May 15, 2016
In this Issue
  • SA&FSx ICC: Cover Letter Workshop
  • SA&FSx Animal Science: Sustainable Meat Production Panel
  • An Interview with Vanessa Forwood 
  • Internship/Project/Campus-Involement Opportunity: CCE's Sustainability Symposium
  • On Our Radar: Plant Sciences Speaker Series 
  • Reasons We Travel: UCCS Global Food Symposium
  • Dates & Deadlines: Quarter, Internship, & Spring & Summer 2016 Graduation
  • Thank you to our SA&FS Alumni!
SA&FS Cover Letter (and a little bit of resume) Workshop
Not sure how to make your next cover letter stand out from the others, or where to even begin?

Take heart, the SA&FS department has collaborated with the Internship  and Career Center to provide a workshop that will make the process more clear and give some helpful bonus tips for a successful application. Please join us for some animal crackers and helpful advice for your next cover letter this Tuesday, May 17th from 4-5pm in 229 South Hall

This workshop will be similar to the SA&FS Resume Workshop that we held last quarter in that we will be working with Cynthia Goldberg of the ICC to discuss the best ways to market yourself as a SA&FS student (also, lots of Spongebob!). 

In order for you to get the most out of this workshop, Cynthia is requesting that you bring either one or all of the following on either a USB stick or as a hard copy: resume, job description, cover letter.

So that we can adequately prepare the space and provide enough snacks, please RSVP here! Even if you are just interested in the event, your RSVP is much appreciated! 

What Does Sustainable Meat Production Look Like? 
Interested in Food Systems? Animal Science? Sustainability? If so, then mark your calendar!

SA&FS and the Animal Science department are hosting a panel to discuss sustainable meat production this Thursday, May 19 from 1:30-2:30pm at 1138 Meyer Hall. This discussion aims to provide a broad range of perspectives on sustainable meat production, to bridge communities, and to bring more voices to the conversation. 

Why should I come?
1. to discuss the intersection of meat production and sustainability with diverging perspectives
2. to engage in inter-departmental conversation with other students and faculty on campus
3. to network with graduate students, faculty, and peers 

4. to snack! 

Please join us this Thursday for a panel, Q&A, and discussion with SA&FS and Animal Science representatives. We would love to snack, discuss, and stress out a little with you!

On an advising-and-registration-is-a-thing note, feel free to stop by the office, email us, or make an appointment for support with courses and associated study plans.

See you soon,
Your Advising Team (more info on our growing team next Beet!)

Save The Date: SA&FS End-of-the-Year Meet-Up will be held on Saturday, May 28 at 7pm at 701 L St., Davis, CA (Kenna's house)

Complete event information to come via email! 
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An Interview with Vanessa Forwood

Name: Vanessa Forwood
Track: II
Year: 4th, junior transfer 
Age: "older than you think"

Shea and Kenna: Did SA&FS meet your expectations?
Vanessa: My initial thought was “sure I could do farming!” So in that, no, it wasn’t, because this major is way more than farming and I’ve figure out that I don’t want to be a farmer. And expectation wise I expected to learn more about the food system and the food side of things and in that it definitely hit my expectations as far as that goes. Especially having to take CRD 20 my first quarter here and hit the ground running.

S&K:So you said no to farming, what do you want to do, what are your ideas?
Vanessa: I’m interested in a lot of different things, but what I’ve learned is that I want to do something that is community based or person-service based, I want to help people, I don’t want to help people make money, I want to help people have happy, healthy lives. So that’s my connection to nutrition and sustainable agriculture and food systems. I’m taking this really awesome class called Housing and Social Policy and so I’ve thought more about city planning and more things like that that have to do with the spaces that we share and how we share them in and how we’re going to grow those spaces as more people need them and make them more affordable and paying attention to how it affects the environment and how we affect the environment. I’m really enjoying those times of things right now.

Kenna: I just loved the rap you did in CRD 20! It was amazing!
Vanessa: I was kind of nervous to play it in class, because I say personal things in there about how I didn’t come from privilege but because of where I grew up in California and the color of my skin and those little bits of opportunity that I was able to have, maybe the fact that I have a little bit more self-sufficiency, I just grab opportunities and take them, and so that song reflected a lot on that and how in CRD 20 opened my eyes to the fact that, well my mom told me growing up that because I’m a hard worker that’s why I’m where I’m at, but that’s not true, that’s not the only reason why I am where I am. CRD 20 really pounded that into, that I’m so lucky I have all this opportunity. So that’s what this song is about, my realization that maybe I’m not here just because I deserve it.

