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Hello Titans and Happy May to you all!

I have decided to make my portion of the this months TUT short, but sweet. May 5th marks the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our Cleveland location! What an amazing five years it has been! I want to thank the amazing people at the K&D Group for giving Titans and I the opportunity to be successful in our second venture. This has been a dream come true and watching Cleveland grow and flourish around us has been something I will never forget!

Cleveland has some comings and goings this month. I want to give a huge shout out to our very own, Brandon Woodford, who has decided to tackle the next phase in life and attend law school the coming term. Brandon has been a long time employee at Titans and was forced into a challenging role as co-manager of our DT facility, a role that he took to the next level. Brandon, you will be missed and always have a home here at Titans!

We are also proud to announce that we have leased our cafe space out to HelioTerra Cafe, an all Vegan eatery! Visit and like them and check out their grub at: I expect the joint to be ground breaking! Is that a pun?!?!

After a month of demo and scraping, Twinsburg is ready for mats, these should arrive quickly so do not fret, your weight room should be getting bigger for the summer!

Speaking of summer, let us not forget our Sizzling 3 month special for $99+tax, so tell all your friends and college buddies. Let us pack the house x3!

Peace, until June!

Geoff DelGrosso, CSCS
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
President, Titans Gym, Inc.


Q: "Look, what are we doing?? Is this going to make me a body builder? Am I going to get BIG??"

A: Meeting a trainer once or twice per week isn't going to make you BIG, nor is a well planned program (program means nutrition as well as all elements of training appropriate for your goals). To get BIG, you need to lift in a very specific set/rep scheme for MONTHS while increasing calories.

Q: "So protein wont make me BIG and bulky?"

A: No. Only a designed program with you following it will make you big and bulky. Generically, failing in your sets between 8-12 reps is the sweet spot and like I said above, months on end of this scheme plus taking in an extra 500 calories (ish) of clean nutrients than your body/metabolism is already accustomed to. The function of proteins is to help the body build an repair, not only your muscles but your hair, skin and internal organs. Proteins are the building block for our entire body and is needed to help keep the body functioning at an optimum level. I share this fact because too many people associate protein with the "BIG and BULKY," feeling. It's science and facts, not opinions and feelings.

Q: "But I work out, like, a lot, why do I look the same?"
A: Let me see your program.
Q: "I don't have it written down."
A: Then how do you know what you're doing?
Q: "Well I use this machine, then I walk for bit, then I use that machine thingy over there...

A: Anyone can buy a membership, walk in and "work out." If you're actually trying to make changes and see real results in mirror, you need to take it more seriously. We don't say "well... I kinda drove to work..., I pulled out, then I bumped into this, then took a random left turn, then I turned around and pulled over for a bit..." No. We know where we're driving, so we know which streets to take to get there. We have a plan. And even then, sometimes to the plans need to change just as our drive to work might, but remember, just because the plan has to change, doesn't mean the goal does. I recommend researching personal trainers in your area and purchasing a few sessions to learn a routine, learn how to use the equipment properly and figure out a plan/program.

Q: "Ya Bro, my fricking knees are killing me when I squat, whats up with that?"

A: Let's see your form.

He drops his hips, knees poke out way over his toes, his heels come off the ground, one knee is tweaking out to the side, and he's pretty much bending over. This didn't actually happen, but I see it CONSTANTLY. I even have a friend that works in an NCAA D1 program and he still tells me how many freshman come in with no clue how to squat (good job HS coaches). Without going into a 5 paragraph "how to," here's an easy test. Walk up to a wall and place your toes about 1/2 inch away from the wall. Now squat without touching the wall.

Speaking with a local wrestling coach

Q: Yoga? Yeah we did that when we were younger but called it stretching."

A: Never mind the money... I'll come in for free. Here's the bet: No tricks, no gimmicky crap, I bet you more of your guys quit and flop during yoga than they do during your conditioning.

Never heard back from him.

