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  • 'Tis the Season—Again 
  • An Interview with Yeojin Jung  
  • SA&FS Alumni: Jack & Lola's Green Almond Farm
  • Jobs & Things: Internship & Career Center Winter Career Fair
  • On Our Radar: "Can You Dig This" Documentary Sacramento Screening
  • Deadlines: Quarter, Internship, & Spring 2016 Graduation
'Tis the Season!
'Tis the season for midterms and everything in between!

We are very much in the thick of Winter quarter—is week eight too late to point this out?with finals fast approaching. By this point all of our dreams are of getting more sleep and reaching for our tea/coffee cup has become an involuntary motion. 

To help you all through this trying time, please enjoy, and hopefully find inspiration from, the below video from Pixar's "Monsters University."

Click to play video.
Let's kick some academic butt like Mike, no? 

On another note: Running late to your midterm or to turn in that paper? At least you're not this guy.

Just do your best and know that whatever that looks like is okay, even if it isn't to Mike Wizowski standards. If we can help support you with any of your Pass 2 needs (e.g. ARE courses, among others, are now open for registration) or with any other academic issue, please feel free to stop by the office for questions, make an appointment, or email us!

Fresh-ish & Ready,
Shea & Kenna

An Interview with Yeojin Jung
Shea & Kenna: Why SA&FS?
Yeojin: It was through a class called “Intro to International Agricultural Development” (IAD10) where I was introduced to the inner workings of agriculture for the very first time. I knew by gut feeling that learning more about agriculture was the next step. IAD10, PLS15, and an internship at the Student Farm were experiences that confirmed my interests and allowed me to dedicate my undergraduate education to SA&FS.

SA&FS is a major that challenges and encourages me in strengthening my personal development, systems thinking, and civic engagement. The interdisciplinary courses allow me to be more curious and mindful. In the future, I want to foster relationships with people in diverse communities and commit to a vision in improving our global food system. I know that majoring in SA&FS will lead me to the right direction.

Listening to yourself and what you're drawn to is such a good thing. How did you come across SA&FS in the process? 
During winter quarter of my freshman year, I found out about the major via a dining commons booth featuring the Student Farm. There I found out about the market garden internships and sustainable agriculture courses, one of them being “Intro to Sustainable Agriculture” (PLS 15). The following quarter was when I signed up for PLS 15 and interned at the Student Farm, both experiences led me to know more about the major and meet people that were majoring SA&FS.

And now you're graduating! What are your next steps post-graduation? 
My next step is to start working, once I find a job. I’m currently in the slow process of looking for a job post-graduation. Ideally, it would be wonderful to work close to home in the bay area, but I’m keeping an open mind about job locations. It requires much patience, time, and a lot of “don’t worry, be happy!” mindset. It’s an exciting next step to see where I will be after I graduate!

Do you have a dream job?
In middle school, it was a life goal of mine to become a head chef and establish my own successful restaurant... Although I don’t have a specific dream job now, I do have an aspiring dream that’s a bit similar to the one I had in middle school: I want to help create more spaces that cater to the community’s needs and enables them to transform into a resilient community. I imagine this space to be an accessible and welcoming hub, a space that encompasses an affordable eatery (advocates for menu plans using produce grown in the community), a nutrition education/food center, urban garden, and resource center that focuses on helping individuals cultivate practical skills, promote personal and social transformation. Creating more spaces like such is a dream of mine.

What do you wish you knew? What would you like other students  to know? 
I wished that I knew sooner that uncertainty is okay. It’s through experience, trial and errors that I came to understand that uncertainty is what makes life on one part chaotic, but also at the same time a splendid thing. Uncertainty about ourselves, our life, and others is a dwelling space that can create anxiety for some people; it did for me. It takes patience, courage, and confidence to switch any of the stress, doubts, fears about ourselves and what comes next into a feeling of excitement by being productive: exploring and experiencing life positively.

It’s easy (& it’s okay) to ruminate on “can I do this? i don’t know... what if...?” but it’s up to us to do something about it. I would like everyone, including myself, again to know: take courage! It’s okay to not know what’s next, an uncertain path is a motivation to keep us questioning, thinking, learning, and growing.

Want to know more about Yeojin? Read the full interview here. 
Green Almond Farm CSA

All photographs are courtesy of Green Almond Farm.

"Green Almond Farm was started in January of 2015 by three UC Davis students, Hank Teicheira, Lola Quasebarth, and Jack Taylor.  Our first crops were planted in an old almond orchard, maturing in the spring under green almonds, the sweet, tangy, immature almond and its hull.  We cultivate produce sustainably on a small scale in the Winters countryside, with acreage at the Center for Land-Based Learning's Farm on Putah Creek and in north Plainfield, growing flavorful produce for all that love good food, from professional chefs to households.

Here's what makes our CSA so great:

  • Harvested the day-of-delivery
  • Organically grown 
  • Downtown Davis pickup site
  • Small-scale, sustainable practices
  • Featuring produce from other small, local farms
  • Hard-to-find heirloom varieties
The boxes are $30 each, with a preferred month-by-month commitment.  We're pretty stoked about the people who keep comin' back, so we'll be offering a discount if you decide to stick with us for the whole season.

Email us at for more information or to sign up for a weekly produce box;  spots are filling up fast so move quick to make sure we've got enough veggies for you.  We have a limited number of spots available for Wednesday and Saturday pick-up, so be sure to let us know your preferred pick-up day."

Looking for more from Green Almond Farm? Follow them on Instagram & Facebook!

>>Want to start your own farm? Have questions about what to do with SA&FS post-graduation?
Lola & Jack are so kind to open themselves up for any questions! Simply send an email their way at

The ICC Internship & Career Fair is here for Winter quarter! Whether it's something that you feel you "probably should" go to or an on-campus resource that you've blocked out of your brain altogether, the Winter Fair presents a great opportunity to: 

1. get a feel for the Fair itself to lessen anxiety and prepare yourself for the Internship & Career Fair in the Spring
2. practice your handshaking-networking-interviewing skills
3. explore available careers and internships with companies looking to work with UC Davis students
4. secure a real internship or job! 

Winter 2016 Internship & Career Fair
Wednesday, February 24
10:00am - 2:00pm @ ARC Pavilion

Feeling overwhelmed? The ICC has got your back. Check out information on employers, workshops, and smaller setting employer information sessions here. 
Cynthia Goldberg aka the Internship & Career Center (ICC) expert that hosted the SA&FS Resume Workshop a couple weeks back approves this message!
ICC Winter
Internship & Career Fair
"Can You Dig This" Documentary Screening
The Yisrael Urban Family Farm is hosting a community screening of "Can You Dig This" at Guild Theater in Sacramento. 

About the Film: "South Los Angeles. ...Calling for people to put down their guns and pick up their shovels, these “gangster gardeners” are creating an oasis in the middle of one of the most notoriously dangerous places in America. ...This is a story of the human spirit, inspiring people everywhere to pick up their shovels and 'plant some shit.'"
"Can You Dig This"
Documentary Screening

Thursday, March 24
6:30pm @ Guild Theater, Sacramento, CA
Get your ticket here!
Watch the trailer here!

Interested, but need a ride? Email us and we'll set up a carpool!

Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: March 14
Internship Deadlines
  • last day to submit internship preliminary paperwork (proposal, description, application) for Spring quarter: March 20
Graduation Deadlines
  • last day to file for Spring 2016 graduation: March 20
  • last day to register for the Spring graduation ceremony: April 11
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