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I hope you are all enjoying your November thus far! I for one, have plenty to be thankful for! First and foremost, I am thankful for the health of my children, my father and my awesome wife. Second, I am thankful for the new DelGrosso that is due into this world in under 70 days! Perhaps the broadest thanks that I have is being able to do what I love everyday! The coming days have us closing out the largest equipment upgrade through three clubs with close to $100,000 of new equipment added. I know there are some minor gripes every November 1st when the upgrade charge hits your accounts, but rest assured that the amount collected was more than doubled with this years haul. We greatly appreciate the kind words we have received and all the random help we had setting the new pieces up!

I am going to make my portion short and sweet this month. In fact i am pretty much complete with everything that I wanted to say. We are chugging along, business as usual and as excited for tomorrow as we have ever been. In closing I just wanted to add this little "testimonial" that I received this past week:

"I just wanted to send some positive feedback to Geoff and Titans Gym. They are many gyms in the area. All except for Titan's are the corporate chains. There is a lot to be said for patronizing the local businesses, especially someone where the owner truly provides and listen to its members. Business isn't easy, if your think it is, start one. I just wanted to says Thank you to all the Titan Team. A lot goes into Titans Gym and people want things faster and better. I have been a member for 12 years and every year it gets better. Geoff always is looking for ways for make the Gym experience better. I see and appreciate it. Price has its place with how we make our decisions in life, but so does value and having a community presence where members are heard and the performance of the owner constantly strives to make every year better. Thanks Geoff and Thanks to your Team for having a great Gym" - Dale S, Mentor member since 2003

Have a great turkey day!

Geoff DelGrosso, CSCS
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
President, Titans Gym, Inc.


Hi! My name is Daneen Crawford and I was asked to do this little write up for Titans Member of the Month by my trainer Erin Kortovich.

When I came into this world I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP- an umbrella term for a variety of Neurological conditions that effect mobility, muscle movement, balance, and coordination) Specifically, I’ve got Spastic Diplegia which means that my issues mainly effect my legs and also that the muscles in my legs have a difficult time relaxing. This results in mobility issues which have the potential to worsen as I age.

I started working out about five years ago when I was having more difficulty getting around (falling more often and leg/back pain and stiffness) which was causing me to be sedentary and to gain weight. Conventional Physical Therapy was not helping and doctors told me to prepare for a wheelchair by the time I was 40. This was not in my plan so I started to look for alternative physical activities that would help.

Try as I might, finding a good fit was not an easy task for me. Finding a gym that would let me work out was a challenge to start with, I tried the Y and FW, but both expressed concern about the "risk of me falling". Then I had to find a trainer that was knowledgeable about my disease! I joined an Anytime fitness for a while and worked with a trainer that also trained at Titans and he convinced me to make the switch! Finally, my biggest challenge was learning how to use Daneen! In the beginning was learning how to get my muscles to fire properly in order to complete a rep. I didn’t have weights on any of the machines and I thought everything was really heavy! It was difficult to do a set and it took forever and a day. (Anthony had to tie my legs together so they wouldn’t fly off the leg curl machine when we were working on it).

At my previous club, I felt that I made significant progress that laid the ground work for me to advance beyond what my gym could provide; I needed a different environment to train in. I started at Titans in July of 2014. I feel I’ve made the most progress here because it’s a positive environment and the people are serious about their fitness goals, rather than just going to the gym to say they belong to one. At Titans, I’ve realized I want to be the best version of myself that I can be and though I’m in better shape than I’ve been, there will always be something more to strive for!




I was sitting here and a friend walks up and says "Is it ok if I have Chipotle?" Pretty popular question.
I ask "What are you putting on it?"
"Chicken, steak, cheese, sour cr-"
And I cut her off and ask "What are your goals?"
"I hate you, I love you, don't talk to me," and she's gone. A very popular response.
She knew the meal didn't match her goals.

But it didn't stop here.

