In this Issue
  • SA&FS Meet-Up: Alumni Panel & SA&FS Post-College
  • Save the Dates: Cover Letter Workshop & Sustainable Meat Production Panel
  • An Interview with Alexandra "Sasha" Strohkendl 
  • Introducing the SA&FS Checklist: A Roadmap to Complete the Major! 
  • SA&FS Capstone Projects to Be Archived on SA&FS Website
  • On Our Radar: UC Center Speaker Series & Global Tea Initiative Colloquium 
  • Dates & Deadlines: Quarter, Internship, & Spring & Summer 2016 Graduation
  • Thank You, Will, for Sitting with Us Fireside!
What Can I Do with a SA&FS Degree?

Are you a first year student and already panicked about post-graduation life? Are you graduating in the near future and stressing about your next steps? Tired of your friends and family asking what you can do with your SA&FS degree? Tired of not fully knowing how to respond? Us, too! 

Genna Lipari (Class of 2012), Scott Dunbar (Class of 2014), Nicole Heitkam (Class of 2015), and Kristen Murphy (Class of 2015) will be discussing their experiences in the major and how their undergraduate education aided in their transition from college to career. 

Why should I come?
1. to hear how SA&FS graduates have transitioned from the major to their current vocation
2. to discuss how the major prepared these alumni and is preparing your peers for post-graduate life

2. to network with these alumni & to reunite with those that you know
3. to meet fellow SA&FS students 
4. to snack! 

Please join us one week from Friday for a panel, Q&A, and discussion with SA&FS alumni. We would love to snack, discuss, and stress out a little with you!

SA&FS Alumni Panel
Friday, May 13
6:00 - 7:30pm @ Eco Garden, UC Davis

In order for us to best gauge the volume of snacks to prepare, please RSVP here by May 11! 

Ecological Garden, UC Davis, CA (lower left hand corner; orange marker)

As always, do your best over these next couple weeks and know that you can always stop by the office, email us, or stop us anytime for support.

Summer Brains,
Shea & Kenna


Save The Date: Cover Letter Workshop as a collaboration between SA&FS and the Internship and Career Center on Tuesday, May 17 at 4:00 - 5:00pm at 229 South Hall.  

Save The Date: Sustainable Meat Production Panel as a collaboration between SA&FS and Animal Science on Thursday, May 19 at 1:30 - 2:30pm at 1138 Meyer Hall
An Interview with
Alexandra "Sasha" Strohkendl

Name: Alexandra "Sasha: Strokendhl 
Track: III
Year: 4th
Age: 22

Shea & Kenna: What brought you to SA&FS?
Sasha: I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go to college. I was flirting with the idea of starting a restaurant. My newest idea is to start a fermentation café and have sourdough bread and kombucha and serve assorted pickles—pickled anything—I think it’d be so cool! All I need is people who don’t mind the smell of pickles!

My alter ego is this bully patrol lady, and I’m really big on being around good people and helping good people and helping people to become good people. It’s almost childish, but I think there’s something cool about calling an adult a bully.

I just want to be really careful about the people I end up working with and serving. I want to serve nice people who want it, people who enjoy food, want to have a connection with food—I don’t want to just provide for those who can pay for it.

S&K: What is your connection with food today?
Sasha: That’s a tricky question! It acts as so many different things for me. The actual act of cooking is still really prominent in my life but food has also brought me closer to people and growing food has also brought me closer to people. I associate food more with community than I ever have before, which is really cool, and I think that will definitely shape where I go in the future years. Feeding people, growing food for people, fermenting food with people.

S&K: Is there anything you wish had been present to help you find community within SA&FS?
Sasha: Yeah, that it’s okay to not know the answers. I think I felt very naïve, especially in comparison to some of the upper classmen in our major. I felt like they had all the answers and knew where they were going and I felt very sad about all the things I was learning regarding our food and system and I don’t have the answers and I don’t feel like I’m a big stakeholder. So I feel like if I could reassure myself that it’s okay to not know everything and to just be willing to learn. I’m still naïve; I’ve just accepted it and learned to work with it now.