If you say "Yoga's not for me," I'd say you probably don't know what yoga is. If you've never taken a class, you're probably intimidated or worried about "not looking cool." If you have and still say that, I'd bet you were just in the wrong studio, wrong instructor or the wrong you showed up. Even for you tough guys, a decent yoga class can show you many muscular imbalances that can greatly improve your training in the weight room, while improving your flexibility, concentration and overall body strength in many stabilizing muscles you may not be addressing otherwise.

(If I can get 10 power-lifters to join, I'll run a month of free sessions, around your current schedule, for a case study).

Jason Bickel
Titans Gym - Twinsburg General Manager
TG Tanning
Certified Personal Trainer
P: 330-963-1070

As we see an increase in the sun and finally the flowers we want to enjoy the outside even more. Sometimes our work schedules do not allow us to enjoy the outdoors as much as we would like. TG Tanning has convenient hours and great discounts for Titans Gym members. Tanning opens at 5am during the week for a quick tan before work. As always, if you have never tanned at TG Tanning the first tan is on us!

TG Tanning Special for May:

Buy 1 Tanning Sample and get another Sample for 50% OFF! (Sample must be of equal or lesser value).



One cool movie I happen to recently, and foundly, remember was Robert Rodriguez's 2007 "PLANET TERROR" which played in the "GRINDHOUSE" double feature with Quentin Tarantino's "DEATH PROOF." The apocalyptic horror flick was about a disease which was manufactured by the government, infecting innocent people turning them into zombies. I must say, this is was my kind of movie!

Sadly, the new 2015 version of "PLANET TERROR" is all too real and coming to our town. This particular "planet" has set it's sights on "terrorizing" innocent people who would like to get in better shape, spend money to get in better shape, hire "professional" trainers to get in better shape...however, the very last thing the real agenda this "planet" is about is getting anyone in reasonably good shape as that would allegedly "terrorizing" everyone else not in such good shape but apparently aspiring to be obtain better shape! Confused?...Yeah, so am I. This planet brags about having a non-judgment zone even to the point of having an obnoxious (and LOUD) alarm that'll go off if anyone "terrorizes" other's by actually working out hard enough to dare make a peep of a noise during their training. Also, tank tops, sports bras...etc are big no-no's as someone, somewhere just might be "terrorized" by these garments. Still confused?...Yeah, I still am too! So to sum it up, this "non-judgmental zone" of training has:

1) Loud alarms for people who work out hard enough to see the results they paid for in the first place.

2) Dress codes where typical gym attire is not permitted as one might judge them as a "lunk" (aka, dare I say, actually look like they work out). Huh, seems to me there's a whole lot of "judging" going on here in this so-called "non-judgmental zone."! But wait, the "terror" get's better as I believe there are "pizza nights," "bagel breakfasts" and other "celebrations" that seem kinda fun but in reality, kinda terrorizes your fitness and health goals...contradicting the reason you forked over your hard earned money to this "planet" in the first place.

So the reality is, you have a choice to make as a member of TITANS GYM - the best gym in northeastern Ohio. Do you want to save a few bucks only to become a "fitness zombie" where you can't train with any real effort, where anything you feel is comfortable workout wear, feast on pizza, bagels and any other "health foods" designed to terrorize your fitness goals and consequently your health??!!...


Do you want to continue to workout in a REAL non-judgmental zone, where you have the freedom of choice to workout at any pace you want in order to obtain any level of fitness you'd like, wear comfortable workout wear of your choice, have access to real professional trainers that'll encourage you to workout with some respectable efforts as well as helping you make healthy eating choices - while training in the one safe haven where you will not be surrounded by high calorie, high fattening junk foods.

REMEMBER folks, you get what you pay for and DON'T let that fancy paint job fool you! Now it's time for YOU to make a judgement...Do you want to be a zombie or a Titan?! The choice is quite simple for me. I enjoy apocalyptic movies but NOT apocalyptic fitness. See you all at Titans Gym(s)! ;-)


It's Spring time and in between the occasional snowflake here and there, you can almost feel the nice weather coming upon us. After another brutal winter (the second year in a row for record low temperatures...ugh!), it looks like we're finally out of the (frozen) woods and heading towards the beach! Ah yes...the beach...the perfect place to relax, lay out, play some volley ball, catch a frisbee, do some swimming, maybe a little boating, but whatever it is, the chances of you doing it in a bathing suit are about 90+%. That means no dark cloths, vertical stripes, or any other cleaver ways to hide our culinary and inactive sins will save us from the reality we created for ourselves, and our physiques over these past cold months.

