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  • Fireside Chat ft. Will Horwath
  • An Interview with SA&FS's Greek System
  • Our New Bulletin Board! 
  • Networking & Project Opportunity: Campus Center for the Environment Sustainability Symposium 
  • Leadership Opportunity: Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) Student Representatives Needed
  • On Our Radar: La Raza Culture Days
  • Dates & Deadlines: Quarter, Internship, & Spring & Summer 2016 Graduation
Is Sustainability a Myth?
We hope that you all enjoyed Picnic Day, no matter how you celebrated! Somehow every year the weather manages to be hot hot hot for the annual Saturday celebrationsweatier than usual anyone?! 

As Spring quarter is moving quickly
hello week fourand the school year moves towards a close, we look forward to the last of our Fireside Chats. 
Why should I come?
1. to get to know your potential professor (Will teaches SSC 109) and Track I advisor in a casual setting
2. to network with your professor and engage in the SA&FS community in a low pressure setting
3. to meet students within SA&FS that share interests similar to yours
4. to enjoy the Wednesday night Farmers Market aka music, picnic, and free samples!
5. to discuss the machinations of sustainability while snacking

Please join us to learn about Will's background, his current research, and his thoughts on sustainability. We would love to picnic with you!

Fireside Chat* ft. Wil Horwath
Wednesday, April 27
5:30 - 6:30pm @ Central Park Farmers Market

We will situate ourselves on the North end near the playgrounds and bathrooms. 
This Fireside Chat is in lieu of the weekly Wednesday night SA&FS Meet-Ups.

Central Park, Davis, CA

As always, do your best over these next couple weeks and know that you can always stop by the office, email us, or stop us anytime for support.

See you one week from Wednesday (we hope!),
Shea & Kenna

Save The Date: Sustainable Meat Production Panel as a collaboration between SA&FS and Animal Science on Thursday, May 19 at 1:30 - 2:30pm (more information provided in next Beet)

*fire not included
An Interview with SA&FS's Greek System

Kenna and Shea: What is your favorite part about the greek system? Your sorority/fraternity?
Stephanie Killpack: You meet people so easily. I was intimidated from meeting upperclassmen, so I thought joining my sorority would be a good way to push past my comfort zone. I also grew up with brothers so I was excited to have some more women in my life.
Thomas Nocera: I was very social in high school and so I was drawn to being around a bunch of people. I also was drawn to the opportunity to live and be a part of fixing our frat house.
Chyna Oyola: I love having a family on campus and having fun socials to attend. I love having the opportunity not only to learn about agriculture, but also develop my professional skills through my sorority.

K&S: What is your organization’s stereotype within the greek system? What do you think about that?
Steph: I think we are known for being peppy and active. Part of that is true in that we’re very active, both within the sorority and outside. We’re very passionate about our interests.
Tom: Well the image we self-perpetuate is the nice guy with a dad-bod. Actually, it was my friend in high school’s dad who started that whole image within my fraternity. We had his face on a bunch of t-shirts; it was pretty funny.

K&S: Do you find yourself critical of the organization(s)? If so, what are you critical of?
There is a lot of pressure from our national organization that I think is a bit outdated. There are these regulations for us in order to “keep us classy” that I don’t think applies to the modern woman. There’s also this piece that drives unnecessary competition both between the fraternities and sororities as well as between women in general. Instead of competing to win, I’d like to see our distinctions between groups based on where you best fit in and what fuels each person to be happy.
Tom: Honestly, I see so many similarities. I wish we could wipe away the stereotypes. We’re all people. While I can’t imagine introducing my SA&FS friends to my fraternity friends and vice versa, there is a lot of opportunity for sustainable agriculture within the greek system.
Chyna: Every time I tell someone that I am a part of a sorority, I almost always get asked about “all the parties [I] go to” and/or a dramatic sigh like they’re disappointed in me. Many people have tried to dismantle stereotypes many times, but I think it’s bigger than just our campus that needs to work towards banishing the ideas people have of the Greek system. I think making it more accessible financially, having more meaningful philanthropies that focus on service learning rather than simply fundraising, and actively working towards diversity might make a difference.