S&K: Is there anything from SA&FS you think was missing?
Sasha: No. I’m not an idealist, I don’t like to think of what things could have been. I appreciate them for what they are and this major has been incredible. Now that everything has culminated, I’m so proud of everything we’ve done as a graduating class, and especially what we’re going to go out and do! I’m passionate about education and I know there are ways to promote sustainability outside of the traditional academic means.

S&K: What are your goals for the future?
Sasha: I just want to remain true to my ideals and my values. I don’t have solid future plans. Long term maybe starting a funky little café that features fermented food or starting a land based learning center. I’m still learning and absorbing, just in different ways.  

Want to know more about Sasha? Read the full interview here

SA&FS Checklist:
Roadmap to Major Completion
Click to enlarge. 
Spring quarter is a busy quarter, and SA&FS has a lot of requirements. But have no fear! We have developed a checklist in hopes that this resource will make the SA&FS major requirements easier to manage.

What is the SA&FS Checklist? A roadmap with all the steps needed to successfully complete the SA&FS major.
Why do I need this? This is a useful sheet that will keep you on task with your major in the midst of a busy college life!
How do I get this magical PDF? Click here or go to> programs-> SA&FS major -> Academic Planning Resources -> General Advising

Archiving SA&FS Capstone Projects
With the school year coming to a close, several of our seniors are happy to announce the completion of their Capstone Projects.

What is the Senior Capstone? In this UCD course, seniors collaborate and work with a team over two quarters on a project of their interests that benefits the community.
Why should I check these out? For inspiration about your own capstone project, to learn about recent initiatives that have been addressed by our student community, and to see what our awesome seniors have worked so hard on this year!
How will this be used? This will become professional resource for graduates that want to have a link to their project on a UCD website!

Check on the SA&FS website this week to learn more about how our seniors:
  • Addressed needs of UC Davis Edible Landscapes
  • Enhanced the SA&FS department
  • Incentivized Yolo County residents to pursue proper waste management
  • Addressed the needs of elementary schools in sustaining a school garden program
  • Sought ways to connect farmers to veterans
For future purposes, this site will be navigated on the ASI website ( by clicking “Senior Capstone Project” and then navigating the projects by course year.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or drop into the SA&FS advising office!
See office hours and contact information at the bottom of this Beet 

UC Center Speaker Series: Antibiotics in Livestock Production
"The UC Center Food and Agriculture Series is a three week series brought to you through the collaboration of UCCS and the UC Global Food Initiative. The Global Food Initiative aligns the UC’s research to explore solutions to issues of food security, health and sustainability."
Antibiotics in Livestock Production:
The Intersection of Human and Animal Health

Thursday, May 12
12:00 - 1:00pm @ Room LL3, UC Center Sacramento
RSVP here! 

There are many more events as part of the UC Center's Speaker Series with topics including race and education, plastic store bags, and the intersection of climate change and agriculture. See the full list here. 
Global Tea Initiative Colloquium 
 "The Inaugural Colloquium of the UC Davis Global Tea Initiative, 'The Basics of Tea: Tea and People,' features talks by leading international experts, followed by a Q&A session:
  • Purple Clay Pots: Zisha Ware of Yixing
  • Tea and Its Cultivars
  • The Potential Positive Cardiovascular Effects of Tea
  • Making Tea, Making Japan" 
The Basics of Tea: Tea and People
Thursday, May 12
3:00 - 7:00pm @ ARC Ballroom
RSVP here!

Dates & Deadlines

Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: June 2
Internship Deadlines
  • last day to submit SAF 092/192 Internship Approval Form for Summer & Fall quarter: June 2 (last day of class)
Graduation Dates & Deadlines
  • Filing period for Summer 2016 graduation: June 1 - July 22
  • SA&FS Graduation Ceremony: June 10 
  • Spring Quarter UC Davis Graduation Ceremony: June 10
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