The GOOD NEWS is it's NOT too late! It's only May therefore we all have 2 months before the 4th of July (the heart of the summer months!), and A LOT can happen by then...IF we all stick to a healthy eating plan AND hit the gym on consistent basis. It never fails that every year gyms are flooded with novices looking to re-dedicate themselves to their New Year's resolutions. Just like a flood, the water levels eventually go down and so do the members during the warmer months. None of this ever made any sense to me as I feel I would most definitely want to look my best during the months I'm wearing the least amount of clothing!

Moral of the story...get your butts in the gym and USE your memberships! We're all fortunate to have access to the BEST gym in northeastern Ohio...TITANS GYM! Take advantage of it as an hour or two a day is a small price to pay to live a long, happy, healthy and more attractive life! Looking forward to seeing you at TITANS...then I'll race ya to the beach!;-)


Last months's March 28th, 2015 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO was very well represented by "TEAM TITANS" as the following members competed and did very well against some of the very best NPC natural competitors in the country!

1) BRODY WIGREN - This young man had to wait until he was 17 years old to compete as he's been itching to get on stage since he was 15! As NPC rules state, competitors must be at least 16 years old to become members and that's what Brody had to do. He used that time wisely as he put one enough symmetrical size to WIN 1st place in the extremely competitive Open Men's Bantam Weight Bodybuilding class out of 10 competitors who were much older than this teenage titan! The young Wigren also placed a string 1st runner-up in the Teenage Men's Bodybuilding out 12 top teens...many of whom were older than his 17 years and outweighed him. The future certainly looks bright for this guy who is so young, he just started driving the car a year ago! Keep your eye on this young guy as this will sure to be the start of great things to come for this young man, but for now, HUGE CONGRATS TO BIG BRODY!

2) JONATHAN JURISEVIC - Another teenager who's got a nice future ahead of him is this guy as this was his first competition. This 19 year old placed a respectable 6th out of 10 touch competitors in the JR. MEN'S BODYBUILDING (23 years old & Under) against many older athletes. Placing 10th in the very competitive teenage division was also something to take notice of as this years teenage class was packed with talent. Jon is a tall kid with sharp abs and big guns (arms)! As this dude fills out, WATCH OUT as he's bound to move up the ranks in the near future.

3) MELISSA VARA - From the moment her better half and also Titans Gym member, Ryan Weber (an NPC Men's Physique national competitor and owner of "Natural Grade Nutrition" supplements) introduced me to her last Fall, I knew I was witnessing a rising star! Melissa went on to win 1st place in her class at last's Fall's 2014 NPC Natural Monster Mash Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio. After a shirt but productive "off-season" (aka, "improvement season"), this bikini beauty once again got into phenomenal shape to take another 1st place trophy home from the OPEN BIKINI CLASS "B" division out of 14 exceptional competitors in this extremely competitive class (quick note - 2nd place in this class, Gina McEvoy went on to take the Overall at the NPC Natural Cincinnati Open Bikini Championships the following week...THAT'S how competitive this class was!)! Wasting no time in using her now NPC nationally qualified status, Melissa has set her sights on the 2015 NPC TEAM UNIVERSE in New Jersey this summer. The top 2 in each class earn their IFBB Pro Cards at the TU so you can bet this showdown at the shore will be highly contested. CONGRATS to the marvelous Melissa Vara on an exceptional job and BEST OF LUCK in New Jersey!

4) LINDSEY WASNIAK - This was Lindsey's second contest and this TITANS GYM, Twinsburg member, 34 year old, mother of 2 ROCKED IT OUT with a very respectable 6th place out of 22 very tough competitors in the Open Bikini Class "C" division! In only her second contest and first attempt at the Lakewood contests, beating out 16 athletes is no small feat. Keep your eye on this one as she turns 35 years old soon and will be eligible for the Master's Bikini Class (35 years old & Under) where I have no doubt she'll be taking home some serious hardware not only from that class, but the Open Bikini classes as well! GREAT JOB Lindsey!!

