October 30, 2016
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An Interview with Macall Teague

Macall Teague
Track II: Food and Society
4th year, Transfer, 25

Shea and Allie: Why did you choose Track II?
I chose that track because I’m very much interested in growing food as a tool to create or stimulate community.  So ideally, I would love to do some urban agriculture in low income communities or public school systems. I grew up in a family that always had a garden. My grandpa lived in Tennessee, and so he had this massive plot of land and those some of the warmest memories I have, being out there with him. And so it was this profound thing for me, where I realized what a privilege it was that I had access to food and that it shouldn’t be a privilege. It should be a basic human right that you have access to that, because I think a lot of human issues we face today could be curbed or addressed through growing food. Growing food locally, being close, having that connection, or if you’re not growing it yourself, knowing who’s growing it, we’ve been so detached throughout the whole process. And it can bring people together in a very special way. So hopefully I can manifest that in my future.

S&A: So do you want to have a farm like your grandfather?
For a long time I just wanted to be a producer, and I think that’s really important and needed to do that, but I need some education component some social justice component, something beyond just growing food. I’m mostly interested in kid’s education, that’s why working in the Eco Garden is so great, because Carol is such a great resource. Definitely doing things on the farm, but I would love to go into schools, go into other people’s  territory, because I think it’s profound to come to you, but also when it’s their space, I want the kids to feel like it’s possible anywhere.

S&A: What made you choose SA&FS?
SA&FS encompasses everything that I want to learn. I thought I was going to do environmental horticulture. Horticulture is intense management of one plant, greenhouses, nursery work, it’s not as broad as I wanted. Davis in particular was attractive because it had the widest variety of majors that are ag-centric, and so specific. You can cater your education to what you want, without having to petition for it. The teachers that I’ve had have been so knowledgeable, so warm, so willing to help you and accommodate you, and make sure you are getting as much out of the courses that you can. It has a very intimate feeling, the professor knows you, you get to know your classmates. And I think that’s a really strong positive for the SA&FS major, that the professors facilitate community, classes like PLS 15, a lot of the class was geared towards that, I made friends because of that. Having that kind of support has been really helpful.

S&A: So overall, it’s been worth it.

S&A: Would you choose a different major?

S&A: What does the typical SA&FS student look like?
They are wearing Birkenstocks? They are…have a reusable water bottle. I don’t know!

S&A: Another way to ask the question, is do you think the stereotype of SA&FS students is true?
 I don’t. I don’t think that. I think there is a lot of diversity within our major, even just within my track, people want to take that in so many different directions. It’s obviously very insular and not the real world, but it’s really cool to see such a group of people who are educated and passionate and knowing that this group of people will be out in the world helping to effect change.

S&A: Something someone would be surprised to know?
I don’t know! No. I’ll mull over it…I love aliens and conspiracy theories. My favorite is that the shadow government and reptilian overlords are building a base under the Denver Airport. So good! Love it! It makes me feel giddy. So if you see me at a party, talk to me about aliens!

A Fireside Chat with Tom Tomich
It is that time of the year again, Veggies! Come join us as we sit fireside with Tom Tomich this Thursday. Bring friends to join the conversation! 

What to look forward to! 
1. Getting to know your professor (Tom teaches ESP 191A & ESP 191B aka the SA&FS Capstone Course) and Track III advisor in a casual setting
2. Networking with your professor and engage in the SA&FS community in a low pressure setting
3. Meeting students within SA&FS that share interests similar to yours
4. Checking out Delta of Venus if you have never been!
5. Fueling your post-midterm brain with free snacks and warm drinks

See you there!
Pass One Is Upon Us...
As you are scheduling you classes for next quarter, be sure to consider the following list of SA&FS classes that are only offered in Winter.

