Dear Friends,

We leave in five short weeks on our 2019 Tour and are looking forward to new adventures and connecting with old and new friends.  Here are some some points of interest:
  • In addition to three talks and an Intensive in the Netherlands, we have a very special 1-DAY GATHERING this year, organised by Irene and Andre and open to all people who have previously attended a 5-day Intensive or Retreat. Come celebrate Michael’s 30th year of presenting internationally, Irene and Andre’s 10th year of organising, and Michael’s 82nd birthday with a very special luncheon, presentations by Michael, and a concert with Nanne and Ankie. A fun reunion!
  • The German Intensive is sold out, but there are still openings in Austria where we’ve moved into the large and lovely ballroom at our venue. There are also openings in Switzerland for the Intensive and 3-day Nature Seminar . . . all with German translation.
  • The French Intensive is also sold out, but there are still spaces left for the 3-day Nature Seminar.
  • The Intensive in Guadeloupe will have French translation, as Sophie will be traveling with us again this year. We invite all our friends in America and Canada to come on down, as this is our only North American event in 2019, and in a very special location. Sylvie, our organiser, owns a wonderful and very unique tropical venue and spa overlooking the crystal waters of the Caribbean.
  • The UK Intensive this year is a full 5-days on Nature and Oneness. Nanne and Ankie will also be joining us!
  • We kick off the tour right here in Australia with a 3-day Nature Seminar, 8-10 March. Our Oz Intensive is again in August, and we wrap things up for this year in Japan in November.
Here is the link for details and registrations for these events and more . . . we very much hope you will join us!

With all our Love,
Carolyn and Michael
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2019 will celebrate my 30th year of traveling the world as a spiritual teacher. Interestingly, last year, 2018, the comment was made several times that I am "not just another spiritual teacher." True . . . I am not. However, the comment does imply that many spiritual seekers find that some spiritual teachers are just people who have read the text and can speak the words, but they do not walk their talk.
“What we experienced at the Intensive goes way beyond most of the teachings that are available these days . . . nothing comes even close to the simplicity, truth and depth of what Michael teaches. He is a true spiritual teacher, one who has experienced everything that he talks about and teaches.” Nancy H., Botswana, Africa
A spiritual teacher should fully embody and live their teachings. They should carry an enlightened consciousness of never-ending growth.
“Thank you for an exceptional 5 days. I have done several spiritual seminars over the past 17 years, none anywhere as long and absolutely no where near as empowering or life changing to the core of ones being as these past few days. I most humbly thank you for reconnecting me to my true essence.” David W., AUS
For me, this translates as my Love for my family of human souls and my passion for teaching and spreading unconditional Love. As I grow, so my teachings change flavour, and as you grow, so you will continually taste the new flavours of Truth.
Michael J. Roads
"When I talked to a friend about going to the Intensive I used the words ‘It will change my life.' . . . I had never thought it would be so profound. . . . there is no going back after feeling the Love completely. The intensive has given me a profound, joyous and beautiful change. Thank you, thank you, thank you – my endless thanks to you.” Manuela, NL

What will you gain?

Through a series of experiential inner-exercises, personally developed and fine-tuned over decades of spiritual teaching, you will be guided into letting go of the fears, false beliefs and subconscious programs that anchor you, often unknowingly, to anger, blame, stress, anxiety, loneliness and feelings of being unfulfilled. Even those who have a full and enriching life so often feel deep down that something is missing. These unsettling undercurrents all stem from the same root: disconnection. A disconnection from Self, from conscious awareness, from the Truth of your Being . . . from Life.
"Since coming home the physical recovery for me has been almost too great to express in words. The fears I released and re-patterned in the inner-exercises literally melted my body, which today I believe has had me frozen in fear since before birth. The body pain I have suffered for over 30 years, which has been getting progressively worse, is 75-80% gone. How blessed I feel for having met you.” Shirley H., ONT, Canada
The transformation of consciousness that the Intensive can provide will take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary in five days.  It will vastly improve your relationship with yourself, with life, with health, with abundance . . . with everything.
"Prior to attending your intensive my head was full of spiritual knowledge, and now my heart is full of LOVE. Words are unable to express my wonder and gratitude. From head to heart in five awesome days!” — Sharon W., QLD, AUS
Through these inner-exercises, dialogue and lots of fun and laughter, you can awaken to the Truth that is already deep in your heart and move into an ease and flow of daily life that will not only enrich your life, but enrich the lives of people all around you. This is the next step of our human evolution, of the transformation of our species.
"I had a magnificent experience at the Intensive, and I am so very happy to have taken part in it. . . . and I am Changing! The Intensive was like a catalyst, helping me to see myself more clearly, helping me to realise the depth of those mistaken beliefs . . . and I can tell you, this is an amazing improvement in my world . . .” Thomas F., Netherlands
I invite you to join us during the 2019 Intensive Tour and experience the power of reconnection. I can humbly state that whatever your circumstances, it will not only hugely and directly improve your own life, it will also make the world a better place in general . . . as together we move from illusion to enlightenment.

Please join us!

In Love and Light,
Michael and Carolyn
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