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  • CRD 20 Gallery Tour 
  • Interview with Victoria "Tori" Satow
  • SA&FS Meet-Up: Finals Week Study Hours
  • In the Works: Buttons & T-shirts 
  • Capstone 2014-2015 Presentation Videos Are Here--Finally! 
  • On Our Radar: Food Literacy Academy & Internship
  • On-Campus Internship Opportunity: Dining Services & The Real Food Challenge 
  • Quarter Deadlines
  • Thank You, Tom, for Sitting with Us Fireside!  
CRD 20 Gallery Tour:
Share Your Reflections, Past and Present
Ah, CRD 20. We remember taking this course and all of the emotion that came with it. An entire quarter of work that culminates into a final reflection project that maybe maybe you show to your peers. 

Why not put those pieces on display? Why not share your work with the larger community and use the space to reflect and discuss in a way that feels comfortable to you? 

We are incredibly excited to announce the first CRD 20 Gallery Tour of many—hopefully! 

CRD 20 Gallery Tour
Friday, December 11
2 - 3pm @ Hart 3201

The Breakdown
1. a space for current and past CRD 20 students to present their final project—whatever that may be (e.g. sculpture, poem)
2. breaking away from a typical lecture format, you can walk around the gallery and take in the work at your own pace, all while listening to whomever is speaking/singing/poetry-slamming
3. food and drinks provided, as usual

Remember Kaitlin Oki's community built sculpture? Allie DiGioila's discussion on aquaponics? Anton Parisi's refrigerator installation? We do and they, among so many other student projects, were so kick ass! 

If you have previously taken CRD 20 and would like to share your final reflection with the greater community, please email me (Kenna) at with a basic description of your project. We will be in touch!

Please join us for a night—day?—of class, sass, and reflection. 

Hart 3201 (room configuration TBD!). Lovely windows, no?

As always, do your best over these next two weeks. Only one more real week and then finals and then a lot of sleep! 

If we don't see you until the new year, enjoy the break! It's needed.

All Our Best,
Shea & Kenna

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Interview with Victoria "Tori" Satow

Shea & Kenna: How did you approach your Restricted Electives? 
Tori: I took the approach of trying different things because I didn’t have one specific topic I was interested in. I’m taking 20 units per quarter, so it goes with what can fit in my schedule. I’ve had a lot of great RE. I’ve had three with Education and childhood education because I'm interning with Yolo Farm to Fork. I started broad but found my thing throughout the way which is nice. I guess electives are doing its job in helping me figure out what I want to do.

Do you have a focus for your Restricted Electives (REs)?

I’m definitely interested in urban agriculture, specifically through elementary school gardens. I’m also interested in agroecology and I’m trying to find more grad programs that specify in that. I want to focus on a systems approach and looking at what is working and what isn’t in agroecological practices that are existing already in Latin America and seeing how I could implement that system in other cultures, specifically Western cultures.

Why SA&FS?

The culinary route opened my eyes to the whole farm to fork movement and also that I wasn’t satisfied with my restaurant and food serving career. I want to have a career that helps the environment, is more involved with the community, and has that team environment that supports each other. Once I saw the description of this major, I said, “That’s it man! That sounds so perfect! I still didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do, but the SA&FS values are so fitting, I had to.” I love that it’s so small, it’s special to me because it feels like a community. I feel supported, especially with the peer advisers, and finding people that love food and want to make a positive change in the food system. I feel so grateful for this major.

Are pastry and baking still a big part of your life?
Career-wise I see myself moving away from that but it will always be something I love to do as a hobby. Fruit tarts are my favorite thing to make. Just because it incorporates really good fresh fruit that can speak for itself but who doesn’t love pastry cream and crust?


Do you think SA&FS has prepared you for post-Davis?

Yes, because even though I don’t know exactly what I want to go into, I’m learning how to learn, and I think that’s the greatest thing I can get out of college. I found something that I’m passionate about and motivated for and I think that the broad spectrum of what SA&FS covers is preparing me for my future career.

Is there anything you would like people to know about you that they may not already know?

I may seem quiet but feel free to come up and talk to me. I love making friends! Once I start talking to someone, they’ll see just how open and outgoing I am. I wish people knew I was more open and not that shy.

SA&FS Meet-Up:
Finals Week Study Hours
Because finals are a thing, we will be offering SA&FS Study Hours in lieu of our last Meet-Up. 
Study Hours
Sunday, December 6
11:00am - 3:00pm @ SCC Meeting Room C

Join us for free testing supplies, brain food, and caffeine. Free study buddies, too! 
T-Shirts & Buttons!

Some of you may remember that last Spring we had a design contest for t-shirts. Although, we heard from many of you, we did not receive any submissions. So! 

T-Shirts are back and they're back with buttons! 

We want YOU to design our SA&FS logo! We will be taking submissions through the end of Winter quarter. We will release the winners (1st will receive a t-shirt with their design, 2nd - 5th will receive buttons with their individual design) and start selling SA&FS swag at our SA&FS Meet-Up: Winter Quarter Finals Week Study Hours—oooohhhh!

If your creative juices are flowing, you can submit one or more designs here

Capstone 2014-2015 Presentation Videos
They are finally here! Thank you, Aubrey and Ivon at ASI for uploading these for us! 

For those that are unaware, the SA&FS Capstone course is a two-quarter "senior thesis" to culminate your time with the major and at Davis. The following videos are of the final project presentations of each Capstone group. 

Cheers to those that were part of the Capstone course last year! Enjoy!
SAFS Capstone Presetation 2015: Introduction and Yolo Gold
Professor Tom Tomich's Introductions
& Team Yolo Gold: Yolo Farm to Fork
Sustainable Living & Learning Communities (SLLC)
Ripples of Change
Food Literacy Academy & Internship
The following are two internship opportunities to get involved in the "farm to fork capitol" Sacramento:

The Food Literacy Academy engages volunteers in educating low-income elementary children in cooking and nutrition to improve. For more information about the academy, visit the website at To apply, submit an application by 1/15 @12pm.

The Academy is also looking for Spring Interns! Become a meaningful part of the food system and join today.

Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: December 4
PowWow Energy
Food Bank Fresno County


Dining Services & Real Food Challenge Internship

The following is an on-campus internship opportunity brought to you by fellow SA&FS student Delaney Mckinney to increase sustainable food at UC Davis:

The UC system has committed to 20% sustainable food by 2020 - that is, food that is organic, fair trade certified, locally grown, cage-free or other approved criteria.  The Real Food Challenge has worked with several campuses throughout the country, including UCSC, to make commitments to sourcing 40% of food purchases from sustainable sources.  Our goal is to increase the amount of sustainable food served by UC Davis Dining, and bring our campus closer to committing to 40% sustainable food!

This project will partner with Dining Services and the Real Food Challenge, and focus on using the Real Food Calculator tool to evaluate purchases made by UC Davis Dining to determine what proportion is "Real Food."  Through completing the calculator, we will be able to identify areas where Dining Services can improve their purchasing and recommend product shifts to Dining Services management.  This is a great opportunity to explore the complexities of food and agriculture, and positively impact the food system on our own campus! 

The project begins this Winter quarter, but may be carried on to later dates.

For more information, or to join the team, please contact project coordinator, Delaney McKinney at

Thank You, Tom, for Sitting with Us Fireside!
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