As the morning moved along, I could hear her being heckled by one of the guys, taunting her with Chipotle, the usual teasing that occurs when someone is trying to watch what they eat. I could hear and see she was getting annoyed and might cave in, so I sent a note.

"Be proud of the mission you’re on. Not eating junk food isn't a punishment, its a great thing to have the mentality and discipline to keep on the tracks. Power over your decisions and yourself is true power."

I added later, "It's a privilege to be able to make great choices, not punishment."

And as time moved along, about a week, it's stuck in my head and helped me out. It's hard to not feed certain urges, certain habits, and it truly is a gift to be able to say no.
To say no skipping class, to say no to sleeping in when you should be getting up, to say no going out when you should be studying, to say no to that meal that you know isn't going to help you reach your goals.
It's not about fitness or workout goals, it’s about life goals, it’s about living and holding yourself to a certain standard.
I wrote in my last blog about feeling sloppy and this thought is the remedy, the cure. This is the discipline that you should wear as your badge and let your results speak for themselves.
"Yes, I am dedicated, I became...." and fill in the blank.

I became....
(Fill in the blank) and ask yourself, what is it you're trying to become?

When we were young, the question was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" then it faded in the real world and a lot of us forgot to continue asking and working towards it.
You may have noticed a theme lately in my blogs and posts (and I feel the need to always write, "I'm not preaching, I'm sharing what I'm going through in hopes someone can relate and is nodding along,") but it's always about silencing the bullshit and still being able to hear the whisper... hear that voice telling me where to go and what to do and once I'm there, I'm already ready.
Your journey is the road of preparation. If you're following your voice, once you get there, it'll feel like home and you'll already know why you're there and what you're there for.

It can’t be forced. It can’t be faked.

So if your road is challenging, if it feels too hard to handle and you ever want to quit, if you ever want to give in and go, you have to know... you are the only one that can handle your road.

It's a privilege to be a grinder, to be relentless, to not have a quit button. It's a privilege to be who you are meant to be.

Jason Bickel
Titans Gym - Twinsburg General Manager
TG Tanning
Certified Personal Trainer
P: 330-963-1070

November is traditionally a time to reflect on the many and varied blessings we are so fortunate to have. Cornucopia is a commonly used word during this month and it means a great abundance of something. Everyone at TG Tanning wishes nothing but abundant blessings this holiday season for all our customers.

TG Tanning Special for November:

Purchase a 10 session package and receive 1 FREE SESSION of same!



When Titan Gym member / personal trainer & pre-contest prep coach and NPC contest promoter, Dave Liberman says "he's got a HUGE announcement" it would be wise not to ignore it. Liberman released some powerful news on his social media on Friday, October 6th which will change the landscape of his two top regional NPC drug tested competitions from this point forward. I cannot put this BIG NEWS in better words than Dave did therefore below was the exact post taken from his FaceBook page:


It is with extremely great pride that my co-promoter, Todd Pember and I WELCOME YOU ALL TO OUR NEW 2016 NPC CONTEST & EXPO VENUE!!!


PUBLIC HALL: This spacious and ideal arena sized venue is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio! The Public Hall is part of the "Cleveland Public Auditorium" which was built in 1922. This iconic venue (The Beatles performed at this same venue in 1964!) was the site of the "2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions" ceremony and is a state of the art facility with a capacity of 10,000!

PARKING: There are 1,200 convenient parking spaces directly across the street in front of Public Hall at "Willard Parking Garage!" There are other parking garages located in the near vicinity of the venue as well.

COMPETITORS: Athletes will have more backstage room and TRAINER'S PASSES WILL BE AVAILABLE in addition to our staff of professionals. The atmosphere you will be in will be a very comfortable and convenient experience!

FANS: All attending will have plenty of parking inside the parking garage across the street. The comfortable venue seats 10,000 with 1,000 seats on the floor and over 3,000 excellent seats on the first upper deck! The first 300 floor seats will be the VIP section for the best direct stage view!

