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Happy August to you all! My children start first grade this year and I can not help but wonder where the time goes. Time just doesn't fly, it often just simply disappears. Where do you think it goes? Where do you think it gets spent? How much time do you simply waste? I can pretty much tell you that I have wasted many hours staring at this screen wondering what to write in this newsletter. Hours! I have been Googling for inspiration and have nothing...

Now I am angry with myself for wasting something that I have very little of. I would not waste my morning coffee in such a way! Dang it, why was I not productive for those two hours. I could have been on the treadmill which I so desperately need. I could have been talking to members or solving some issues in the gym. I could have been hanging drywall that I could not finish last week because my battery died. I should have been fixing that dang leg extension that broke again. I could have been ordering end plates for dumb bells. So many things I could have been doing! Now I am really mad for wasting more time thinking about the things I should of been doing, could have accomplished. Why can there not be more time?! More time to get more things done; to workout more; to prep my food so I do not eat protein bars all day; more time to be with my wife and kids. The frustration mounts...

I'm too angry with myself to finish work now so I head home, where there's more things to be done. Why are there so many thing and so little time? I clean off the patio and get dinner ready. I sit and watch Vinny take 2 hours to eat his potatoes while I clean up. "Hurry up buddy!"

And then I get a "dad, will you play Legos with me"

"In a minute sweetheart, in a minute"

"You said that FIVE minutes ago dada"

"Ok, you're right Teigan, here I come"

And then time stops... Nothing else matters. Everything else will happen when it happens. The treadmill will be there tomorrow, so will the drywall and the leg extension...

In the land of Titans, not everything happens on time nor as quickly as some may like. I hear it often, "this tread has been broken for weeks" or "the water fountain is still down". Yes, things take time but time also heals all wounds. I am glad for every second I spend at Titans. I look forward to investing more of my time so we can hopefully give you a few more seconds, minutes, weeks, months and even years. Every bit of them precious.

Around Titans, not much goes on during August as we prepare for the fall rush of members. Our new website should be completed by months end. You will have better access to class schedules and happenings as well as a site that is hopefully easier to navigate from a smart phone. Please look at the new schedules as we have added some new classes and are demoing some others that maybe of interest. Specifically check out the Kickboxing in Mentor Tuesday nights at 6:00pm.

That's all I have for this month. Kinda boring I know...

Geoff DelGrosso, CSCS
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
President, Titans Gym, Inc.

Just 1%

I forget which podcast I was listening to, but I heard a guy say "just trying to get 1% better today," and it's been ringing in my head since and has been an excellent driving thought. Hitting 6 to 44 to 422 to 91 to... wherever I end up, that's a decent 50-60 minutes of thinking time.

I've been thinking about this blog all week... "What if we all worked to just improve one thing, 1%, every day?"

We all know what 1% x 365 days equals, but really think about just that little baby step, that small percent, 1%, and how it can add up. A couple blogs ago, I wrote about feelings of being overwhelmed when looking at the big picture of situations rather than breaking them down into more manageable moments and goals. Had I had this 1% thought in my head, I may have been a little more calm and then less stress and anxiety.

There have been a few of these 1% type thoughts that have helped me along the way and to continue working to improve.

1) Having a goal list - I really don't understand how anyone could not have a goal list. I strongly recommend getting a pen and a notebook w a binder and get to work on this immediately. Start just writing. Anything and everything.

  • Where do you want to vacation?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Work?
  • Work projects?
  • How many kids would you like to have?
  • What kind of car do you want to drive?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What kind of memories do you want?
  • Might not be about money or achievements. Maybe you have a relationship in your life you'd like to "fix."
  • Maybe there's something internal you'd like to improve.
  • Do you want to handle stress better?
  • Do you want to enjoy more time after work? Write it down.

Write them down, just write. No order and nothing you wrote is a bad idea. Shoot for 50.

When you write a nice chunk of goals, go back through them and think, "is this a 1 year goal? A 5 year goal? A 10 year goal? Higher?" And write a little number with a time frameyou guess you might be able to obtain that goal within.

Next, rewrite them in likeness of those numbers.

Sounds like a lot of work?

That's ok, this is a skeleton, a road map of your life, give it thought and time. It should be a small project and one you'll always continue and improve, check off goals and modify. This is a great tool, a great plan, for your future.

I went through this exercise about 4 years ago and before I knew it, I was checking off goals left and right. I didn't really notice it at first, I just headed out and continued to work hard and work towards a few goals and then I noticed how many of my goals were related to other goals. Like dominoes, they started falling into place. From moving to geauga county, to the yoga room, to real estate, to Titans. I was able to check off goals, continue my list and keep it moving. Even now at Titans, my list explodes because of the environment and atmosphere, all the freedom to create and improve is intoxicating.

If you don't have goals to work towards, what are you working towards. Sometimes as "adults," we allow ourselves to get distracted and let ourselves make up very convenient excuses as to why we've grown lazy. Sometimes I'll say "I need a chill day," and then think do I? Or am I just being lazy? Could go ether way, sometimes we do need a chill day. But if we haven't accomplished... Not sure where that chill out time is deserved. I also think sometimes were a little too quick to pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves a break, so even set a goal for the breaks. "I'll take my chill day when I accomplish 5 of these 8 goals."

