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Happy Easter!

One of the things I love most about fantasy, is that it’s not bound by anything but the author’s imagination.  Fantasy can take us anywhere, any time—if we can imagine it, we can write it.  That doesn’t mean fantasy has to be completely outlandish and unrecognizable.  Some of the best fantasy writers are adept at taking what we perceive as stale bits of reality, and giving them a fresh perspective, breathing new life into the overly familiar.
In doing so, they leave us profound truths to discover, or re-discover, because for fantasy we can set aside our pre-conceptions, and bring down inner barriers.  We’re expecting—rather demanding—something new, and different.  We anticipate that our assumptions will be challenged by a reality much different from our own.  The most beloved works of fantasy do not abuse that openness we bring as readers.  Instead they blend the fantastical with the familiar, so that within its framework we can still find something to connect to that makes the world, story, and characters relatable.  We find reflections of what we already know; perhaps distorted, and layered with different colors and shapes, but still real enough that we can find meaning capable of touching our everyday lives. 

In my own fantasy world, holiday celebrations are one such point of connection.  The Winter Festival at the beginning of Ancient Voices, reflects many medieval Christmas traditions along with the greater message of the season.  Later on in the book, the Festival of Life mimics Easter—a more somber holiday that incorporates reverence and ritual, with inner reflection and gratitude.  Yet they remain but reflections; their truths embellished by elements unique to that world rather than our own.  For every earthly tradition I borrowed for inspiration, two more I made up to match my fantasy world’s history and culture.  Readers can either take them at face value—imaginary holidays in an imaginary place.  Or they can choose to delve in deeper, finding layers of meaning to inform their real life spiritual journeys.
What makes your favorite fantasy worlds lovable, and meaningful to you?  Can you figure out where the author has taken the reality we know, and made it into something new?  Something layered with meaning that continues to feed your spirit each time you visit? It might not be as easy as you think. 

- Allison D. Reid
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Did you know Easter eggs had a part in medieval festivities as well? Eggs were boiled in salt water to preserve them during Lent, when eating them was forbidden.  They made their re-appearance on Easter, sometimes painted or dyed for the occasion--usually red to symbolize the blood of Christ.  Children made games of rolling them downhill, or they were hidden (and found) to represent  the disciples finding Jesus' empty tomb.  Egg coloring could be as simple as boiling them with onions to give them a golden color, or they could actually be decorated with gold leaf, as Edward I did with his Easter eggs in 1290. 
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