5) BRIANNA FAZIO - This was Brianna's first contest and major goal! Goal achieved as she placed a respectable 8th place out of 22 athletes in the Open Bikini Class "C" division! Although, the future looks bright for Brianna on many levels as this former collegiate wrestler (YES, I said wrestler!) just got excepted into Medical School! Her future success on the stage might have to wait until after she becomes a Doctor but rest assured, the stage isn't going anywhere and eagerly awaits the return of Brianna Fazio M.D.! EXCELLENT JOB Brianna!

6) MARIA DRIAGO - This gal landed directly in the middle with 11th place out of 22 top competitors in the ultra-competitive Open Bikini Class "C!" Maria displayed an exceptional physique with loads of potential! Ms, Driago is a hard worker who never gives up so expect to see her in the winners circle in the near future! CONGRATS on a job well done!

7) ALLISON POSTON - Made the weekly trek from Kent, Ohio to Mentor to train at TITANS GYM! This was her first competition for the 20 year old and she landed in 16th out of 21 competitors in the Open Bikini Class "D" division! This young girl has quite a bit of potential as this is just the beginning for Allison. Holding down a job, full time classes AND training and staying on an extremely taxing pre-contest diet is one tough schedule! CONGRATS to her as managed to get through such a diligent regime and ended up in the BEST shape of her life! This is just the beginning for this young lady!

8) CHRISTINA DeBARR - This mother of 2, and active duty Army nurse got into the best shape of her life and received a respectable 13th place of 20 exceptionally tough competitors in the Open Bikini Class "F" division! The transformation this woman achieved was nothing short of amazing! Christina has the shape and looks to go far in the NPC. Keep your eye out for this competitor as I feel with time, she'll be landing in the tops sport in the near future! And guys...just keep your eye out for her and nothing more as Ms. DeBarr becomes Mrs. in a month! One things for certain, Christina will be in AWESOME shape for those wedding pictures;-) CONGRATS on BOTH your competitive outing AND your upcoming wedding! Wishing this Team Titan member the best of health, happiness and success!

9) JENNIFER COLVIN - This woman placed an extremely respectable 6th place in the very competitive MASTER'S BIKINI (35 years old & Over) division put of 18 top athletes. Making the trip from Sandusky, Ohio to Mentor was well worth it as Jennifer rock-n-rolled on the Lakewood, Ohio stage! This is another gal to keep a watchful eye on as she has the potential to win this class AND place in the top 5 of the Open Bikini division in the near future! CONGRATS on a job well done!

10) CLAUDIA BERK - This previously undefeated Master's 50 & Over competitor ROCKED IT OUT with 1st Place's at last Fall's 2014 NPC Natural Ohio (open) Championships, 1st Place 2014 NPC Natural Monster Mash Championships, and 1st Place in the NPC Iron Man Naturally Championships (& 3rd in the Open Figure Class too!) in Los Angeles, CA. This 56 year young athlete was in EXCELLENT shape in a very tough division as she scored first runner-up in this very competitive class of six athletes! Claudia continues to defy the aging process and expect to see her in the winner's circle soon! CONGRATS & GREAT JOB on an INCREDIBLE first Fall & Spring contest seasons!

11) JASON PATTERSON - This was Jason's first contest and he scored a VERY impressive 3rd place, out of 11 tough competitors - which Nationally Qualifies Patterson through 2016! This guy is compact and in shape! There's no question in my mind that this is just the beginning for him as a very bright future lie's ahead for this nicely symmetrical athlete. Making the weekly trip from Kent, Ohio to train at the Midwest Mecca - TITANS GYM, in Mentor paid off! CONGRATS and GREAT JOB to Jason!

