November 13, 2016
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  • An Interview with Robert Joice
  • A Fireside Chat with Tom Tomich
  • Federal Jobs Workshop This Thursday
  • Do You Find the Advising Office Accessible?
  • Join the Advising Team!
  • Discover ASI Features
  • Bike Loop with RE:SSA Recap
  • Aggie Food Connection
  • Upcoming Events & Veggie of the Week
  • Graduation Deadlines
  • Dates & Deadlines
An Interview with Robert Joice
Robert “Rob” Joice
Track II
4th year

“Moved to America when I was a freshman, or a couple years before. So I was going to do politics in the University of Edinborough, I was planning on studying there, and do sort of an indoor kind of major. But I decided on doing a gap year and I did some WWOOFing in California, some on this island in Scotland. I gradually just became so disillusioned with the idea of doing politics. I wanted to work with my hands, work with plants, just do WWOOFing kind of stuff. I remember just typing in “Sustainable agriculture major,” I didn’t know there was any kind of thing, until I did that. I think a couple of universities came up, but I knew Davis, it was close to Placerville, I have family here, and yeah, just went from there.”
Shea and Allie: What kind of farms did you work on?
Rob: I’ve never been a fan of large-scale farms, so the farms I worked on in California were small permaculture farm, called Mamo Farm, it’s really hippy, with composting toilets and yurts. And then the farm I worked on in Scotland was this little island of 60 people, called Egg, just little provinces raising sheep, the actual size of the farm was maybe the area of the upper MU, really small, and it’s kind of relatable, it’s nice walking the grounds every morning, checking the weeds, seeing how the plants are doing, so I think very small scale is good for me. As far as running a farm, I feel like I would have to make it big to make money. I’m kind of at the point veering more towards small-scale farming, maybe going into horticulture
S&A: Did you take any classes that helped you decide to switch?
R: Oddly enough, I took a Comparative Literature class, Modern Books, and met some SA&FS people, and I started meeting the community, and I think my friends were mainly SA&FS people even before I knew the major, so that helped ease me in. So it was mainly the people that drew me in. I knew Kenna, and Jack Taylor, a lot of people who have left now. I knew a lot of people from the co-ops, and they tend to be pretty SA&FS-y. But yeah judging the people is a good way to judge the people.
S&A: What’s your ideal SA&FS community?
R: So the diverse opinions, it’s fun having healthy debates with people over things like GMOs and that kind of thing, so yeah diverse views united by potlucks and music. I’ve definitely been in groups before where everyone has the same opinion and it’s really dull. It’s better if people disagree all the time.
S&A: Do you feel like there’s a typical SA&FS student?
R: Honestly, at first I thought that--straw hat, dungarees (blue jeans), boots, it was kind of easy to spot a SA&FS student at a party sometimes--but the more I’ve known people, but now I’m not so sure, it’s definitely change a lot. I think you can generally tell because they bring good food to a party, or something food related.
S&A: I think that stereotype stems from those few people that stand out in the crowd. You’re not going to notice the normal looking SA&FS majors. Because I definitely felt that way originally, and then getting to know the people, you know that it’s not necessarily that way.
R: Yeah, it’s like you say, the people that take up the most space and the most vocal tend to be the stereotypical white hippy.
S&A: Davis also makes it more complicated, because Davis people wear Birkenstocks and drink out of reusable water bottles.
R: And it’s funny coming from England, you don’t really get hippy culture there, you get alternative like folk festival floral shows, but not straw hat kind of farming. I think because farming is such an ingrained part of life and history. When I say I’m doing sustainable agriculture, they think, oh you drive tractors and do large-scale stuff, but there’s more of a farming culture here, which is kind of cool. But less of a subculture there, no farmer’s markets.
S&A: I wonder if a lot of it gets passed in their legislation, where we have find alternative ways.
R: Yeah, I think a lot of aspects are messed up here that you have to have huge movements to make change. Whereas there, things are generally okay, like they use pesticides, but maybe not as much as here. After leaving the EU, we’ll see how things change over the next five years, as agriculture changes and becomes large-scale, there may be interesting social movements. I did an urban farming internship in Berkeley and I lived in a raw vegan household for a month, that was really interesting, they didn’t even have tea, because tea was considered cooking the leaves, very radical, but that was cool, I learned more about food, and nutrition, and that kind of thing. Bringing it back to SA&FS, I think the internship component is great because I have learned 80% of the things I have through internships and through doing and the people you talk to, not to say the classes aren’t valuable, but for me, getting out there and doing it is really valuable.
S&A: Is there anything you want people to know about you?
R: I can fly planes. A really small plane. But you know, if anyone needs my help to fly one, I can do it.
Thanks to All Students Who Responded to the Poll! 
1. Our results showed that SA&FS Students are busy bees and community events cannot always be a top priority! Your advising staff hears and understands you (we, too, feel the same way). We will check in with you by providing a poll or RSVP list regarding community events in the future.

