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As you can see, I am little behind on my newsletter this month. Some of this was on purpose as I wanted to wait to launch our new website first, and we hit a snag or two. I feel we have been working on this site for six months. It was sorta a pain! So many adjustments, color changes, picture changes, word edits... My mind was numb. It is still a work in progress and with the many eyes that have looked at it before it's launch, there are still some errors, so if you see one, please feel free to chime in! I decided I will stick with the things I am moderately decent at, building gyms. Building websites is for smart people...

As I sit here and ponder what to write (continued theme for me lately, right?) I can not help but wonder how things just get away from us. What happened to 2015? It seems it is gone before it even started. Everything happens fast. The world is so fast paced and small, it seems like the core of humanity is now Facebook and Instagram. Imaginary likes from "friends" we hardly know. Communication seems to be gone. People solve their problems not by talking about them, but instead by yelling and screaming, hitting others, or by pulling triggers. It makes me sad the future that my three children are inheriting. The joys of being a parent are now surrendering to the fears of being a parent. Is the world going to be faster for TTV, more violent? I pray it will not. By nature I am not a violent guy, I tend to be an angry guy, looks more so than anything, but historically I am not violent. When I played high school football I was not allowed to play defense because I just wanted to block, not smear the QB. The only thing I enjoyed hitting was the the weight room. I am still this was. I like my simple life. I like my small life. I like the little box I have built around everything!

So, with all that said, I have decided to build a better box. The next couple months will bring about some changes to Titans Gym. We are looking to build a better foundation, to communicate more, to communicate better. The launch of the new website is just the first step of the many hopefully positive things to come. We will be replacing some equipment and adding some new pieces in the coming months to make your workouts more enjoyable. We will be tidying up some aesthetic issues and making Titans a better place. We can not solve the world's problems, but we can work on ours. As always, if you have any thoughts on how we can make your experience better, please let us know. If something bugs you about us, let us know.

In closing I wish to bid farewell to a person that I had great respect for, a person that I considered a good friend and an amazing employee. As I stated above, sometimes the world is just too fast and things tumble out of control. I am sorry if you ever felt I had wronged you in any way, shape or form and I wish you the best of luck.

Until next time Titans!

Geoff DelGrosso, CSCS
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
President, Titans Gym, Inc.


This one might be loaded with corny cliches and quotes you'd see those motivational posters. You know, the ones with the rock climber, holding on by only the grip of his finger tips and still has another 500 feet to go and it reads "PERSEVERANCE" blah blah blah.

I actually like those though.

I have about a dozen scenarios spinning around me right now, some are more intense than others. Some have a little more on the line than others, but all point to the same poster quote.

Life isn't a sprint... and its not even a marathon. It truly is a journey.

The irony of this entry is, its the anti-goal blog.

I had a conversation with someone who was having a mental issue with the speed of her results, or lack of speed I should say. She tends to bounce around with her meal plans but always works hard. And today as she was venting, I couldn't help but think "settle down... yes, I'm aware the goals are important, but you also need to be mindful of the actual progress you ARE making and stop looking at the progress you THINK you should be making.

Think about that. In reality, the progress is there. But she's so blinded or preoccupied with her expectations, the story in her head, shes missing out on all the enjoyment of the process. And I know shes absolutely not alone, probably 80% of the people I talk to would say the exact same things she said to me.

We're just piloting these vessels... (Sidenote: This has zero to do with the training programs. Everyone knows I do not prescript any "3 weeks to ripped," plans. I prescribe life plans.)

I see this in yoga often when people get tied up with a pose and "I wish I could get this pose right," and I just want to ask "why?"

I understand my opinion, my angle, is in the minority but it doesn't stop me from wondering what it is inside of us, that makes us talk to ourselves the way an asshole parent or coach would. That's really what it seems like. "Why didn't you do it like that?" "Why didn't this happen? You said you'd do it." For a minute, right now... think of time or something you;re currently going through where you talked to yourself... how did you sound? What was your tone?

So funny... just today, I was going through a pretty grueling circuit at the gym. I grabbed a pair of dumbbells and lunged down 20 steps. I got to the end then hit 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 squat jumps, 20 shoulder press and set the dumbbells down the barely breathe... I walked off a few steps in one direction then turned and headed back for the dumbbells and round 2. I picked them up, and stared at my Gatorade and water... just 20 lunge steps away and heard a voice, my voice, saying "No problem at all, 20 steps and go get a sip..." very, very calm, very cool and I was off and it was so enjoyable. In the past, it would've been "WTF are you doing standing there, you dumb.... (expletive)," and on and on, but that voice is gone and a new one is here. The new voice is a teammate, a great coach, a leader, and a friend and you have to be all four for yourself.

I was talking to friend who's going through some things... and we're talking through situations and role playing and such and early in it, I could see the doubt and worry. In his mind, someone just whispered "It wont work," and it was all over his face and body. But before the end of the day, through conversations and some quiet time, something switched inside of him and I noticed he was standing taller and the gravity I heard in his voice just a few hours before was gone. I asked him how he felt. He said "optimistic, lighter, better than before." Our minds are the absolute trigger point that controls every single thing. The voice in our head needs to be on our team.