Keep it moving and watch how fast things happen.

Side exercise: Notice the moments where you stall, lose energy or create road blocks. That's a little character named Resistance and he creeps in from time to time to challenge us, to distract us. Notice when he pops his head up and why? Notice his timing or what he disguises himself as. He could be disguised as a television show, a fun phone app, or a bad habit. Just notice it, notice its roots, its "why," say hi and move on.

Another valuable tool that fit the 1% mindset was:

2) Time Management - given the busy goal list, life got hectic... Chaotic actually.

One thing that greatly improved my productivity was to write out a schedule to keep everything in line and to help find more balance. I'd schedule every job, every location I was scheduled to attend, every appt, and then I'd also schedule my school time, my own workout time, and everything else. Id schedule and designate time for as much as I could. By doing this, I greatly reduced those panicky moments of "where am I going?" and "am I prepared?"

So write a schedule to maximize your 24 hours.

And random thoughts...

When you go into a store or going through the bank, use your 1% improvement mindset to pass that energy along to others. Engaging with the cashier/teller, look to improve their energy and lift them up. Michael Jordan didn't win championships until he had a squad working to match his level. Be that. Create a positive environment where people are working to match your level and you're pushing together as a unit. Just 1% everyday... That's it. Positive momentum being built and gains strength like a wave, building and building.

That could be your community, your company, your family. Goals are your road map and time management is crucial to keep them moving.

So when you get a chance, check your surroundings. Check out how you feel at work, at home, in the gym, at school, everywhere. How can you be more useful, more helpful, more giving?

How can you improve 1% everyday and the help others to do the same?

Jason Bickel
Titans Gym - Twinsburg General Manager
TG Tanning
Certified Personal Trainer
P: 330-963-1070

Tanning in August can be great if you have the luxury of being able to be outside at the beach or pool during the day. If you do not have the luxury of enjoying the sun in the daytime you can tan at TG Tanning! TG Tanning has great rates for members and welcomes non- gym members also. We have a large selection of lotions and samples to choose from and August is the month to try something new! We will be putting many of our lotions and samples on special summer clearance prices!

TG Tanning Special for August:

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RUSSELL "MANIA" POWELL - On July 16th in Pittsburgh, The Mania Man placed an INCREDIBLE 3rd Place IN THE COUNTRY at the 2015 NPC MASTER'S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in the very competitive MEN'S PHYSIQUE 35 & Over, Class C division! PLEASE NOTE - The top 2 in his class receives their IFBB Pro cards making Russell NOW the best amateur Master's National competitor! Powell will be taking that same winning package to Pittsburgh once again where he will again be competing for his IFBB Pro card on Sept. 3rd at the IFBB NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS where Russell Mania will be competing against athletes from the United States, Canada, & Mexico! Top 2 in each class earn IFBB Pro cards and I have a strong feeling one those diploma's to the Pro's is going home with Russell "Mania" Powell on Labor Day weekend! Wishing him a HUGE TITAN "GOOD LUCK" to this talented athlete that NEVER quits!


As I attend almost all NPC competitions in a 300 mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio, I've taken note on a MAJOR issue that seams to plague 75% of the competitors...BAD posing & presentation!

One thing I feel is necessary to mention is the posing and presentations, or lack of, I've been witnessing throughout this contest season. Of course, I've always seen very "novice style" posing (OK...that's a nice way of phrasing it), but geeezzzz, this season I've seen exceptionally poor (oops, I mean "novice";-) posing in ALL divisions!

Helpful hints:

1) Bikini competitors showing a rear stance should NOT bend too far back - it makes their butts look BIGGER than it is!

2) Bodybuilders - When doing a double biceps pose keep your hands a little closer to your ears. Too spread apart and your biceps will look flat!...Even if you in fact have a good peak on your guns, they'll be no way of seeing it with your arms spread so apart!

3) ALL COMPETITORS - Please for the love of God, ANGLE IN when standing on the diagonal line when you're being judged!

4) ALL COMPETITORS - Make sure the judges can SEE YOUR COMPETITOR NUMBER on your left side. If you twist your physique too much and your number is too far by your hip, the judges can't see it!! PLEASE NOTE - At a national/pro qualifying contest there is NO time for judges to correct this VITAL flaw and the athlete is overlooked! That's the way the ball bounces in the big leagues folks.

These are just a few examples of some of the atrocities seen on otherwise very well developed physiques. It's a damn shame as there is no doubt in my mind these hard working, in shape athletes could have placed MUCH higher had they had some PROPER instructions! FORTUNATELY - HELP IS ON THE WAY! Do NOT let poor posing and mistakes cost you dearly after on MONTHS (and YEARS) of sacrifice preparing for your contest(s)!


The TITAN Countdown has begun as by the time you read this, we will be only 10 days out from August 15th`s PROFESSIONAL POSING & PRESENTATION CLINIC! With the incredible success of this winter's Professional Posing & Presentation Clinic, the "DREAM TEAM" of 2 X MS. BIKINI OLYMPIA CHAMPION, ASHLEY KALTWASSER and her coach, IFBB PRO, SUMMER MONTABONE will all be once again our very SPECIAL GUEST COACHES at this summer's SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th, PROFESSIONAL POSING & PRESENTATION CLINIC hosted by top IFBB / NPC Head Judge, GARY UDIT!

