In this Issue
  • Fireside Chat ft. Track III Advisor Tom Tomich 
  • Interview with Kevin Gavigan
  • Save the Date: CRD 20 Gallery Tour & SA&FS Finals Week Study Hours
  • Thank You, Ryan, for Sitting with Us Fireside! 
  • On Our Radar: Indigenous Research Center of the Americas' Documentary Screening & Discussion on Terra Preta Soils in Peru
  • SA&FS Academic Resources Now Available Outside 1303 Hart
  • Quarter Deadlines 
Economics, Policy, & Sustainability
The weather outside is getting colder and our love for fires is getting warmer (hehe). Thank you to Ryan for kicking off our Fireside Chats! As we're dreaming of summer weather—it's been two weeks?!—it only feels natural to enjoy a beach bonfire* with Tom.  
Why should I come?
1. to get to know your professor (Tom teaches ESP 191A & ESP 191B aka the SA&FS Capstone Course) and Track III advisor in a casual setting
2. to network with your professor and engage in the SA&FS community in a low pressure setting
3. to meet students within SA&FS that share interests similar to yours
4. to check out Delta of Venus if you have never been!
5. to fuel your post-midterm brain with free snacks and warm drinks

Please join us to learn a bit more about Tom's background in sustainable agriculture. Within this, he will explain his passion for bridging the gap between economics, policy, and sustainability. 

Fireside Chat ft. Tom Tomich: Economics, Policy, & Sustainability
Friday (this Friday!), November 20
4 - 5pm @ Delta of Venus (maps below)
As always, do your best over these next couple weeks and know that you can always stop by the office, email us, or stop us anytime for support.

See you Friday (we know!),
Shea & Kenna

*fire not included
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Interview with Kevin Gavigan

Kevin: I wanted to mix man-econ with plant science. That’s what I wanted to achieve with Track III.

Shea & Kenna: Do you feel like you achieved that?

Yesespecially with how we do the restricted electives. It allowed me to have a little bit of flexibility with our very strict 144 unit major.

Do you have a focus for restricted electives?

Well, Tom told me that there are two ways to go about it: you can dip your toe in everything and see what you want to do or you can go very specific and do a mini minor. I went the broad range.
So I took History 11B and I looked at Greece and its Mediterranean climate, all the wars, and how the political office changed. Helpful if I want to farm in this climate. Also, Spiritocus was a great teacher. I’m taking other [courses], like right now I’m in trees and forests, so seeing how forestry works and if I want to do anything with an orchard, I’d know how trees worked. For the rest, I want to dip my toe in economic development, get into the business side of things. Especially with ARE being such a great major here. Talking to the track advisers is so helpful, they’ll give you a great way to go.
What's been your favorite class here?

SSC 10 with Randy Dahlgren. How he teaches the class is really pertinent to SA&FS. The whole point of farming is making the soil healthy. His class is like the whole background of the whole major, whether everyone likes to admit it or not.  He is such a cool dude. We could talk about anything after class. We talked about football for like two hours one time, because he went to North Dakota State, and they’re really good. He’s the one who got me into switching to SA&FS, because I originally came in as a economics/political science kind of guy.
What were your expectations for the major?

I originally thought it was going to be a lot more conventional agriculture and learning about farms.
Do you wish the major met your expectations?

I think they met them and they’ve changed in a good way. It might be the fact that I just really like it; it’s gotten better as I’ve gotten into it. I’d say the worst part about it is initially getting into it and having to deal with calculus. The variety, the classes are so different; it’s terrible and it’s great. It makes sense that you do them, but I haven’t used them since.

Do you know what you want to do with SA&FS?

I have a lot of different routes I would like to take. I want to apply for an MBA or a JDA program, to go to business school or law school. With that, I might try to have the military pay for it, so I’d either go into the military for a law route or jump out of planes and do crazy stuff like that for like five years because why not?

You can find Kevin at the UC Davis Football game this Saturday at 2:30pm at Sacramento State! Go Aggies! Woo! 
Save the Date:
CRD 20 Gallery Tour
Ah, CRD 20. We remember taking this course and all of the emotion that came with it. An entire quarter of work that culminates into a final reflection project that maybe maybe you show to your peers. 

Why not put those pieces on display? Why not share your work with the larger community and use the space to reflect and discuss in a way that feels comfortable to you? 

We are incredibly excited to announce the first CRD 20 Gallery Tour of many—hopefully! 

CRD 20 Gallery Tour
Friday, December 11
2 - 3pm @ TBD

The Breakdown
1. a space for current and past CRD 20 students to present their final project—whatever that may be (e.g. sculpture, poem)
2. breaking away from a typical lecture format, you can walk around the gallery and take in the work at your own pace, all while listening to whomever is speaking/singing/poetry-slamming
3. food and drinks provided, as usual

Please join us for a night—day?—of class, sass, and reflection. Stay tuned for more details!
Save the Date:
SA&FS Finals Week Study Hours

Because finals are a thing, we will be offering SA&FS Study Hours in lieu of our last Meet-Up. 
Study Hours
Sunday, December 6
11:00am - 3:00pm @ SCC (Room TBD)

Join us for free testing supplies, brain food, and caffeine. Free study buddies, too! 
Thank You, Ryan,
For Sitting with Us Fireside!
Holla at those who were able to stay late enough for the picture! Thank you to all of you that joined us!

For those unable to make it, the following is a list of sustainably produced chocolatiers included in Ryan's research:

1. Madecasse
2. TCHO 
3. Guittard Chocolate Company

You can find these companies' chocolate in Davis at Cost Plus, Whole Foods, Nugget, or the Davis Co-op. Meet you there!
Documentary Screening on Terra Preta Soils in Peru
The Indigenous Research Center of the Americas (IRCA), the Department of Native American Studies, and the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas (HIA) are hosting a pretty fertile—new slang word?—event next Tuesday:
Documentary & Discussion
Tuesday, November 24
4:00 - 5:15pm @ 3201 Hart Hall

Anthropologist and filmmaker Professor Frédérique Apffel-Marglin will be screening her half hour documentary on some of the most "sustainable soil in the world." Subsequently, she will lead a discussion on how her nonprofit Sachamama is "revitalizing the cultivation of these black soils, "terra preta," in Peru. 
SA&FS Academic Resources Now Located Outside 1303 Hart Hall

Need a Track Evaluation Form or a Restricted Electives form in a pinch? Check out the hallway outside the SA&FS Advising Office aka 1303 Hart Hall! 

Quarter Deadlines
  • Last day to drop courses with a PTD, add courses with a PTA, & submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal form: December 4
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