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ABOUT CAROLE:  Empath, International Psychic, Prophetic Channel, Master Healer and Mentor. Her purpose is to INTEGRATE a Direction to access High Vibrational Frequencies of Light (peace and love) for Higher Consciousness Awareness. Carole is Multi-Dimensional (able to access information at will) to help you create a new perspective of acceptance of what is in your life, to create more health, happiness, abundance, and love. Carole helps you with major life changes, such as divorce, work, illness, mental and/or emotional issues, death of a loved one. Her Master Mediumship accesses your Higher Self, Celestial realms, Master Healers, Teachers and Guides, the deceased loved ones, even beloved pets, Past, Parallel, Future Lifetimes. She teaches Usui Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), Psychic Development, Coaches you to access your Higher Self. Live your dream! CAROLE RAMSAY  


Hello dear friends! 

What a year and it isn't slowing down!  It's time to choose LOVE of self and make new priorities! So many close calls and not so close, as we are being whirled inside the eye of the tornado of Ascension Shift to Higher frequencies!  What is holding us back, pray tell!  Our minds and thoughts that seem so prevalent in these trying times... can't sit still? having trouble to focus? not sleeping well? not feeling safe? drama everywhere? trouble meditating? feeling heavy and tired? feeling your having a breakdown?  

All of these symptoms, and more, are all due to our thoughts that we need to love free!  They are NOT REAL and we need to focus on our breath of life from Source and go within!  All is well... The more we believe pain and suffering, the more we will create it.   I'm talking especially to the Lightworkers, healers, psychics, empaths, etc. We are releasing past and future life karmas for ourselves as well as others.  We feel bad because we are holding on to these energies.  

I seriously fractured my left foot in 3 places,  3 weeks ago by twisting my ankle while walking to an appointment. I required crutches for 10 days.  With Reiki and my YL essential oils, I will be back to normal next week.  During those grueling first 10 days of elevating my leg and icing day and night, I felt paralized.  I realized that Spirit had been telling me to slow down and take time for me, which I ignored.  I heard long ago, that if you don't take care of yourself, you will have to take the time down the road... I remembered that Source is me, in me, experiencing life through me.  I must honor That Which gives me Everything, beginning with the Breath of Life, my health, my joy, my abundance, my prosperity, ALL!  I feel grateful to be here able to serve you, and firstly, Source! 

I have been invited to Sarasota, FL, and will be offering my services on May 7, 8, and 9th, with an Sacred Circle on May 7 and another May 8th.  I am looking forward to meeting the Sarasota Lights!

To better serve Palm Beach County, I continue to offer Sacred Circles on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7:30pm and private sessions by appointment only. at Lisa Smith of Lisa's Healing Center, located in the Eldorado Building, at 3170 N Federal Hwy, Suite 211K, Lighthouse Point 33064.  I I continue to offer Tuesdays Sacred Circles and private sessions at Jade Wellness, Oakland Park in Fort Lauderdale.

There seems to be a Reiki Revival in the ether due the the high demand to learn this gentle, yet effective energy enhancer for self, others, and situations. The next Reiki Level 1 & 2 Class will be held in June as will the next Advanced Practitioner Class. The Master Class will be held in September.  All Reiki practitioners including Reiki Masters are welcomed! Please text or call me for more information. Payment plans available. REIKI IS NOT JUST FOR HEALING!

- Carole's Sacred Circles 
Since the veils of Time, Space and Dimension are continuously melding together, Carole Sacred Tuesday Circles offer deeper guided meditations having gone "BEYOND the Light", along with Heart-Opening Reiki Healing, and Empowering Personal Messages for each. Join us for another Enriching evening.  Location at Jade Wellness (address below)
Minimum Offerings: $10.

Every Tuesday 7pm @
Jade Wellness

2717 Oakland Park Blvd. Suite #201
Fort Lauderdale 33306
(between Bayview and Federal Hwy)


Every 1st and 3rd Thursday @
Lisa's Healing Center

Eldorado Building
3170 N Federal Hwy, Suite 211K
Lighthouse Point 33064.