SPONSORS/VENDORS: Sponsor's booths will be located inside the auditorium where the actual competition takes place. The Expo area is the first area ALL competitors, attendees and officials will walk through in order to see the contest! The booths will be half the auditorium floor as the remaining half will be seats for the event. This is an ideal set up for all sponsors, fans and athletes alike. There is an easy and convenient load-in area and dock (for trucks) which will be available Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the weekend of each event.

We are very committed in providing our generous sponsors with the very BEST and successful promotions possible! PLENTY OF VENDOR SPACE AVAILABLE WITH IDEAL VISABLE LOCATIONS! RESERVE YOUR BOOTH ASAP!

As you can see, starting next year, we are entering a new era where our hard working athletes, enthusiastic fans, and generous sponsors can be showcased in an arena style venue for maximum comfort and exposure! We hope you will ALL come and join us in celebrating the NEXT LEVEL OF HIGH QUALITY NPC EVENTS!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT & BEST OF LUCK TO ALL COMPETITORS!! You are in for some INCREDIBLE NPC events for 2016 and beyond!

ALL CONTEST INFO FOR APRIL 2nd, 2016 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO available at:!

ENTRY FORM & TICKETS for the APRIL 2nd, 2016 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO are available NOW at on my website:!

PLEASE NOTE - ALL PREVIOUS Entry forms & Posters you may have received for our upcoming April 2nd, 2016 NPC Natural Ohio which has "Lakewood Civic Auditorium" printed on them is NOW INVALID...Please destroy them!


On October 10th, 2016 the NPC Natural Northern USA Championships & Expo was once again a tremendous success! The Dave Liberman & Todd Pember promoted NPC events was the highlight of the Fall contests for the northeastern part of the country with over 200+ competitors taking the stage for the last time at the "Lakewood Civic Auditorium" as this event (along with it's spring version - April 2nd, 2016 NPC Natural Ohio (open) Championships & Expo) is moving to the marque arena sized venue - CLEVELAND PUBLIC AUDITORIUM, starting next year!!

Once again, 5 X MR, OLYMPIA, PHIL HEATH GUEST POSED along with celebrity BODYBUILDER, MIKE O'HEARN (his stage name from the TV show ",American Gladiators" was TITAN!) rocked the stage with BOTH stars were in phenomenal shape as Phil very recently won his 5th straight Olympia title 3 weeks prior to his appearance in Lakewood and Mike was at his all time best shape and conditioning!! Both Heath & O'Hearn hosted an very informative Seminar following Prejudging as well.

Both athletes and spectators alike left the fall event with even more exciting anticipation for this coming spring event - April 2nd, 2016 NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO where Liberman & Pember will be moving their events starting in 2016 to the CLEVELAND PUBLIC AUDITORIUM in downtown Cleveland, Ohio - only a few block away from Titans Gym, Cleveland!


One might ask, where does the BEST BODYBUILDER IN THE WORLD (5 times!) go to train when on the road. Your answer would be - The BEST GYM available! That said, for the forth time Phil Heath has been in town, lucky TITANS GYM members in Mentor got a real treat as they witness the 5 X MR. OLYMPIA training around 9:45 PM on Friday night, October 9th! The superstar of bodybuilding trained legs and "enjoyed" every set of his brutal workout at TITANS GYM! Well, at least we know Heath as GREAT taste in gyms to go with his GREAT physique! Now if that bit of news doesn't physic you up for your next workout at TITANS GYM, you need to check your pulse ASAP as you just might be dead!


The following ADDITIONS will be available at BOTH Liberman & Pember's 2016 NPC drug tested events starting at our spring contest, the APRIL 2nd, 2016 "Nutrition Pit" NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO in Cleveland, Ohio!

