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To become a good crystal user, you will need a growing collection of crystals. This is akin to a budding carpenter starting to acquire his hammers, screwdrivers, saws, and other tools. The process is actually quite similar. 

When an apprentice carpenter wants to build a small bird house, he learns that the boards he has need to be shortened or more narrow, or have different dimensions. He studies the issue and finds that he needs several types of saws. For example, he may find he needs one for ripping a long board, one for cutting off the end of a board, one for cutting tight dovetails, and another one to cut a circle. He also finds he needs to have a sharpener for his saws, and some oil to maintain them. The effort continues with the need for screwdrivers for different screw heads, a hammer to nail on the roof, etc. In short, he acquires tools as he finds a need (and I freely admit that women make good carpenters too, so I only use “he” as a generic term).

So too, as you continue to learn the craft of crystal use, you will be constantly discovering new methods to improve your life and well-being. You will be finding new ways to use crystals and this will drive the need to find the right crystals for your purpose. The uses for a set of carpenter tools is endless. You can build a birdhouse, frame a real house, make a doll carriage, or fix a leaking roof. The uses of crystals are about as extensive. You can make a pendulum, build a grid for love, realign a chakra, or focus the life force on a desperate need or desire. Our website, Crystal Vaults will teach you about the crystals so you can choose wisely. Crystal Inner Circle will teach you how to use them to make your life the one you want it to be and even guide you to becoming a Certified Crystal Master

Choosing crystals, like choosing tools, is a personal effort. Some people have large hands, some small.  Some want tools that will last a lifetime, others just the cheapest one that will do the job at hand. Tools are available in many places and at almost any price. The situation is the same for crystals. They too are available in many places at almost any price. The good news is that most crystals are not too expensive. Sure you can use a Sapphire for a pendulum and make a $8,000 pendulum. But you can make one from a green Aventurine for about two dollars.

The size, shape, mineral, and beauty of crystals are never ending. Each is different. Each has many uses. Just as a screwdriver can insert a screw, remove a screw, open a paint can, pry off a board, poke a hole in a cardboard box, and be turned around and used as a small hammer on a stuck jar lid, so too can a particular crystal be used in many ways. This leads us to the first step in buying a crystal:



Determine the specific need
or use for the crystal.


The first step in selecting any crystal is to have a clear understanding of what your intended use might be. A crystal for a heart chakra healing session will be quite different from one to be a Focus Stone on a Forgiveness grid. However, remember, there is great flexibility in choosing tools and crystals, and there is no "one right answer".

The more specific you can be in articulating your need, the better chance you have of getting the right crystal or crystals. "I need some crystals to feel better" is kind of nebulous, and will make choosing crystals hard. It is like a carpenter saying "I want to build something". Well, what exactly? It would be difficult to go to a lumberyard and a tool store to get "something". Asking a clerk for help to buy "something" will not be too effective. So too with choosing crystals, be specific. Perhaps you want to make an elixir to help you sleep better. Perhaps you want a crystal to help you on a shamanic journey, or one to deal with an area of a room with poor energy flow. These are more specific needs and will help in your selection of the right crystal. 

Your intentions, abilities, and desires are the key factors in the selection of any crystal. Once you have those clear in your mind, the next step is to get some advice on the options you might have. Crystal Inner Circle is divided into 15 communities of practice so that you can easily find expert advice on crystal selection for any purpose. You could spend a lot of time trying to learn all the crystals and their uses, but posting a short question in a Crystal Inner Circle forum can make the process quicker and easier. It is what they were created for. There is also an impressive search option that will bring up any articles relevant to your needs.

And, while there are no single "right answers" there are wrong answers. You could probably cut off a board with a screwdriver and a hammer given enough time, but a crosscut saw would be a better choice as would almost any saw. In using crystals, you could use an Aquamarine to get a better grounding in reality, but a Black Tourmaline might be much more effective. 

In the lessons ahead we will explore many uses of crystals, and we will also learn how to know how the physical and metaphysical properties and energies can be matched to the needs we, as human beings have. We are going to learn how the color, shapes, and compositions of minerals and their crystals match and align with our needs. Don’t be surprised that they do. We are all from the same planet.  It would be more surprising if we somehow were not aligned with the natural world of which minerals and crystals form an important part.


We will continue this discussion in Step 2 with some examples of exactly how to use the Crystal Vaults guides and the forums of the Crystal Inner Circle to quickly, effectively, and confidently determine the right crystals for any purpose.
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