Shea: I know you’re vegetarian and leaning towards vegan, would be willing to talk about why you’re choosing those paths?
Vanessa: Yeah. So originally, about six seven years ago, I got this new wind on life. I left a bad relationship and started establishing my identity again and part of that was to become a healthier individual and so I stopped eating fast food and drinking soda. I was addicted to soda before. You’ll probably never see me drinking one now, but I used to only drink soda. I was just the most unhealthy person, smoked cigarettes, all those things. Started to slowly cut those things out of my life, and so red meat was the next to go then chicken and pork then followed right behind, fish and eggs and cheese lagged for quite a bit, but my boyfriend has been vegetarian/vegan for over 20 years so that probably had something to do with it. For cooking the same food together, and actually we were eating cheese and stuff, but in December my dad had quintuple bypass and so as part of not wanting that to happen to me, I’ve cut out dairy a lot too. Also, I like cows, and I think they’re so cute. And then with the discovery of nut cheeses, I have definitely crossed over into the non-dairy side of the aisle. My favorite is Miyoko's, they have a smoky one that tastes like provolone then they have a tomato one that’s good for grilled cheese and they have a mozzarella that melts so beautifully for pizza. I like the animals, I like the environment, but those aren’t the things that got me into it, those are just the things that keep me going.

Part of paying attention to yourself and the things you’re putting into your body and the way that you treat yourself also reflects back on the way you see the world and the way you treat the world and so the world changed for me too. It went from being unacceptable and unaccessible because there’s a lot that we do, probably not very consciously where we’re judging people or automatically going towards people that look better or are prettier or is younger and there’s a lot of that in life, so when I started losing weight and it was this time in my life that I needed to figure out who I was and I had been working for one company for a long time already and i was just stagnated so finding that, reconnecting to myself, relit the flame for my life.

S&K: What would you say to people who need to take these next steps and have to choose between going where they know people or going to a new place and where they really want to be?
Vanessa: Well, that’s tough, right. Really depends on the individual. If you have acceptance of yourself, then you can accept the other things that are not okay in the world too, or shrug them off for being life, and the world, and you don’t have to put a meaning or a bad or a good label on it. It’s a transition, it’s something that I’ve made a purpose: to find meaning. I pay attention to and try to do. I want to be a genuine person and I want people to know that I really do have a love for them and for life and people and it’s important. It started with, I heard someone once in a speech talk about intent with your smile and eye contact and it really started off with me that way. Where I wanted to express my smile, not just through my smile but through my whole facial expression, just really paying attention to how I pay attention to other people and how I share my expressions with them. Not always the best at it.


Want to know more about Vanessa? Read the full interview here

CCE's Sustainability Symposium
Graphic courtesy of CCE

This Wednesday, Campus Center for the Environment (CCE) will be hosting a Sustainability Symposium to bring together sustainably-grounded campus efforts and to collaborate in sustaining and growing these efforts for years to come. 

The Symposium will begin with a handful of student presentations, followed by breakout groups and discussion on building a greener campus. The projects developed and ideated during the discussion may provide potential internship opportunities for those involved. 

The last day to register is tonight! If you're interested RSVP here

For more information and to see who is attending, find their Facebook page here
Plant Sciences
Seminar Series
"Kristina Wolf, a graduate student in Ecology, will present her Ph.D. exit seminar: Examinations of the Ecology, Management, and Restoration of Rangeland Ecosystems."
"Examinations of the Ecology, Management, and Restoration of Rangeland Ecosystems" with Kristina Wolf
Wednesday, May 25
2:00 - 3:00pm @ Room 3001
 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building 

Event posting here!
UCCS Global Food Symposium
"The UCCS Global Food Symposium is a three week series brought to you through the collaboration of UCCS and the UC Global Food Initiative. The Global Food Initiative aligns the UC’s research to explore solutions to issues of food security, health and sustainability."

Dennis Baldocchi (UC Berkeley) and Louise Jackson (UC Davis) will be leading a seminar on "the role of agriculture" in the "California climate change scoping plan."

"California Climate Change Scoping Plan:
The Role of Agriculture" 

Thursday, May 26
12:00 - 1:00pm @
UC Center Sacremento Rm. LL3
Register to attend here!

Need a ride? Driving? Organize a carpool here!
Event posting here & more information on UCCS Global Food Symposium here
Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: June 2
Internship Deadlines
  • last day to submit SAF 092/192 Internship Approval Form for Summer & Fall quarter: June 2 (last day of class)
Graduation Dates & Deadlines
  • Filing period for Summer 2016 graduation: June 1 - July 22
  • SA&FS Graduation Ceremony: June 10 
  • Spring Quarter UC Davis Graduation Ceremony: June 10
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