November 30, 2016
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  • An Interview with Kelsey Kruger
  • Tom Tomich Fireside Chat Recap
  • Internship Requirement Deadlines
  • Advising Office Accessibility Poll Results
  • Major Questions: Appointment or Email?
  • Discover ASI Features
  • Optimizing Your Career Search at UC Davis
  • Upcoming Events & Veggie of the Week
  • Graduation Deadlines
  • Dates & Deadlines
An Interview with Kelsey Kruger
Kelsey Kruger
4th year
Track III

Shea & Allie: And are you happy you chose the major?
Kelsey: Yea, very!
S&A: And why Track III: Economics and Policy?
K: I love policy. I’m one of those weirdos. I think it’s really interesting and it’s a way to make change and that’s something I’m really passionate about, changing our food system, real results.
S&A: Where are you going to start? Is there a piece of policy you like?
K: I don’t know! There’s a lot of different avenues. I’m interested in biotechnology and where policy surrounding that is going, because I think it’s a big unknown right now. But then on the other side, I’m also really interested in how we’re going to fund young farmers.
S&A: What is your emphasis in restricted electives?
K: I took PLS 171, Plant Propagation, then I’m in Trees and Forests right now. I want to take more classes from Truman Young, because he’s great. It’s just two aspects of my life, policy and horticulture, that I’m interested in. ESP 160, Environmental  Policy, really liked that, the teacher’s awesome, and I’m actually interning for her now. She is looking at fracking in New York, and how villages and towns have voted on fracking policy. And kind of seeing how that has influenced the statewide voting on that. Because right now, there’s a moratorium on fracking there.
S&A: What classes did you take that made you interested in SA&FS?
K: FST 1, Intro to Food, that’s the one I really remember, I guess, I just thought it was really interesting, talking about food, before I had been interested in ag policy, because I have not eaten meat for most of my life, so that’s been a running theme for me, to figure out why that is a value for myself.
S&A: For the internship you’re currently in, is that for units?
K: Nope, just general interest. One thing I actually really like about SA&FS is that you’re required 12 units of internship. I finished it after my sophomore year, because I interned over that summer and so that got all 12 of my units done. But I just continued to do other internships since then. Last summer I interned at the EPA in DC, through UCDC, I ended up doing a project looking at pollution in food manufacturing.
S&A: Do you think this major has prepared with a skillset, come post-Davis.
K: I think it’s connected me with a lot of resources for me to build my skillset. I worked at the Student Farm, so I feel like I have pretty solid gardening experience. And then working at other internships, helped improve those skills. I have a pretty strong knowledge of plant science and botany. So many group projects have prepared me for working as a team member and knowing when to step up or step down. There’s a lot of things you can gain from this major. I feel pretty well prepared. I feel like I’ve done a really good job of doing as much as I can here. By doing that, I’ve worked hard to develop skills and make myself a competitive employee in the future.
S&A: What would you recommend to new students in the major to get where you are?
K: Go to your classes. Study. Do as many internships as you can. Talk to as many professors as you can. Even if it’s intimidating. It’s reciprocal, they have to be interested in you as well. But most of them are, they’re professors for a reason. They want to work with students. So don’t be afraid to connect. They love knowledge. This major has raised a lot of passion for me, surrounding various food issues. UC Davis is such an ag school and we have so many good ag classes and professors here. When I picked Davis, I didn’t really think about what a good school it is for that stuff. And now that I’m about to graduate, I’m so glad I went to Davis. Part of the reason I got my internships were because of the SA&FS major. Having this really interesting major is such a bonus for us. It’s the cool thing right now. It helped me out. I’ve had a really positive experience in this major.
S&A: Is there anything you want SA&FS students to know about you?
K: I knew you were going to ask this question because you ask it every time and you always put it in the Beet, too. But I am terrible at these questions... I’m vegan. I understand that it’s not for everyone, but I love being vegan, and if you ever want to talk to me about it, that’s cool too. I also really love to cook. The first thing that popped into my head is vegan chilli. It’s the time, nice and warm. Also. udon soup. Another big fav. I’m kind of obsessed with tofu. Frying it. Mm. If you ever want vegan food, I’ll cook for you.
Fireside Fun with Tom Tomich
A big thank you to Tom Tomich for giving us the opportunity to hear his wisdom! Everyone in attendance on November 17th, truly felt the community spirit. Among many topics, Tom spoke on how he became the Track III Advisor and how he views the relationship between economics, policy, and sustainability.
Missed out on Tom's Fireside? Keep up with the Bi-Weekly Beets to stay informed about future fireside chats with Ryan Galt, Mark Van Horn, and Will Horwath!
Internship Approval Paperwork Due December 2nd!
Attention all Veggies!

