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  • Compost & Organic Matters with Will Horwath (Yay!)
  • An Interview with Sadie Sutphin
  • T-SHIRTS: SA&FS Members Only
  • Summer Internship Deadlines & A Little Help
  • Upcoming Events
  • Study Hours are Still a Thing that is Happening
  • Survey: What has been your favorite moment from this school year so far?
Compost & Organic Matters Event

Ya ya, we know what you're thinking: "I am too busy and too tired and will probably forget that that is even happening once I close this email."

We get it. And sometimes you just need to do you and prioritize and that is okay. 

But, if you feel like you have a little time and a little energy, then we hope that you will join us. Even if it's only for a few minutes.

Why should I come?
1. to get to know your professor and advisor in a casual setting
2. to support your professor and advisor, the SA&FS community, and the Project Compost community whom all care very much about you!
3. to meet students within SA&FS and other value-sharing majors
4. the event will be casual and relaxing, no socializing or brainpower required
5. there will be snacks provided by Project Compost
6. there will be lots of puns—don't soil it

Please join us in collaboration with our compostable friends at Project Compost for a night of the man, the myth, the legend—Will Horwath. 

As always, do your best over these next couple weeks and know that you can always stop by the office, email us, or stop us anytime for support.

See you Monday (we hope!),
Your Peer Advising Team

P.S. to receive a text reminder from us about this event, please provide your phone number here 
An Interview with Sadie Sutphin

What about SA&FS do you enjoy?
I’m a fan of the flexibility of SA&FS. I can change courses and subject focusses without switching my major. When I declared SA&FS as a major, I was focused on food justice and community development. Now, I’m more interested in developing reading and writing skills, and figuring out what ‘systems thinking’ is. I can rely on reading and writing to be useful and relevant.
How do you feel about the seven learning objectives?

I think we should always be looking critically at what we call a learning objective. Maybe there should be session on deconstructing these objectives coming into the program.They can be helpful when considering what you value and where you’d like to see your education go.
How do you think SA&FS can reach its full education potential?

I’d like to see the ‘systems’ aspect of SA&FS be drawn out more in the courses we take. But then again, everyone’s into different things, so upholding the flexibility of the major is important.

I would like to see the program be a neutral space that withholds assumptions, about each other, or about anything really. I think the existence of a “stereotypical SA&FS student” is incredibly limiting. SA&FS should encourage independent thinking.

Also, more cultural studies courses (esp.  American studies, Chican@ studies, gender studies, Native american studies) need to be required for SA&FS students. There’s no way to understand a food system without grasping some of these ideas.
What do you wish you had known about the major and academic life?

To treat professors like people and not like gods. Professors are an invaluable resource and when we start seeing them as people, we can form legitimate relationships with them. Also, I wish I had done more of the class readings and went to more workshops and talks my first few years here.
In general?

To be self aware. To understand what values I hold and look at them critically, self-check, and make sure I’m never building ideas off of assumptions.

Everyone has a different style of learning. Most of the really important things I’ve learned haven’t been from lecture. I feel like I’ve learned most from conversations with other students and professors, and just making time for independent reading.
Future plans?

My plans change a lot. Hopefully current or past jobs and internships will take me somewhere, but I’m not in a rush to settle into anything. I am still fine-tuning the process. I really just want to work at a bookstore or aquarium.


SA&FS T-Shirts

SA&FS t-shirts are a thing and they are happening! 

For those of you looking to show off our amazing major, needing another PJ shirt, or looking for a first day of school outfit, we have you covered. 

First, we need to design them. That is where you come in. What better way to showcase the SA&FS community than through a shirt designed collectively?

Idea Submissions
If you have an idea for an image, color, slogan, or anything in between, please submit that here

Deadline: Now - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We know that you are busy working to finish this quarter, and so we are asking that by June 30 (2.5 weeks after finals) you submit your ideas. We understand, however, that good ideas do not always happen in time. If something comes to you, please feel free to submit past the deadline, but before the beginning of Fall Quarter 2015. 
Who's excited?!
*raises all hands available*
Internship Deadlines & Resources

The following dates are the deadlines for the internship paperwork. They are soon, we know, but we promise to do what we can to make sure that the deadlines aren't the reason for you not doing an internship. 
Summer & Fall Quarter 2015: June 4, 2015
Winter Quarter 2016: December 4, 2015
Spring Quarter 2016: March 14, 2016
Summer & Fall Quarter 2016: June 2, 2016

Note: You cannot enroll in more than 12 units of SAF 92/192 aka you will only receive credit for 12 units of SA&FS internships
Still looking for a summer internship?
Here are a few place where you can find some!

1. check out our website for a database of internships arranged by category
2. go through all of Galyna's emails—we know that the amount can be overwhelming at times, but she has forwarded some great opportunities to you!
3. check out the second issue of the Bi-Weekly Beet for more internship questions and answers and a list of internship sites

Reminder: Breathe!

Take advantage of the internship units allotted to get real-world experience in fields you are interested in. Don't settle with something you are uninterested in just to have the paperwork done in time. 
Upcoming Events
1. Sustainable Resource Operations Public Forum on Water Conservation: May 28
   6:30pm @ Olson 217
__The Overview
    "a place for students to come and ask questions and present ideas to help the campus conserve water during the drought and how to best accommodate Governor Brown's water reduction mandate"
2. Net Impact's Nourishing 9 Billion Solutions Lab: May 29
    9am - 1pm @ Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center, UC Davis
    >>register by May 27
__The Overview
    A collaborative event between students and mentors to ideate and create solutions to answer the question "What social solutions would produce more and more nutritious food with less waste while also conserving land?"

3. World Food Center Public Symposium: Food for a Healthy World: Monitoring Progress Towards Food Security: June 4
    8:30am - 12pm @ Student Community Center
    >>click here to RSVP
Study Hours
Every Wednesday & Thursday from 9am - 12pm in 140 Robbins 

What has been your favorite moment from this school year so far?
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