12 - 14 January 2019
Dear Friends,

Please join Carolyn and myself at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference 12-14 January 2019. We are so looking forward to the energy of Uluru and the wonderful people that will be there. We're particularly looking forward to the Inma Dance that the local Anangu elders will perform exclusively for us the night before the Conference.

The conference tickets include all 3 days of the conference, as well as the welcome reception the night before. This is a breakdown:
  • Welcome Reception on 11 January 2019 - Meet our speakers and mingle with fellow soul travelers, enjoying Bush Tucker inspired canapes and a traditional Inma Dance performed by local Anangu.
  • Morning and afternoon tea each day - Healthy and interesting snacks to keep your energy up, served at the Meeting Place foyer.
  • Catered lunch - A sumptuous lunch served in the Meeting Place foyer, you can find a sunny spot outside or mingle with your new friends in the conference room.
  • 3 days of Conferencing - Benefit from 3 full days of content-packed conferencing including powerful presentations and workshops.
  • 2 Cosmic Skywatching Sessions - Enjoy our phenomenal skywatches with more sightings than you've ever seen before under the canopy of outback stars.
Kathryn and Mick have also organised an amazing overnight outback adventure at Cave Hill - this is something that has taken them a LOT of negotiating to do. Cave Hill is the sacred rock art site that depicts the story of the Pleiadian Seven Sisters songline. It can be accessed only via 4WD with permission and a permit. To find out more about this unique opportunity available to Cosmic Consciousness Conference delegates only, read more: CAVE HILL- CLICK HERE

As a speaker at this event, Mick and Kathryn have given me discretion to invite people and offer a 10% discount of the conference ticket price. So if you do decide to register, you can simply type in: MICHAEL at the checkout and it will deduct $111 from the price of the ticket. 

I highly recommend you read this article: CLICK HERE - it is a very informative article about how to book your flights, accommodation and conference tickets and sets it all out for you with step by step help.

If you have any questions at all, you can call Kathryn on 0424 251 455.

In Love and Light,

Be uplifted and truly inspired by Michael at Uluru 2019!

Michael's Opening Keynote Presentation - What is Cosmic Consciousness?
The term ‘cosmic’ consciousness rolls easily off the tongue, but what does it really mean? What does the term imply? In this talk Michael will explore consciousness on a New World holistic level. All life is the evolution of consciousness. Nature is the natural evolution of consciousness, while humanity is the creative evolution of consciousness. But what are we doing with our creativity? Our growth in consciousness as a species is on hold, but with the new heightened frequencies sweeping our planet, major change is here . . .  now.
Michael's Closing Keynote Presentation - From Illusion to Enlightenment
The terms ‘illusion' and ‘enlightenment' are familiar to people on their spiritual path, but not so many people are conscious of what the illusion actually is. If they were to realise that almost their whole life is lived in illusion, they would either be shocked, or disagree. In this talk Michael will outline the illusion that engulfs most peoples daily lives.  Michael will also discuss how to make the journey from the shadowy world of illusion into the clarity of spiritual enlightenment.
"This is now the third time Michael will speak at our one of our conferences. I remember the first time he spoke at the Afterlife Explorers Conference. He was the closing keynote speaker. He needed no presentation, no props. In fact, he barely moved. He stood with hands in pocket and yet everyone was spellbound by the wisdom, the words, and the healing that comes through him. You could hear a pin drop that afternoon, as everyone sat silent and still in awe of this man. Michael is 81 years old, yet looks 20 years younger. His beautiful wife Carolyn, says he keeps on getting younger! We are very excited to have Michael join us again, this time at Uluru. You don't want to miss this!”
Kathryn Hand
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