesday @ 7.30pm

2717 Oakland Park #201, Ft Lauderdale 33306
(between Bayview and Federal Hwy)

- AND - 

Tuesday @ 12 NOON ZOOM

Zoom @ NOON information:

Topic: Carole's Reiki Meditation & Messages

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With the wondrous light activations to raise humanity’s awareness, we are now forced to go inwards, stopping all normal/habitual activity.  Know that we are safe. Many of us incarnated into this lifetime specifically to shift this world of mind/ego.  Last March, in a meditation, Carole A. Ramsay, was awakened to new guides calling themselves the ”Venusians 44” (44 beings of Light, inhabitants of the Venus Consciousness, who have been waiting for humanity to raise its frequency, to purify and surrender in order to enable a telepathic connection. There was a mutual understanding that they work through Carole and other lightworkers ready to move into higher states of Consciousness.  And so, a new journey begins.
(Channeled by the “Venusians 44”)
Unique 7D technique Remote energetic connection to prepare you for Higher Consciousness Living.
 Raise the vibrational frequency realigning 13 chakras; activate DNA blueprint; open 5D+ Galactic gateway transmission, reconnect with Source; Release habitual & behavioral patterns, anxiety.
Cash App $GoddessCarole    Venmo Carole-Ramsay
Schedule now (954) 655-5490

* * * * * * *

"CLEAR THE PATH tm"  is highly recommended to strengthen immune system, increase energy for better focus, health and creativity. This multi-faceted session removes fear, blockages, and looping of mind sets that no longer serve us.You will experience a Medical Intuitive body scan, Raindrop Aromatherapy with hot moist towels, a Reiki and other energy treatment, a Past /Future Life reading, cutting cords, 13-chakra clearing/balancing, DNA Activation via the pineal gland, guiding you throughout the session. Please record this session for future guidance. Are you at crossroads? Do you feel stuck, not able to choose? Do you sense that you are picking up information from others? Are you an empath and need guidance? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Traumatized from an event?  Experience a CLEAR THE PATH private session. Limitations from former traumas (former lives included), cellular memory activations, Lightbody activations, and more, will be addressed to create clarity allowing more Transformative Light into your everyday life, creating a magnet for all good things... and more!  Now  available over the phone. Please see pricing below...
FEEL RENEWED,  REJUVENATED, RE-BALANCED, and FOCUSED!  Many of my clients have chosen CLEAR THE PATH as a monthly balancing system!    
A  60-minute session for only $155 and a Special Package of 3 sessions for $333 ($111 per session) IS AVAILABLE NOW at  $99.00

Please read testimonials on

By Appointment only - (954) 655-5490.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Also available via phone, What’s App and Skype for:
Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Guidance,
Past Lives,
Pet Psychic

* * * * * *

Have you ever thought that you don't belong here, looking up at the stars? Do you have spiritual/metaphysical gifts you wish to enhance? Are you at crossroads needing mentoring and/or guidance? I can help you.

Please join my FREE Facebook group FAMILY OF LIGHT CIRCLE, whereby I will be posting, channeling, and discussing what we need to create CLARITY throughout our personal and collective transition.  This Group also encourages you to participate in sharing your "transformational gateways" to help other lights find their way Home. I also encourage everyone to share our struggles as we Awaken. I look forward to hearing from you and together, as a "Family of Light Circle" we continue to be victorious in our magnificent Transformation!

* * * * * * *


As an ordained minister with  UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD MOVEMENT (a worldwide inter-faith ministry) I can officiate to ordain you as a MINISTER. Join us as healers, spiritual consultants, and clergy. Your dedication as a Lightworker is your unique Ministry. Please visit  and contact their office 954-974-1181 to receive your application. .

* * * * *
May your Light Shine Brightly!
Magical hugs and Infinite blessings,
Carole  & Goddess T.O.U.C.H., Inc. 


(954) 655-5490
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