If you are planning to earn unit credit for an internship you will be doing in winter, the deadline for all internship approval paperwork is December 2nd. 

Not sure how to get approval? Learn more about the internship requirement here
Advising Office Accessibility Poll Results

There were a few important points we gleaned from the Office Accessibility Poll we sent out last week. Here they are: 

1. Those who visited the advising office this quarter found that the listed availability worked with their schedule and the appointment system was clear. 
2. Those who did not visit the office this quarter would have if needed (because they find appointments helpful), or would have simply emailed instead for pressing questions. 
3. Those who responded feel that the advising team provides many tools to answer their questions about the major and class scheduling.

To this data we respond, "Yay!" The advising team is happy  we are available to you and able to assist you. Thank you to those who responded to the poll and allowed the advising team to gain a better understanding of its accessibility. 

One more thing: the poll results also indicated that we may still be flooding your email inboxes weekly. We are trying to make  it easier for you to receive helpful major information. Therefore, the advising team is now working to consolidate all information you need into this Bi-Weekly Newsletter (more reason for you to read it!) and only sending reminder emails or passing along opportunities if they would occur before the next newsletter is sent out. 

If you still have suggestions for the advising team to best accommodate you as a SA&FS major, please email them to peer advisors Shea Robinson ( and Allie Fafard ( Help us help you! 
Major Questions: Appointment or Email?
After reading the above poll results, you may be wondering what advising questions are appropriate to send in an email and which ones call for an appointment to be made. 

First things first, if we haven't met you, come make an appointment. If we have created a 3-quarter study plan with you already and you just have a follow-up question, that is perfect for an email.

As a general rule, short and specific questions are usually answerable by email, and vague or complicated questions would most likely be best answered in person. We trust your judgement, but for a better idea here are some examples to ensure your questions are answered quickly and in the best way possible. 
Questions that can be answered over email
  • What does the Restricted Elective Requirement entail?
  • I have an idea of an event that would be great for community building! Whom do I talk to?
  • What are the internship requirement deadlines and meeting dates? (Email Byron Bolton or the current PIC)
  • My passtime is tomorrow and I haven't scheduled an appointment with you. Can you answer a quick question about two classes I am considering taking?
  • I am struggling with a course and I am worried about failing. Can I change it to P/NP? Can I late drop?
  • When am I going to graduate?
Questions that need an appointment
  •  Which Restricted Elective Classes should I take? (Make an appointment with your Track Advisor)
  • How can I best create a study plan for myself?
  • I have made my own study plan and want an advisor to review the classes I think I should take next quarter?
  • My passtime is in a couple weeks and this is my scheduling situation. Can you help me plan accordingly?
  • I am a student over 90 units and I need help creating a grad plan.
  • I will come prepared with the courses I need for my minor. Will you help me implement them into a study plan? 
  • I need to decide on a track and make a study plan. 
  • I have many questions and I don't want to bombard you over email. 
Not so fast! Before you fire off those questions over email, please first check the online resources on ASI, the Bi-Weekly Beet, and your inbox for important information we have sent to you. These materials often have the answers, but if not, we are here to fill in the gaps. Use your resources! 

