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  • SA&FS x Internship & Career Center (ICC) Resume Workshop
  • Spring Quarter Registration: The Deal with FST 1 
  • Buttons & T-shirts—Last Call! 
  • Internship Opportunity: Yisrael Family Urban Farm
  • On Our Radar: UC Davis Resident Garden Medicinal Herb Workshop
  • Deadlines: Quarter, Internship, & Spring 2016 Graduation
  • Thanks, Mark, for Sitting with Us Fireside!
SA&FS Resume Workshop
*Spongebob, anyone? 

SA&FS x Internship & Career Center:
SA&FS Resume Workshop

Wednesday, February 10
4:00 - 6:00pm @ 229 South Hall, UC Davis, CA

RSVP here
A resume workshop specifically for SA&FS students because jobs and internships! 
Who will be there?
 SA&FS students + Cynthia Goldberg (aka a kick ass resume master), the Program Coordinator for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the ICC

Will I know anyone? 
You can check to see if you know anyone here. If not knowing anyone is a concern, please know that there will be no pressure to socialize, but plenty of new friends awaiting if that is what you are looking for! 

Why should I attend?
Because (1) the internship requirement for SA&FS requires you to reach out and market yourself and (2) understanding how to best present your skill set and experiences is invaluable for networking and future jobs and careers

What can I expect? 
We will cover how best to market yourself with a SA&FS degree. This will break down to where to find jobs/internships, resume basics, SA&FS-specific skill sets and structural ideas, and workshopping real student resumes for real jobs you are interested in.

Real resumes, huh? Can I bring mine? 
YES! Please email your resume, cover letter, and/or job postings you are interested in here (to Kenna at to have them edited during the workshop. You can also just bring what you have to the workshop without sending it in prior (we will start with the materials sent in to us).

Can I attend if I don't RSVP?
Yes, please do! If you are interested at all in the workshop, it would be great if you could RSVP. RSVPing does not mean that you must attend.

What if I show up late or have to leave early? 
No worries! We understand the craziness of student schedules. Stop by for part or all of it!

This is during my pre-dinner snack time. Will there be food? 


I am super interested, but I can't make it. Will there be other workshops like this? 
We are hoping to provide another workshop like this during Spring quarter if this one is successful (is helpful to students in addressing their internship/job/resume needs). Regardless, we will be consolidating all of the material covered into a basic SA&FS Resume Manual to be available to students shortly after the workshop. 

Questions or suggestions for future workshops?
Email us!

All our best,
Shea & Kenna

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Spring Quarter 2016 Registration:
FST 1 & Courses Available
Some of you may have noticed that FST 1 is not available next quarter, despite what we had planned. It will, however, be available for Spring 2017. If you had planned to take FST 1 next quarter, feel free to stop by the advising office to adjust your schedule with some guidance or check out the SA&FS courses offered Spring 2016 to find another course that works. 

Pass 1 for Spring Quarter will continue through February 12. Be sure to check Sisweb for your pass times, if you have not registered already.

Open Hours (to use when your pass time has past) During Pass 1 Are as Follows: 
Monday - Friday 8:00pm - midnight
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Planning to take a Restricted Elective (RE) next quarter?
Check out our RE Course Suggestions list!

Planning out your classes for next quarter/forever has you overwhelmed? Stop by the advising office for help on study plans (fun course suggestions included)!
T-Shirts & Buttons!
Deadline for Submissions: February 15


Internship Opportunity:
Israel Urban
Family Farm
Israel Family Urban Farm is looking for interns! This is a fantastic off campus internship opportunity based in Sacramento.

"Come get knee deep into Sacramento's exploding food movement and get 'boots on the ground' experience in community development, food/social justice and activism."

You can find more information on Yisrael Family Urban Farm here.

If you are interested in interning with this organization, please contact the Yisrael Farm at

Medicinal Herb Workshop
"Feeling the midterm slump? Come learn how to keep things fresh!...With herbs! Learn what herbs have the potential curb fatigue, memory-loss, digestion, and other ailments*.
Free snacks, breads n' spreads, and raffle for a lucky winner!"
UC Davis Resident Garden
Medicinal Herb Workshop

Thursday, February 11 @ Ryerson Hall, 462 La Rue Road, UC Davis
7:00pm - 8:00pm
More info here! 


Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to opt for P/NP or S/U grading: February 8 
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: March 14
Internship Deadlines
  • last day to submit internship preliminary paperwork (proposal, description, application) for Spring quarter: March 20
Graduation Deadlines
  • last day to file for Spring 2016 graduation: March 20
  • last day to register for the Spring graduation ceremony: April 11
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