Track I
ARE 121*, PLS 190*, PLS 2*
ABT 52, ABT 101, PHI 14, ANS 129, ARE 147, EVE 101

Track II
ARE 121*, PLS 190*, PLS 2*
ABT 52, ABT 101, PHI 14, SOC 46B, AMS 101G, AMS 156, HIS 108/HIS 109A, ANT 104N, ARE 147, ARE 176, CRD 142, ESP 179, NAS 162, WMS 104

Track III
ARE 121*, PLS 190*, PLS 2*
ABT 52, ABT 101, PHI 14, SOC 46B, ANT 104N, ARE 147, ARE 176, CRD 142,  ESP 179

*these courses are required for the major. All other courses are only offered in Winter, but the major allows you to take other classes

Green courses are the most recent updates to the major evaluation form. If you have courses in depth subject matter that still need to be fulfilled, you can take these courses to satisfy this requirement. If you currently are enrolled in a depth subject matter class that was on the previous major evaluation form, it will still count for the major.
Don't Forget: Apply To Join The Advising Team!

Peer Advisor
Application Deadline: November 26, 2016
Apply Here! 

Peer Internship Coordinator
Application Deadline: Extended! (Nov 6th)
Apply Here! 
Discover ASI: This Beet's Feature
Sad this beet is almost over? Check out the latest feature on ASI, the Beet archive! Take a trip down memory lane and see how much goes on in the SA&FS major.

Note: The Beets will be updated on a quarterly basis
Wheel Have A Good Time!
Always wanted to do the Bike Loop? Never had the chance? All of that is about to change.

The members of Responsible Eating: Students for Sustainable Agriculture (RE:SSA) will be biking the Davis Bike Loop, making stops at the Cannery and Student Farm on Saturday, November 5th at 12pm. 

Want to join? Meet at the corner of 14th St. and Oak St. We will be eating lunch at the Arboretum halfway through the ride. Bring your lunch, your bike (helmet too!) and wheel let the good times roll! 
Upcoming Events

Davis Wetlands Tour
Saturday, November 5th
3-5pm @ Wastewater Treatment Plant
"Esplore the City of Davis' crown jewel of wetlands habitat. Join trained docents on a 2-hour excursion through the wetlands and learn how it's able to treat wastewater while supporting an abundance of wildlife."
Food As A Metaphor
Monday, November 7
12-1pm @ Memorial Union Garrison Room (upstairs)

"The 2016-2017 Campus Community Book Project, featuring Raj Patel's Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System, invites you to a lecture by Karma Waltonen, Lecturer, University Writing Program, entitled "Food as Metaphor." 
Complex Relationships: Farm Labor Contractors/Employees
Monday, November 7
4-5pm @ Center for Health and Environment Conference Room 

California Farm Labor Contractor Association representative Lupe Sandoval presents a lecture on the complex relationships between Farm Labor Contractors and Employees. 
Sustainable Living and Learning Community Workshops
Resources & Planning
Wednesday, Nov 9th
5-6:30pm @ the Student Farm Shop

"The Student Farm is part of a broader community called the SLLC. Come learn and discuss about the SLLC's background, sustainability, and food awareness."    
Veggie of the Week

Yes, we know it's a fruit. But, persimmons!

You, voted and we listened. This Beet's Veggie of the Week (VOTW) is the persimmon!

Fun Facts About Persimmons
1. Persimmon trees can reach 70 feet tall.
2.  While there are 2,000 varieties of persimmons, only two are commercially available: hachiya and fuyu.
3. Fresh and dry persimmons leaves can be used to make tea!
4. If not completely ripe, a persimmon will taste fuzzy, like an artichoke. 
5. The Chinese use persimmon fruit as a metaphor for human life: tasteless and bitter when too young, soft and sweet once mature.

What is all the hype about? Try the following sweet and savory recipe and find out! 

You can vote on the VOTW on the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Facebook group on a Bi-Weekly Basis. 

Filing For Graduation?
Graduating this upcoming Winter, Spring or Summer? Come talk to us to ensure your study plan is up to date and on its way to completion. 

Winter deadline to file for graduation or commencement: Nov 8th-Dec 2nd (last day of classes)

Dates & Deadlines
General Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: Dec 2
SA&FS Internship Deadlines
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Fall credit: Dec 2
  • Fall quarter internship meeting three: Nov 3, 6-7pm @ Bowley 101
  • Fall quarter internship meeting four: Nov 16, 7-8pm @ Bowley 101
  • submit approval form to receive units for an internship you are completing in Winter: Dec 2
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Winter credit: March 17
  • submit approval form to receive units for an internship you are completing in Spring: March 17
  • turn in final reflection and internship paper for Spring credit: June 8
Next Beet: November 13th
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