If you plan to make an appointment, you can maximize your time with a Peer Advisor by coming with lists of courses (such as restricted electives) that apply to your scheduling questions, come with a study plan completed for an advisor to look over, or come with a list of specific questions you want to make sure get answered. These simple steps will make for the best experience possible with the major and the advising team. 
Discover ASI: This Beet's Feature
Do you like the SA&FS major? Want to recommend it to incoming freshman and transfers, friends and more? 
The ASI website walks readers through the initial steps needed to join the major. This page is a great tool to make ensure that you know how to become a SA&FS major, with some bonus tips for current majors!
Optimizing Your Career Search at UC Davis: Tomorrow! 
"Are you interested in optimizing your next UC Davis career search? In this workshop, the UC Davis campus Talent Acquisition Manager will provide a useful guide to the application and hiring process. You will explore tips to enhance your career search and job applications using tools and techniques such as LinkedIn and informational interviewing. Take the opportunity to learn from an expert!"
When: TOMORROW, Dec 1 12-1pm
When: Meeting Room D, Student Community Center
Instructor: Bruce Mattos
Free?: Yes hooray! 
 Pre-enrollment is not required.

Can't make it? No worries, more interesting events below! 
Upcoming Events

Solarization and Bisolarization as Sustainable Fumigation Alternatives for California Agriculture
Monday, Dec 5th
4-5pm @ Center for Health and the Environment
"Dr. Christopher Simmons will present on solarization and biosolarization as a sustainable alternative to soil fumigation for California Agriculture. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis where he specializes in energy and water efficiency in food processing."

Knocking out Noxious Weeds on Rangelands
UCD Restoration Research and
Information Center

Wednesday, Dec 13th (Eureka) and Thursday,
Dec 14th (Susanville)
Registration and Information
Cost: $15
"This workshop has multiple speakers covering a range of land management topics associated with invasive species. It is for ranchers, land managers, consultants and conservation organization staff."    

Walk with Warren
Wednesday, Dec 14th
12-1pm @ Carolee Shields White Flower Garden and Gazebo
"Join Warren Roberts, the Superintendent Emeritus of the Arboretum and famous storyteller and punster for an always engaging noontime exploration of fall at the UC Davis Arboretum's west-end gardens."
Veggie of the Week

You voted, we listened. This Beet's Veggie of the Week (VOTW) is Arugula!

While arugula was not originally one of the candidates, there was an overwhelming demand that this vegetable be recognized. In honor of student engagement, we call arugula to your attention below. 

Fun Facts About Arugula

1. If you ever see a salad green referred to as “rocket,” it’s simply another name for arugula, or roquette in French. 

2. Arugula is known as "rocket" because of its rocket-fast growth speed! 

3. Young, paler leaves have a mild flavor and old, darker leaves have a peppery taste. 

4. Arugula is a brassicaceae along with other vegetables such as kale and cauliflower.

5.  In ancient times, powerful love potions were made using arugula and other herbs like lavender. 

What is all the hype about? Try the following recipe and find out! 

You can vote on the VOTW on the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Facebook group on a Bi-Weekly Basis. 

Filing For Graduation?
Graduating this upcoming Winter, Spring or Summer? Come talk to us to ensure your study plan is up to date and on its way to completion. 

Winter deadline to file for graduation or commencement: Nov 8th-Dec 2nd (last day of classes)

Dates & Deadlines
General Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: Dec 2
SA&FS Internship Deadlines
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Fall credit: Dec 2
  • submit approval form to receive units for an internship you are completing in Winter: Dec 2
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Winter credit: March 17
  • submit approval form to receive units for an internship you are completing in Spring: March 17
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Spring credit: June 8
That is all for this quarter. Wishing you all a happy finals season and a lovely Winter break! 
Next Beet: January 11th
( *gasp* Winter Quarter Already?!)
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Call to Make an Appointment
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