This is a rare opportunity to not only meet history's BEST professional Bikini competitor (Ashley is the ONLY Pro to ever win the Bikini Olympia AND Arnold Classic Bikini International titles more than once!!), but also receive instructions from her AND her coach, Summer who is also an accomplished IFBB! This POSING CLINIC is for EVERYONE - young, old, competitor from Novice to Professional, other personal trainers/coaches and significant others!


** 20 minutes east of Cleveland, Ohio!**

11:45 AM - 2:00 PM = FIGURE
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM = MEN'S PHYSIQUE
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM - BIKINI
*All attending must check-in 30 minutes prior to their class*
**Times may vary as attendance increases.**

THIS CLINIC HOST, NPC / IFBB JUDGE, GARY UDIT will be placing each attending in their proper stance while your professional photo is taken! This service is FREE OF CHARGE to ALL attending the Clinic and an EXCELLENT way to reference yourself in your BEST pose!

This Posing Clinic is PERFECT timing with being 8 weeks before the October 10th, 2015 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO - Cleveland, Ohio! (Contest Entry & Tickets at:

WEB COVERAGE: will be covering the Clinic with in depth interviews and footage from each division!

Contact me ASAP through private message or e-mail: and we will provide you with the BEST promotion possible!


1) A FREE SPRAY TANNING APPLICATION FROM "OFFICIAL CLINIC SPRAY TANNING SERVICES - "OLYMPIA TANS" (good for 1 tanning service for competitions featuring their services)! One gift certificate given to a lucky attendee from EACH DIVISION (Figure, Bikini, Women's Physique, Men's Physique, Men's Bodybuilding)

2) A COMPLIMENTARY CUSTOM SUIT FROM OUR CONTEST & CLINIC "OFFICIAL CONTEST SEAMSTRESS - CYNTHIA JAMES! One suit gift certificate given to a lucky attendee for Figure, Bikini, Women's Physique, Men's Bodybuilding divisions!

3) STAGE JEWELRY and a COMPETITION ROBE will be raffled off to one lucky winner in the BIKINI, FIGURE & WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE divisions courtesy of "ALEXANDRA of GLAM COMPETITION JEWELRY!"

4) "MUSCLE EGG" gift certificates will be raffled off to one lucky winner for EACH division!

5) "FITNESS FIRST ULTIMATE SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS" (located next to "TITANS GYM" in Mentor) will giving additional goodies to all attending the Posing Clinic! Be sure to stop by and receive your complimentary goodies!


SPECIAL THANKS TO THE SPONSORS for their generous support!

Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at our upcoming Clinic on SATURDAY, AUGUST 15th!

OFFICIAL POSING CLINIC RESTAURANT which includes "Special Diet Menu" is TONY SACCO'S (located across the street from TITANS GYM) Great Lakes Mall, 7850 Mentor Ave #390, Mentor, OH 44060 Phone # (440)-255-2625. **BE SURE TO TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH THE POSING CLINIC!!**

Co-promoter's, Todd Pember and Dave Liberman are committed in providing you the very BEST opportunities in order for you to experience the most successful competitive year possible! We are hopeful you'll be taking advantage of learning from the BEST IFBB / NPC officials, athletes, and coaches in the industry! See you ALL AUGUST 15th!! CLINIC REGISTRATION AT!!



Titan Gym, Mentor's Pre-Contest Pre Coach and Personal Trainer, NPC contest co-promoter, Dave Liberman along with co-promoter, Todd Pember are already aggressively promoting their next BIG event this Fall, the OCTOBER 10th, 2015 NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO! Very Special Guest Posers will be 4 X MR. OLYMPIA, PHIL HEATH & CELEBRITY BODYBUILDER, MIKE O'HEARN! BOTH HEATH & O'HEARN will also be hosting a SEMINAR following Prejudging!

TICKETS & ENTRY AVAILABLE NOW AT: by purchasing advanced Tickets through credit card on "PayPal." Tickets can also be purchased in cash by contacting Titans Gym member & Personal Trainer, Dave Liberman at: 440-942-5634 or see him at the Mentor, Titans Gym location. Tickets can be purchased the day of the contest (October 10th) at the Box Office, CA$H ONLY.


9:00 AM (doors open to the public at 8:00 AM) PREJUDGING (ALL Prejudging seating is assigned!) VIP PREJUDGING (first 10 rows center of auditorium = $25.00
5:30 PM
(doors open to the public at 4:45 PM) FINALS - VIP SECTION (first ten rows in the center of auditorium) = $35.00, All other seats RESERVED (assigned seating) = $30.00.
**A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "American Cancer Society"** Anyone interested in adding the donation as a sponsor, contact Dave Liberman ASAP. BEST OF LUCK TO "Team Titans" and ALL the hard the working competitors this Fall!

Copyright 2015 Titans Gym, All rights reserved.

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