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It was 20 years ago, in October 1996, that I created our first newsletter. At that time I was Michael’s USA organiser and the newsletter was posted in the mail since we had no email, website, links, Facebook, webinars, YouTubes, live interviews and the plethora of online communications available today. I made each issue unique and, in my humble opinion, pleasing to the eye, with hand-drawn accents, stamped borders and highlights, and whatever else I could conjure up to make them more like ‘letters-from-home’ than corporate creations. Over the years, just like the rest of us, the newsletter has evolved in its own way, and this issue marks the start of a new, trimmed-down MailChimp version. I’d already been considering this and when my new computer would not install the old template program, it was a clear message. I just love how life works! (I also love how indispensable Maarten is always right there to help!) So we trust this new format will make for easier reading, and of course the content is still ‘classic Michael’. Enjoy! . . . and please share!

With lots of Love,

In this issue:

  • October Webinar Information
  • Dealing with Sadness
  • The Growth of Consciousness in Nature
  • Confidence, Truth and Humility
  • Why do we torture ourselves?
  • Comfort Zones
  • In Every Moment of our Lives ... We Create!
  • Also ... New Books ... 2017 International Tour Schedule


The title may seem like an odd statement, but not so. Life lives in the movement of the moment, all Nature, all creation . . . but where is humanity? Humanity is split, divided into two expressions. There is the metaphysical Self, in the movement of the moment, and there is the physical self, lost in the physical world of our perception. Why is there so much poverty in the world? Because people are focused into the dream world of our creation, rather than the greater reality wherein lies abundance. How to be in the place of abundance is the basis of my webinar.
DATE: Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 10AM,
Amsterdam (Netherlands), CEST, UTC+2 hours

This date equals:

  • Brisbane, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 6PM, AEST, UTC+10 hours
  • Denver, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 2AM, MDT, UTC-6 hours
  • Los Angeles, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 1AM, PDT, UTC-7 hours
  • New York, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 4AM, EDT, UTC-4 hours
  • London, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 9AM, BST, UTC+1 hour
  • Berlin, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 10AM, CEST, UTC+2 hours
  • Geneva, 15 October 2016 at 10AM, CEST, UTC+2 hours
  • Vienna, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 10AM, CEST, UTC+2 hours
  • Paris, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 10AM, CEST, UTC+2 hours
  • Oslo, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 10AM, CEST, UTC+2 hours
  • Lisbon, Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 9AM, WEST, UTC+1 hour
  • Corresponding UTC (GMT) Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 08:00:00
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The webinar will be live from Brisbane where we have the availability of a high speed fiber optic broadband connection. Compared to our previous webinars, video and audio quality can be expected to be much better.

Recording: A recorded version will be available for all participants. You can watch the recorded version at a convenient time for you.

Length: 60-90 minutes, with 15 minutes for Questions & Answers at the end of the talk.


Please use the 'Register' button on the left to register and pay for the October Webinar.

Cost: The cost will be AUD $19.95. Payment can be done via PayPal or your Debit or Credit Card. At checkout AUD $19.95 will be converted to your local currency. AUD $19.95 is approximately US $15 or EURO 13.50.

After we have received your order and payment you will receive an email with a download link to our letter containing all the details on how to access and view the webinar.

Consciousness Column

Dealing with Sadness

Not unnaturally, I get asked many questions. One recent question that rather surprised me was a very simple one: Do you ever feel sad? If so, how do you deal with it?

An enlightened person is not free from emotions, but equally, they are not attached to them in the way of most people. I remember the moment when I first became enlightened. Although that moment is now many years ago in linear time, the eternal moment of enlightenment continues and expands in the eternal moment of now. First came enormous joy and freedom, both soaring from within me like great birds flying free into the vastness of an endless sky . . . to be immediately followed by gales of laughter.

I will always remember that laughter. I laughed as though I had never laughed before. It was the laughter of a huge release, as though I had long struggled with some vast cosmic joke that I simply did not understand . . . and suddenly I did. I laughed because I was the cosmic joke; it was all about me!

After three days of occasional loud laughter, and almost endless chuckling, I began to calm down. For those three days I was so aware that the joke was on me, and every memory of my earlier life struggles that I cared to explore brought forth more laughter.

About a month later I began to feel the sadness of humanity.

This was painful. Nobody should ever have to feel the overwhelming sadness of humanity. I did not know why I felt this sad, lonely and desolate energy so very powerfully, nor did I know how to deal with it. Gradually I began to realise that for lifetimes I had lived within a fairly negative focus, and this was my habitual focus coming back to me.