We also need to be surrounded by great people and our environment is crucial. Have you ever been in a great mood and then you're around someone and nothing crazy even happened but all the sudden, your mood is just gone? Just sucked right out. All the enthusiasm you had, just vanished. Be careful of these mood suckers. Maybe its not even a person, maybe its a place. Question is, when can you change your atmosphere? When can you really change a person? Can one person impose their will and change the scene? Someone asked me this recently and I replied "When you're truly powered by love and truth, its not possible to wrong a wrong decision." And I see it like the wind at your back... everything moves faster and your right there with it, you're in the zone. The words are right, the timing is right, the pauses are right, and they can feel the vibe, and they want some too. Who wouldn't? It doesn't matter whether you're with me in a yoga room, on a football field, catch me at the day job, the weight room or showing a house, you're going to get the exact same guy, me, because I know when the mission is to help, to serve, to give, and to do it with truth and love... Things happen easily.

And here's the tie in... It doesn't always go how the voice in my head said it was supposed to go. And that's totally ok. Because this isn't a sprint. So many of the things we go through are just tests. That's it. Literally. It's like one huge test with infinite choices. We're tested, we choose... yeah! We got that one... lets move on to the next. We're tested, we choose... ooops. But a few moments or days or months later... we've moved on. We learned, we enjoyed, we grew.

Again, our minds are the absolute trigger point that controls every single thing.

Last thing... we have these roles, right? We wear all these "hats," and play particular parts. And often, we don't really choose them, they've been chosen for us based on the needs of someone else. But we're in there. Be mindful of the day the roles dissolve. Don't be left wondering who you are ro where your worth lays. No matter what your role may be for others, always continue to grow and evolve and learn and connect. Be human. There are too many distractions and ego based booby traps that can mislead us, don't fall for them. The dark ego wants you to succumb to greed and selfishness and power and bully tactics. Don't fall for it. Remember, truth and love will always be the wind at your back, easing you along, guiding you right into your sweet spot.

Enjoy the ride.

Jason Bickel
Titans Gym - Twinsburg General Manager
TG Tanning
Certified Personal Trainer
P: 330-963-1070

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It's with a very heavy heart I have to report on the unexpected passing of Titans Gym, Mentor member, Doug Wenger on Saturday evening, August 22nd, 2015. Doug made a miraculous transformation from obesity to competitive bodybuilder. Wenger competed successfully in many drug tested competitions throughout the past few years as nothing made him happier than living the bodybuilding lifestyle. Doug was a quite, humble guy who will missed by all who knew him. Our most sincere condolences goes out to all of Doug's friends and family from his iron family at Titans Gym. Rest in piece our friend.


On Saturday, August 15th, for the fifth time, co-promoter and Titans Gym personal trainer / pre-contest prep coach, Dave Liberman along with co-promoter, Todd Pember brought the PROFESSIONAL POSING & PRESENTATION CLINIC to Titans Gym in Mentor. Included in the Clinic was NPC / IFBB Official and Head Judge, GARY UDIT with special guest coaches, 2 X BIKINI OLYMPIA CHAMPION, ASHLEY KALTWASSER along with her coach, IFBB PRO, SUMMER MONTABONE - aka, the "DREAM TEAM!"

The Posing Clinic once again was a huge success with MANY athletes traveling many miles to take advantage of such a gold opportunity including ARIZONA, WISCONSIN, KENTUCKY, PENNSYLVANIA, MICHIGAN, & CANADA as well as all over the great state of Ohio including Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Akron/Canton, Ashland & Youngstown! The irony was there was more out-of-towner's than local athletes. The value of these Clinics of high-level instructing by the industries very BEST simply cannot be matched! The GREAT NEWS is EVERYONE will get another opportunity to learn and practice with the BEST as the return of the "DREAM TEAM" of Gary Udit, Ashley Kaltwasser and Summer Montabone will coming back to Titans Gym in Mentor, Ohio on SATURDAY, FEB 27th, 2016! Mark your calendars NOW as this is another golden opportunity NOT to be missed!! Clinic Registration and info at:!


Titan Gym, Mentor's Pre-Contest Pre Coach and Personal Trainer, NPC contest co-promoter, Dave Liberman along with co-promoter, Todd Pember are already aggressively promoting their next BIG event this Fall, the OCTOBER 10th, 2015 NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO! Very Special Guest Posers will be 4 X MR. OLYMPIA, PHIL HEATH & CELEBRITY BODYBUILDER, MIKE O'HEARN! BOTH HEATH & O'HEARN will also be hosting a SEMINAR following Prejudging!

For a small sample of what you'll be witnessing this upcoming October 10th, click onto this!!:

TICKETS & ENTRY AVAILABLE NOW AT: by purchasing advanced Tickets through credit card on "PayPal." Tickets can also be purchased in cash by contacting Titans Gym member & Personal Trainer, Dave Liberman at: 440-942-5634 or see him at the Mentor, Titans Gym location. Tickets can be purchased the day of the contest (October 10th) at the Box Office, CA$H ONLY.


9:00 AM (doors open to the public at 8:00 AM) PREJUDGING (ALL Prejudging seating is assigned!) VIP PREJUDGING (first 10 rows center of auditorium = $25.00
5:30 PM
(doors open to the public at 4:45 PM) FINALS - VIP SECTION (first ten rows in the center of auditorium) = $35.00, All other seats RESERVED (assigned seating) = $30.00.
**A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "American Cancer Society"** Anyone interested in adding the donation as a sponsor, contact Dave Liberman ASAP. BEST OF LUCK TO "Team Titans" and ALL the hard the working competitors this Fall!  

Copyright 2015 Titans Gym, All rights reserved.

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