GSCC Update - October 22, 2020
From the Lead Pastor:

A Litany for the Repair of the World

This litany, composed by Rev. Dr. Tammy Wiens, Director of Christian Education and Faith Formation for the National Council of Churches, was originally offered during the September 29, 2020, Covid-19 Relief Prayer Vigil sponsored by the Washington Interreligious Staff Community (WISC). The 12-hour interfaith vigil was an opportunity to bring faith leaders from a variety of denominations and faith traditions together to pray for those most harmed during these months of global pandemic and economic downturn, and to urge congressional action to bring relief to those in need. Faith leaders from a variety of denominations and faith traditions spoke, led prayers, and urged people to advocate and act.

One: Healing God, ignite the hearts of all people to act for the benefit of others; hear our prayers for the repair of all that is broken in our world.

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

One: Hear our prayers for the leaders of government in the United States and in all countries of the world. We especially pray for those members of Congress who have it within their power to relieve the suffering of individuals most harmed by the impact of the pandemic.  

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

One: We confess, O Lord, that we who have remained relatively unscathed by sickness, or food insecurity, or a change in employment status, have turned a blind eye to the gross inequities this pandemic has laid on People of Color. Forgive us. Let us be reconciled as siblings in the One Family of God.

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

One: God of Truth, make us bold in our vision for a society built on honesty and fairness. Bring Your truth to bear in our words, so that we might speak peaceably with one another. Inspire us to take a stand for a world in which people of every race and color share equal access to health care, and jobs, and a well-balanced meal.

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

One: Holy One, infuse our lives with your righteousness and love so that we might be generous toward others. Stir in us a prayer for those we see as “enemies.” Expose the lies that pit neighbor against neighbor, Republican against Democrat, Christian against Muslim or Jew, “us” against “them.”

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

One: We call on your Unsayable Name. In these days of uncertainty, relieve our fears of the continued spread of the virus, or the fear of protests, or the fear of losing control. By your strength, let us find courage to stare down our fears for the sake of doing what is right.  

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

One: Lord of Creation, renew our sense of Sabbath, where one day of honoring You brings all other days of the week into alignment with Your sacred purpose for all of life. We give you thanks for Your Provision for us, and for the redemption that is won for us in Jesus Christ.

Many: May God’s peace and justice flow through me.

ALL: We commit all of our prayers for the repair of the world into the hands of Almighty God, Who was and Is and Is-To-Come. Amen.

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Welcome Table Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer your time with the Welcome Table Ministry, there are multiple opportunities to do this. Below are the links to the sign-up forms.

Food on the Move - Thursdays in November
Community Meal - November 1
Community Meal - November 15

 If you would like any clarification or additional information please email the Welcome Table Food Ministry.

Calendar for the week of October 21 - October 28, 2020:

Sunday, Oct 25

10 am - Worship online

5:45 pm - Prayer Gathering Service @ GSCC, weather permitting

Monday, Oct 26

12 pm - Sermon Talks with the Pastor via GTM

Tuesday, Oct 27

11:30 am - 12 pm - Pantry Item pickup @ GSCC

Wednesday, Oct 28

9:30 am - Conversation Time with Pastor Jill via GTM

10 am - Bible Study via GTM


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Birthdays and Anniversaries for this week:

Delaney Calapa - Oct 23
Andrea Fink - Oct 25
Tom Sipos - Oct 25
Eric Unangst - Oct 25

Phyllis & Brian Melling - Oct 22
Zachary & Stephanie Sipos - Oct 22
Fran & Joyce Snyder - Oct 24

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