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ABOUT CAROLE:  Empath, International Psychic, Prophetic Channel, Master Healer and Mentor.
Carole's purpose is to INTEGRATE High Vibrational Frequencies of Light for Higher Consciousness Awareness. Carole receives information to guide you and create a new way to better understand your life about health, relationships, abundance, and love.
Carole specializes in major life changes: divorce, work, illness, death of a loved one. Her Master Mediumship accesses your Higher Self, Angelic Realm, the Master and Guides, deceased loved ones, even beloved pets, Past / Future Lifetimes to understand your karma. Carole teaches Usui Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), Psychic Development, Spiritual Mentorship, and Coaching.  Private and Group Sessions. Reiki Circles, Manifestation Circles, and John Of God Healing Circles.

Happy February - month of Love! We're settling into the New Year and feeling so blessed to be living in South Florida, the tropical Paradise of North America!

So much is revving up where change is everywhere causing us to spin easily out of focus. The only thing that is "real" is to focus on the BREATH. I feel so blessed to be living in these times of change where we are soon reaching "critical mass" towards experiencing The Golden Age. Until then, we need spiritual tools to understand and release the karma that is sticking to us (our own or other people's).

This month, I'll be closing on the sale of my beautiful villa and simplifying my life into the condo life. To keep it simple, February offers you continued private sessions and weekly meditation/healing/message circles every Wednesday at the Center for Inner Wisdom.

In March, join me for Reiki classes as well as an informal night of information for my return trip to JOHN OF GOD in Brazil. I received a healing last year and promised to return in gratitude bringing others to heal. As such, I have received permission to facilitate a JOHN OF GOD circle at the Center for Inner Wisdom, which you can join starting April. Also in April, I'm offering you a magical vision board workshop. Then, hopefully we will be travelling to Brazil in May or June, air fare permitting. Psychic Hygiene Class will be offered in June.

Again this month, I've added the introduction of the channel I held on January 1st. Please contact me for the remaining 17-page transcript available upon request.  EnJoy! 


  Carole's Circle - REIKI/Guided Meditation/Channeled Message
at The Center for Inner Wisdom
4849 N. Dixie Blvd. (south of Commercial Blvd.)
Your Investment: $15
Please call Center to reserve 784-214-1066

Want to learn Reiki?
See next classes in March below.
Upcoming Classes:
WEDNESDAYS: Reiki Healing Circle w/Guided Meditation for Ascension, and
                            a Channeled Message @ 7:30pm at the Center for Inner Wisdom. 
Level 1  in one day @ ONLY $100, (in March)
Level 2  in one day @ ONLY $100, (in April)
Advanced Practitioner in 2 days, (in May)

Reiki Master Level in 2 days, (in June)
Master Teacher Level in one day (in June)
Visit for more info re Reiki

COMING IN MARCH: Informal evening of info at Carole's.
I am considering a return 7-day John Of God Pilgrimage trip in May or June 2017 to the Casa de Dom Inácio (Abadiania, Brazil) and invite you to come with me. We'll talk about the trip, registration, cost, lodging, etc. Please contact me now to reserve your seat.

1. Vision Board Workshop - In 2016 I held a successful Meditate to Manifest Circle where you became your Vision Board! Now we will create it from aspirations into physical matter on a Magic Board!

2. John of God Circle (MONTHLY... evenings to be determined) @ Center for Inner Wisdom
PSYCHIC HYGIENE CLASSES - Have you experienced being around some people or in a store, hotel room, hospital, etc., where you felt uncomfortable, uneasy, strange, angry, depressed, and/or low energy for no apparent reason? If you are in contact with people on a daily basis, if you participate in healing circles or other spiritual modalities, then this class is for you!  You may easily pick up and /or contaminate another person with energies that are not your own. Whatever you sense/question are REAL and may vampire your Life Force!