By Appointment only - (954) 655-5490.

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Advanced Practitioner's Usui Reiki Class (LEVEL 4) & REIKI MASTER LEVELS

Empower Yourself and Others.  Are you a Reiki Level II Practitioner or a Reiki Master? If you practice your Reiki frequently or not, you will always have the frequencies of the Piezo electrical Sacred Symbols in your energy field from the attunements given to you by your Reiki Master Teacher. Carole offers you: Advanced Practitioner's Usui Reiki Class (LEVEL 4) to enhance your everyday life, especially with these trying times we are all experiencing
Reduced rate - please call for pricing.
Reiki has been given such a bad rap, when being compared to other healing modalities, is considered by many as ineffective.  This cannot be farther from the truth and you will see this with the seven (7) Sacred Symbols you will learn in Carole's 2-day Class (after a thorough review of  Levels 1 & 2). Here is a brief example of how you may empower yourself with this class. Let's just see how Liz was able to free herself from a narcisstic relationship with the "Separation" Symbol which she placed on all walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings of her home. The next time Mr. Narcisstic insisted in coming in, he progressively became uncomfortable whereby he needed to leave the home and was violently ill just before getting into his car to drive off.  Since then, he has received a job offer in another state.  Liz has gone on to become a Reiki Master, utilizing this gentle and very powerful "Universal Life Force Energy" in her daily practice. She has moved into a beautiful home and has met a loving man. Carole has many more testimonials to share with you on website, having practiced and taught loving Reiki since 2001.

LEARN USUI Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Classes in One Day!:
Call if interested for next class in June 2019 (May is fully booked!)
Usui Reiki Class (LEVEL 1 & 2) in one day

CHANGE YOUR LIFE and those around you with REIKI,

“Universal Life Force Energy”!

  • Pain relief for yourself, a loved one, a beloved pet;
  • Relax the mind;
  • Get restful sleep;
  • Decrease bad habits;
  • Increase your abundance/prosperity;
  • Activate your intuition for new ideas;
  • Restore hope for a better future;
  • Release fears / anger / raising consciousness (even "weather" consciousness);
  • Combat illness and restore health quicker;
  • Important Precursor to receiving other holistic/medical treatments to optimize healing at a deeper level.

Whomever you are, whatever you do, REIKI “enhances your work, your intentions, your Life!

In one day, you will learn: how to prepare to allow the flow of UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE through you; how and where to direct this energy; where to apply it on the body (self-healing and for others; long-distance healing; 3 Sacred Symbols: Empowerment, Balance, Long-Distance; how and where you can place Reiki and the Sacred Symbols, and more…You will receive: your workbook, attunements and Certificate. Reduced rate - please call for pricing.

Please call to register 954 655 5490

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"CLEAR THE PATH tm"  is highly recommended at this time. This is a private session formulated for the descension/ascension process which we are all moving through now.

CLEAR THE PATH This multi-faceted session valued at over $350 removes fear, blockages, and looping of mind sets that no longer serve us.  A  90-minute session at a reduced rate. You will experience a Medical Intuitive body scan, Raindrop Aromatherapy with hot moist towels, a Reiki energy treatment, a Past Life reading and cutting cords, 13-chakra balancing, DNA Activation via the pineal gland, and a Mini Reading. I ask that you bring your cellphone ready to record this session for future guidance. FEEL RENEWED, REJUVENATED, RE-BALANCED, and FOCUSED!  Many of my clients love the clarity that have chosen CLEAR THE PATH as a monthly balancing system! For other services, please visit

Please read testimonials on

By Appointment only - (954) 655-5490.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

May your Light Shine Brightly!
Magical hugs and Infinite blessings,
Carole  & Goddess T.O.U.C.H., Inc. 


(954) 655-5490
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