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  • Soil is Good for your Health!
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  • Feedback Survey— Yes, Again (until more than two of you reply)
Signs of a Struggle
Once we hit week three, our workload is intense and static. Every day is either "ugh" or "I'm going to cry lol." Cheers to those that have mastered time management, but let's be real. Even for those of us that have, balancing sleep, schoolwork, work work, our social schedule, and all other commitments is stressful and overwhelming. 

We are right there with you, and for this reason, this newsletter will be short and all business. 

Work work for us, however, is spending time to help you be successful at Davis and graduate in one piece. So, why not make your life a little less stressful by stopping by the advising office (or, even better, make an appointment!)?

Take care of yourself and do your best. The year is almost over! 

Please come visit us,
Your Peer Advising Team
Fall Quarter 2015 Registration
Pass 1 for Fall Quarter starts tomorrow and will continue through May 22. Registration is stressful and it doesn't help that you have a million other things you could be doing—sleep counts—than planning out four potential schedules, at least.

To make your registration process a bit smoother, we have compiled a spreadsheet of all of the SA&FS classes that will be offered during Fall 2015. 

or see attached Excel spreadsheet
It is organized by Track, with Core Courses and Applied Production at the top, prior to the Track breakdown. 

Not to sound like a broken record, but come by the advising office for help regarding study plans ("fun" course suggestions included)!

Attached to this email is the same Fall courses spreadsheet as linked to above, but in Excel format.
Wellness Tip: Soil as an Antidepressant
Our love for soil and compost runs deep. But according to this article in Modern Farmer, you too should love all things soil. 

Soil has antidepressant properties. You are stressed. This means that getting your hands dirty and rolling around in soil—literally—will help you to feel a bit more relaxed for the coming weeks.

You may have sees us sticking our hands in Project Compost's compost pile or grabbing a handful of soil in the quad and taking a whiff. Now you know why. 
Upcoming Events

1. SA&FS Capstone Planning Meeting: May 15
    2:30pm - 4pm @ Robbins Hall Annex
    >>please email Dianne if you have not received notification of this meeting prior to this newsletter but you plan on taking the capstone course during Fall & Winter of 2015-2016

2. Project Compost Worm Composting Workshop: May 16
    11am @ Eco-Hub lawn

3. Health Professions Advising Pre-Health Student Meetings
First Year Students: May 11, 6pm @ Life Sciences 1022
Second Year Students: May 14, 5:30pm @ Life Sciences 1022
Transfer Students: May 21, 6pm @ Life Sciences 1022

Study Hours
Every Wednesday & Thursday from 9am - 12pm in 140 Robbins 
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: June 4
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