Below is an exurpt of the 17-page transcript (which is available upon request)  
taken from the Channeled Predictions for 2017 last January 1st! Once again, Carole’s Guides offered almost 1.5 hours of detailed information. Their loving frequencies talked about: adjust your mind, emotions, and physical being to the Spiritual/Cosmic Mind to increase humanity’s transition to Light. Instructions were given to free ourselves of the stress filled in this transitional time. 
The Angelic Realm Channeled thru Carole Aileo Ha'la Ramsay


The beginning of the New Era…  We are your Galactic family and we are very honored that you have opened this space for us to come through to be a part of your Celebration of Life which we are leaving behind as a Family of Light in a human incarnation. Our belief structures that we have adopted as our own and making that real, taking part in other people’s lives, being too serious and making all of that real. Allow yourself to release whatever is making you uncomfortable which makes you fearful:  not having enough, not being enough. You are now at the core level of the cellular memory. So much has been released because you have come here to cleanse yourself and the planet and all of humanity, as you continue to be steadfast in your claim to love and to being the best that you can be in service.
A few years ago, we began to incarnate the thought that was the most important for humans to adopt and that was to put God first, being the Source field, the Divine Creator of Everything that emanates Life in people, animals, the mineral kingdom, the vegetation kingdom, and beyond. Even in nothingness is there Something.  There is Life everywhere even where there is none,  there is. Know that when you place this Force that is only Love and acts only through and from Love, you will be cared for on every level that you may imagine, and more. Your health can be regained through this Energy. Allow yourself to ask for support, and support will come as a phone call, as a book, as alternative healing, etc.  Say “Yes!” to anything new that is for your best and highest good. Now is the time to see yourself and your life differently. You are not limited as you believe you are, so let go of all the preconceived notions that you are. This belongs to the past; this belongs to your parents, your grandparents, your teachers, all the other humans that you know since your birth and before this incarnation.  You are now One with Source and this year is a “ONE” (2+0+1+7=10=1). 
The year you have completed and let go of so much of the unknown. Whatever you feel and what you have created for humanity on a subconscious level, is now bringing in the light faster and sooner. Trust is the first word that you need to adopt and anchor it with all of its meaning.  Trust your feeling, trust your intuition.  You are blessed with every single gift that you may feel that you do not have as humans. All the fears are illusions, remember. If you are ill, meditate and ask; raise your frequency. Illness does not thrive in the higher vibrational frequencies. You must begin to meditate every single day. Meditate means you are by yourself in silence, you breathe, you allow yourself to go within until you find the Silence. Allow your thoughts to come through because it is all part of being human.  Do not attach any importance to these thoughts; become aware and begin to breathe and feel the breath, and the Silence will come in increments of seconds.  The more you practice, the longer you will remain in the Silence, and the Silence will grow inside of you.  It is within the Silence that you receive the answers clearly and precisely.  By trusting you will no longer doubt, “Is this my intuition? Is this a creation of my imagination?” Go within, know that it is calling you.  You are not here experiencing our Message today just because there is no other place for you to be.  You have chosen. Know that this is your last experience in human form. Know that you will not be in this dense matter ever again.  You have learned your lessons and in your heart of hearts you know.  You also know that it is so easy to get caught up in the negativity of the illusion which all is coming up to the surface to be let go now. This is the ego: “Edging God Out”!  We do not want to get to the point of “Edging God Out” any longer, shifting to allowing ourselves to become the Light that we Are.

The First 90 days
So, this, as a whole, is the information that is to come.  Now, for more precision, the first three months to the end of March will allow all experiences which have not been completed at the end of 2016 to “bleed through”, allowing more time, i.e., like extra time to file your income taxes, you have up until the end of March to finish up karmic debt (so you won’t be charged extra, meaning, creating more karma).  It’s the same thing so the first three months 2017, we suggest that you make a list of everything you do not want that has been repeating itself - repeating itself - repeating itself, i.e., always attracting the same lover, job, etc., whereby you do not feel appreciated, always attracting the same feeling of humiliation or lack of self-worth, doubting ourselves, not being sure; always feeling there something missing… not, not, not. Write Absolutely Everything! Copyrighted. All rights reserved 2017 Carole Ramsay.

Contact me with your suggestions in what you would like to delve into for a deeper Spiritual Growth. (954) 655-5490/636-3996

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