2. Our results showed that despite our busy schedules, students are still interested in engaging in community long as they know what the event entails! So what exactly is a Fireside Chat? "Fireside Chat" is a term coined by your peer advisors to mean a type of community event, led by an academic advisor (such as Tom, Ryan, Mark, or Will), as an opportunity for students to get to know their track advisors a little bit better. You don't have to come prepared with anything! And there will always be food provided.
A Rescheduled Fireside Chat with Tom Tomich
Based on the results of the poll sent out on Monday, Tom Tomich's Fireside Chat has been rescheduled to take place this Thursday, November 17th, 5:30pm at Delta of Venus!
Come listen to Tom speak about the chronology of how he ended up as the Track III advisor of SA&FS, specifically connecting the importance of economics in agricultural sustainability in our food system.
You do not have to come prepared with anything! Also, please consider coming late (after class or work or other priorities). While the event is set to go for an hour, depending on student interest, Fireside Chats sometimes go longer! (For example, last year, Tom's Chat went for 2.5 hours!)
Previous Firesides with Tom have been a hoot, so be sure to mark your calendar for this wonderful and interesting event! Whether you are hoping to network with Tom or just listen to his story, we look forward to seeing you there!
Federal Jobs Workshop This Thursday!
Interested in working for the federal government, but not sure where to start? The Internship and Career Center is holding a workshop to get you up to speed with the application process and give you tools to do so successfully. 
This workshop will cover: 
  • Searching for the right position
  • Writing a federal resume
  • Applying Online
  • Pathways program for student and recent graduate jobs
This workshop will take place on Thursday, November 17th from 12-1pm in 114 South Hall!
Is The Advising Office Accessible?
The advising team is always seeking ways to make itself more available to you as a resource. Do you feel that the major advising hours work alongside your schedule? How can we be more accessible to you?
Please share your thoughts here
Don't Forget: Apply To Join The Advising Team!

Peer Advisor
Application Deadline: November 26, 2016
Apply Here! 

Last Call! Peer Internship Coordinator
Application Deadline: Extended! (Nov 20th)
Apply Here! 
Discover ASI: This Beet's Feature
Thinking about fulfilling your internship requirement in the near future (current deadline for winter Dec 2)? The internship program information and prezi (at bottom of page) on the ASI site will give you all the information you need to be a SA&FS intern superstar. Check it out! Also, for more information, contact Byron, our Peer Internship Coordinator, @
Wheel That Was Fun!
The members of Responsible Eating: Students for Sustainable Agriculture (RE:SSA) had a blast on the Davis Bike Loop last Saturday! The tour stopped at the Cannery, the Student Farm, and the Arboretum, and compared/contrasted the differences in community spaces surrounding food. Members of all majors joined on this exciting discovery of the Davis landscape.

Interested in RE:SSA? Join open discussions about food systems issues and sustainability on a weekly basis at the Eco Hub. The club is open to all majors (bring friends!) and often hosts field trips that you do not want to miss! 

We are currently finalizing our meeting time for winter quarter. If you are interested, please fill out this poll
Aggie Food Connection
"After the tuition increases, hunger affected a lot of my peers. For some, it meant working more hours, skipping meals or not being able to afford rent. For a few extreme cases it meant taking a break from classes. No student should have to decide between a meal and a textbook. "
— Sadia Saifuddin, Student Regent

What is Aggie Food Connection? 
"Aggie Food Connection (AFC) provides one online access point for UC Davis information, resources and services pertaining to food security and nutrition. As a response to the UC Global Food Initiative, UC Davis established the AFC to connect the UC Davis student population with easy, immediate and confidential UC Davis food resources while working to overcome stigma associated with needing help."

Check out the AFC website for direction to resources that help alleviate the financial burden of nutritious food, such as Fruit and Veggie Up!, ASUCD Pantry, the UC Davis Farmer's Market, the Yolo County Food Bank, Davis Community Meals and other Davis Food Resources. 
Upcoming Events
Do No Harm: Considerations for the Use of Non-Local Species in Ecological Restoration Workshop
Tuesday, November 15
Conference Center & Welcome Center 

This annual workshop will focus on the use of non-local plant materials in restoration activities to: 

1) Identify stumbling blocks to achieving ecologically and economically successful restoration of disturbed lands in California.
2) Bring experts, practitioners, suppliers, and policy makers together to develop best management practices to overcome these obstacles.

Exploring the UC Davis Food System
Resources & Planning
Wednesday, Nov 16th
3-4pm @ Student Community Center
Meeting Room  D

"The 2016-17 Campus Community Book Project, featuring Raj Patel's Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System, invites you to learn about how students and staff on campus are involved in the UC Davis food system. This event is open to all, and we especially encourage students belonging to First-Year Aggie Connections to attend.."    

Edible Chemistry: Olive Oil Lecture
Tuesday, November 22nd
5:10-6:30pm @ Student Community Center 
Meeting Room E
"The Chemistry Club presents this new instructional series meant to showcase how the applied sciences are utilized in the processing of everyday foods and beverages. Join us as we welcome Dr. Selina Wang, Research Director of the Olive Center. She will present her research as well as treat guests to a specialized tasting of olive oils.."
Veggie of the Week

You, voted and we listened. This Beet's Veggie of the Week (VOTW) is Sweet Potato!

Fun Facts About Sweet Potatoes

1. Though commercialized as the same, sweet potatoes and yams are actually two different vegetables. Yams grow in tropical climates and are rarely sold in the US. 

2. The sweet potato is the root of the plant, while most potatoes are tubers. 

3. The sweet potato is the official vegetable of North Carolina, which produces around 40% of the national supply! 

4. Sweet Potatoes can be substituted in virtually any recipe that calls for apples, squash or white potatoes.

5.  Sweet potatoes are packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C! 

What is all the hype about? Try the following recipe and find out! 

You can vote on the VOTW on the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Facebook group on a Bi-Weekly Basis. 

Filing For Graduation?
Graduating this upcoming Winter, Spring or Summer? Come talk to us to ensure your study plan is up to date and on its way to completion. 

Winter deadline to file for graduation or commencement: Nov 8th-Dec 2nd (last day of classes)

Dates & Deadlines
General Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: Dec 2
SA&FS Internship Deadlines
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Fall credit: Dec 2
  • Fall quarter internship meeting four: Nov 16, 7-8pm @ Bowley 101
  • submit approval form to receive units for an internship you are completing in Winter: Dec 2
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Winter credit: March 17
  • submit approval form to receive units for an internship you are completing in Spring: March 17
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Spring credit: June 8
Next Beet: November 30th
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