K&S: What do you wish people knew about your participation in the greek system or the greek system in general?
Steph: The greek system at Davis is so low-key. We’re not all superficial. I think people could be less critical or judgmental. You know, we rebel against being stereotyped within SA&FS but there’s still a lot of stereotyping about what kind of person joins a sorority.
Tom: Ultimately, it was about the connections I made. I joined this frat with 3 friends from high school. And being a part of this frat got me a job my freshman year, which got me a job the next year, which is helping me get a job for after college.
Chyna: The Greek system gets a bad rap, but it is what you make of it and nothing more or less. I came into UC Davis as a SAFS major with 0 background in ag and a desire to push myself, develop myself, and find a place to fit in on campus.  My sorority and my sisters have helped me so much and being able to pay that forward by helping other sisters and just other people in general through my organization is the best.

Interested in the Greek System at UC Davis? Talk to Steph, Tom, Chyna or various other SA&FS students involved including Vanessa Ramirez and Fiona Benjamin (Sigma Alpha), Isaac O'Leary (Alpha Epsilon Pi), and Laura Ongaro and Alexandra Fafard (Pi Beta Phi). 

SA&FS Has Sprouted a Bulletin Board!

SA&FS has sprouted a community bulletin board thanks to the idea of fellow SA&FS student Gabrielle "Gab" Rosado. This board is meant to be an inclusive space for those with values in sustainable agriculture and food systems, despite involvement in the major itself. 

Please feel free to utilize this space to get the word out about anything and everything! 

To note: the SA&FS peer advisors (us!) will be maintaining the bulletin board aka removing old materials and keeping everything looking fresh.

Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI)
 Student Representatives Needed
"Are you interested in becoming a leader in sustainable agriculture on campus and throughout California? The UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) is seeking undergraduate and graduate student representatives. An undergraduate and graduate student representative position is available on each group: the ASI Internal Steering Committee (ISC) and the ASI External Advisory Board (EAB). All positions are opportunities for students to fortify their education in sustainable agriculture and food systems by gaining leadership skills and building professional networks. Student representatives connect ASI to the student body and represent student views and interests. ASI staff members look to student representatives for insight when developing student-relevant policies and programs."
ASI Student Representatives Needed
1 - 2 years commitment 
Applications Accepted Until: May 3
How to Apply: complete the online application here

Please refer to an email sent out just prior to this Beet for full information! 
La Raza
Culture Days 
"La Raza Cultural Days (LRCD) is designed to educate the campus and community about the social, cultural and political issues facing the Chicanx/Latinx community, while celebrating the traditions and contributions of Chicanx and Latinx cultures. It is an important vehicle for educating the campus and general public about the diverse cultural elements that comprise and contribute to our society.

The goals of La Raza Cultural Days are to promote ethnic pride, to increase the public's knowledge and awareness, to promote cross-cultural communication and build alliances, to address issues facing the community, to provide service to the community and to encourage students' personal growth. To achieve these goals, students present the annual culture week, Semana de la Raza, and La Gran Tardeada."

La  Raza Culture Days
Contextualizing The Historical Significance of Pachucx Sub-Culture
 Wednesday, April 20
1:00 - 2:00pm @ 3012 Hart Hall

Second Annual Pachucx Ball
Saturday, April 23
7:00 - 10:00pm @ Putah Creek Lodge

More information here!

Dates & Deadlines

Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to drop 20-day drop courses & to file for the course materials waiver: April 22
  • Last day to opt for P/NP or S/U grading: April 29
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: June 2
Internship Deadlines
  • last day to submit SAF 092/192 Internship Approval Form for Summer & Fall quarter: June 2 (last day of class)
Graduation Dates & Deadlines
  • Filing period for Summer 2016 graduation: June 1 - July 22
  • SA&FS Graduation Ceremony: June 10 
  • Spring Quarter UC Davis Graduation Ceremony: June 10
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