Issue 16-101 — May 30, 2016
Starshine Galaxy Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to sustain the memories of children who have died. To this end, we support the Tributes to Lost Children Community Page on Facebook as a place to post, share, and comment on activities to honor our departed children and to celebrate their lives. The biweekly Tributes Digest presents highlights from this community page along with other items of interest. Please feel free to forward this on to others you know who might be interested, and direct any comments, questions, or concerns to

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He Made Us Incredibly Proud; This Is Our Way of Trying to Make Him Proud (May 26) – Lieutenant Commander Jonas Kelsall, a Navy SEAL who was killed during a mission in Afghanistan in 2011, said this to his father before he deployed: “If anything ever happens to me, know I’m doing what I love with the guys I love doing it with. And I wouldn’t want to do anything else.” In honor of their son, the Kelsalls founded the Jonas Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans start their own businesses.

Now an Angel Myself, I Will Now Help You (May 18) – Lieutenant Valerie Cappelaere Delaney, a highly accomplished young woman who was training to become a pilot in the U.S. Navy, died at the age of 26 when her plane crashed during a training mission. Her family started the Wings for Val Foundation to inspire future generations of female leaders.

If Not Me, Then Who? (May 27) – These were the words spoken by 1st Lieutenant Travis Manion before leaving for his second and final deployment to Iraq, where he was killed in an ambush. Afterward, the Marine’s mother, the late Janet Manion, founded the Travis Manion Foundation; its mission is to assist veterans and the families of fallen heroes, inspired by the belief that “the best way to honor the fallen is by challenging the living.”

Staying Connected Online Helps Keep Memories Alive (May 20) – The family of US Marine Corporal Kelly S. Keith have created a Facebook community page, so that those who knew and love him have a place to stay in touch and share memories.
What Is Every Parent’s Dream? (May 24) – To watch their children grow up safe, healthy, and happy. In honor of children who have lost their lives to gun violence or unintentional shootings, Moms Demand Action created the Mother’s Dream Quilt Project. Each quilt symbolizes the heavy toll that guns have taken on families from all walks of life.
There Is Nothing He Wouldn’t Do for Emilio (May 25) – In 2014, 17-year-old Emilio Perez was the victim of a hit-and-run accident that had no witnesses. As police struggled with no leads and few resources, Emilio’s father, Al, kept them on track. It was clear to all involved that Al was motivated by both sorrow and love, and he inspired the detectives. Al has since been called a “driving forcebehind the successful investigation, and was recently deputized by the department.
Our Mission is to Help Others Avoid the Heartache We’ve Suffered (May 17) – After the Gries family lost their 2-month old daughter, Molly Ann, to a sleeping accident on her first day at daycare, they’ve made it their mission to protect other babies from the same fate by teaching parents and caregivers safe sleeping practices.

Jason’s Family Strives to Keep More Than Dreams Alive (May 19) – Named for Jason Flatt, an outgoing kid who took his own life when he was just 16, The Jason Foundation is working hard to prevent suicide among young people by building awareness through outreach and education.

We Are Able to Move Forward with Purpose (May 23) – Sandy Hook Promise, an organization founded by many of the families that lost children or spouses in the Sandy Hook Massacre, aims to prevent gun-related deaths of any kind. Its promise begins like this: “Our hearts are broken; Our spirit is not.”
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