Limited Division will be for ANY competitor who has NOT PLACED IN THE TOP 2 in any NPC contest previously.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Up to & Including 176 lbs
HEAVYWEIGHT - Over 176 lbs
MEN'S PHYSIQUE - 2 HEIGHT CLASSES: *Heights to be determined at Check-in's*
FIGURE - 2 HEIGHT CLASSES: *Heights to be determined at Check-in's*
BIKINI - 2 HEIGHT CLASSES: *Heights to be determined at Check-in's*
**Limited Classes could be added as competitor numbers increase. Check for updates**

**NEW ** CLASSIC MEN'S PHYSIQUE (National Qualifier) - For competitors who want to present more muscular size than is currently acceptable for Men's Physique, but not as extreme for Bodybuilding.
Judging Criteria - Muscularity and Body Condition - Judges will be looking for muscular size, symmetry, balance and proportion, with an emphasis on definition and condition. The ideal physique will display an aesthetic appearance highlighted by a small waist.
Classic Men's Physique Suits - Black spandex posing trunks which can be found on:
PREJUDGING POSES - * Quarter Turns * Front Double Bicep * Side Chest * Back Double Biceps * Abdominal's and Thighs * Favorite Classic Pose (NO "most muscular")
FINALS POSING - ALL competitors will perform a 60 second posing routine to their music up to a maximum 60 seconds.
3 Classic Men's Physique Classes Include:
*Up to & including 5'`4" with a bodyweight up to & including 155 lbs
*Over 5`4" up to & including 5`5" with a bodyweight up to & including 160 lbs
*Over 5`5" up to & including 5`6" with a bodyweight up to & including 165 lbs
*Over 5`6" up to & including 5`7" with a bodyweight up to & including 170 lbs
*Over 5`7" up to & including 5`8" with a bodyweight up to & including 177 lbs
*Over 5`8" up to & including 5`9" with a bodyweight up to & including 185 lbs
*Over 5`9" up to & including 5`10" with a bodyweight up to & including 192 lbs
CLASS C - (OVER 5`10"):
*Over 5`10" up to & including 5`11" with a bodyweight up to & including 200 lbs
*Over 5`11" up to & including 6`0" with a bodyweight up to & including 207 lbs
*Over 6`0" up to & including 6`1" with a bodyweight up to & including 215 lbs
*Over 6`1" up to & including 6`2" with a bodyweight up to & including 225 lbs
*Over 6`2" up to & including 6`3" with a bodyweight up to & including 232 lbs
*Over 6`3" with a bodyweight up to & including 240 lbs
**NO refunds for any athlete that does not make weight. Any competitor who doesn't make weight can compete in Bodybuilding or Men's Physique.**
More information can be found on


As you can see we are moving forward with these exciting new opportunities in the NPC to provide the very BEST competitive experience possible! Keep in mind that CROSSOVERS ARE WELCOME therefore it only makes sense to see which division your physique looks best in!


CONGRATS to TITANS GYM, Mentor gym member, RYAN WEBER as he won the OVERALL in the Open Men's Physique division at the November 7th, NPC ALL SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS in Louisiana, on route to compete for his IFBB Pro card in Miami, Florida in the NPC National Championships the weekend of November 20th - 21st! With movie star good looks and a physique good enough to land a top 5 placing at the IFBB North American's a few years back, Ryan is looking to return to the Buckeye state with his IFBB Pro card. BEST OF LUCK CHAMP!!

GOOD LUCK to another top NPC national competitor heading to Miami on November 20th - 21st as RUSSELL "MANIA" POWELL has his sites and board shorts set to take the NPC Nationals stage in search for his IFBB Pro card! The MANIA MAN refuses to let an opportunity to earn the coveted pro card go by without getting on stage and doing his best. Powell, who has placed as high as 3rd at the 2016 NPC MASTER'S NATIONALS (missing his Pro card by a hair - top 2 received their IFBB pro cards) is coming to the land of palm trees and sunny beaches in the hopes of bringing back his well earned IFBB Pro card which will no doubt help keep his top physique warm during the cold Cleveland months ahead! Russell primed physique has all the qualities of a professional and it is only a matter of time for this popular athlete!

Looks like the fine state pf Ohio will be very well represented at this years 2015 NPC National Championships in Florida compliments of TITANS GYM! Way to represent guys and safe travels Champs!!

Copyright 2015 Titans Gym, All rights reserved.

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