12) HARRY COOKE - This TITANS GYM in Cleveland member ROCKED THE HOUSE as he muscled his way through to TWO 1st Place Victories claiming the MASTER'S MEN'S PHYSIQUE TITLE (35 years old & Over) out of 11 competitors, and the OPEN MEN'S PHYSIQUE CLASS "F" division win out of 17 ultra- tough athletes! Cooke certainly cooked the competition bringing him several six foot trophies and receiving his NPC national Qualification through 2016! CONGRATS to Harry as these victories were extra special being that he dedicated this contest to his Mom who recently passed. Rest assured your Mother is VERY proud of you! I personally look forward to seeing this great competitor move up into the National ranks in the very near future! BEST OF LUCK Mr. Cooke!

As you can see, "TEAM TITANS" did it again as many LARGE trophies and NPC nationally qualified athletes were rewarded to the team! Many other diamonds in the roughs will no doubt be back on stage soon as they keep improving! Whether these members are improving for the national, IFBB pro qualifying ranks or getting ready for more top NPC regional Fall events, you can bet you catch them at a Titans Gym near you! THANK YOU "TEAM TITANS" for competing and my apologies to anyone I might have missed in this report.

I hope to see you ALL back on stage this Fall at the OCTOBER 10th, 2015 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO! Entry & Tickets available at:!

RESULTS / SCORE for the MARCH 28th, 2015 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO: For official contest results, logo onto:

PHOTOS: For photos of ALL competitors, logo onto:,,,

HIGH DEFINATION VIDEO of each class for BOTH Prejudging AND Finals can be downloaded for ONLY $20 at: Footage includes Guest Posers! Social Media Friendly!


With the incredible success of this winter's Professional Posing & Presentation Clinic, the "DREAM TEAM" of 2 X MS. BIKINI OLYMPIA CHAMPION, ASHLEY KALTWASSER and her coach, IFBB PRO, SUMMER MONTABONE will all be once again our very SPECIAL GUEST COACHES at this summer's SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th, PROFESSIONAL POSING & PRESENTATION CLINIC hosted by top IFBB / NPC Head Judge, GARY UDIT!

This is a rare opportunity to not only meet history's BEST professional Bikini competitor (Ashley is the ONLY Pro to ever win the Bikini Olympia AND Arnold Classic Bikini International titles more than once!!), but also receive instructions from her AND her coach, Summer who is also an accomplished IFBB!

This POSING CLINIC is for EVERYONE - young, old, competitor from Novice to Professional, other personal trainers/coaches and significant others!



Titan Gym, Mentor's Pre-Contest Pre Coach and Personal Trainer, NPC contest co-promoter, Dave Liberman along with co-promoter, Todd Pember are already aggressively promoting their next BIG event this Fall, the OCTOBER 10th, 2015 NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO! Very Special Guest Posers will be 4 X MR. OLYMPIA, PHIL HEATH & CELEBRITY BODYBUILDER, MIKE O'HEARN! BOTH HEATH & O'HEARN will also be hosting a SEMINAR following Prejudging!

TICKETS & ENTRY AVAILABLE IN MAY, 2015 AT: by purchasing advanced Tickets through credit card on "PayPal." Tickets can also be purchased in cash by contacting Titans Gym member & Personal Trainer, Dave Liberman at: 440-942-5634 or see him at the Mentor, Titans Gym location. Tickets can be purchased the day of the contest (October 10th) at the Box Office, CA$H ONLY.


9:00 AM (doors open to the public at 8:00 AM) PREJUDGING (ALL Prejudging seating is assigned!) VIP PREJUDGING (first 10 rows center of auditorium = $25.00 RESERVED PREJUDGING = $20.00 SEMINAR WITH GUEST POSERS PHIL HEATH & MIKE O'HEARN (following Prejudging) = $15.00 5:30 PM (doors open to the public at 4:45 PM) FINALS - VIP SECTION (first ten rows in the center of auditorium) = $35.00, All other seats RESERVED (assigned seating) = $30.00. **A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "American Cancer Society"** Anyone interested in adding the donation as a sponsor, contact Dave Liberman ASAP. BEST OF LUCK TO "Team Titans" and ALL the hard the working competitors this Fall!  

Copyright 2015 Titans Gym, All rights reserved.

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