For a while I allowed myself to deeply feel the sadness, to gain the compassion for a hurting humanity that it offered, to go into the bleakness and isolation and know that this was no longer a place of entrapment for me. So for a few months I endured it, not wishing to run away, yet knowing that this was no longer a representation of my energy, of me. This was my choice, to experience and connect with this chilling sadness while knowing that it was rather like visiting a snow storm from a previous winter season.

Yet, it was no longer my season.

One morning when I woke up, once again feeling the sadness of humanity, I shifted my focus elsewhere. I focused on the peace and freedom I was feeling; the utter lack of anxiety, the complete absence of worry, and made the decision that I would no longer focus on the sadness. In that state of peace and freedom, I felt the joy of humanity.

I do a lot of flying in aircraft. When we take off, we invariably fly through thick layers of cloud, before we emerge into the brilliant sunshine high above. And that brilliance is always there. It was rather like this. No matter how thick the clouds of human misery and suffering, no matter how dense the sadness, above all this is the brilliance of human joy. And it is always there, far far higher than the clouds in which most people are entrapped.

Yes, I had felt sadness, and I changed it by changing my focus.

When my late wife laid aside her body ten years ago, I plunged down into the clouds once more. I hurt too much to fly higher. The emotional attachments that I had created and which held me to her were heavy weights that dragged me down into the place of sadness. This is considered normal for humanity! And unfortunately, it is normal . . . but it is not our true nature. It is based purely in emotional attachments. These attachments are not bad, or wrong, but they do bind us into the illusion and deeply connect us with human suffering. They do maintain the sadness clouds.

It took me a year to accept that I was as deeply emotionally attached as I was . . . and to let go. I also had to learn that emotional attachments are not Love. In truth, emotional attachments are fear based - a far cry from Love. And when I let go of the chains and anchors of attachment that we all like to call a fine and noble Love, I once again soared high above the clouds into the glorious light of freedom.

As you know; I am again married. But this time I am filled only with Love for Carolyn. I no longer need the emotional attachments that create our endless sadness; a sadness that lingers for as long as we remain in the murky realm of attachments. I can say with certainty that Love is a freedom song; a song that when you sing it to yourself will forever free you from all sadness, all attachments and all illusion.

In Love and Light,

Questions and Insights

The Growth of Consciousness in Nature


Question: How does Nature grow in consciousness?

Insight: First of all we need to realise that Nature and humanity are One. This suggests that there are several answers to this question, some direct which I mostly discuss in an Intensive, and others a bit more oblique. Put in the most direct and simple way possible it works like this: Any living plant or creature that lives consciously in the moment will grow in consciousness. Any creature that lives subconsciously out of the moment will not grow in consciousness.

This indicates that all Nature which lives in the moment; the place of consciousness, grows regardless of its relationship with life. Nature is life expressing a conscious relationship with itself.

It also indicates that humanity, of which it is estimated approximately ninety-four percent live predominantly subconsciously, is unable to grow in consciousness. We are required to be conscious to grow in consciousness. People have the strange idea that if they suffer enough, if they live through trauma and drama and survive, that this is a means of their growing in consciousness!

Wrong. We do not need to suffer. We do not need drama and trauma. It makes no difference whatsoever to our growing in consciousness. All we need to do is be present in the moment. To be conscious . . . simple, huh?

Nothing in Nature is an intellectual process . . . this includes us. Everything in Nature lives by a process of conscious intelligence . . . except us. We have developed into a species that lives from our subconscious intellect. Is it our intelligence that suggests it’s okay to pollute the oceans of the world? Is it our intelligence that suggests it’s okay to pollute the oceans of the world? Is it our application of intelligence that is rapidly making the atmosphere of the world's cities unbreathable? Is it our intelligence that has rendered most of the world's rivers undrinkable for us? . . . No, in every case it is our subconscious intellectual stupidity that allows such incomprehensible foolishness to continue unchecked.

Is there any intelligence behind our political structures in the world? No, of course not. I could continue like this for ages, but enough is enough. None of these crazy offerings by humanity offer any growth in consciousness. To grow in consciousness we simply have to be conscious of being conscious. This is the basis of what I teach in my Intensives . . . and how this is possible.


Why do we torture ourselves?

Question: Are we able to grow between earthly incarnations? If we can, why do we put ourselves through this earthly torture?

Insight: Actually, yes we are able to grow between incarnations, but this does not mean that we all do this. Just as the way our lives are not all lived as an equal expression of the soul we are, not all experiences between incarnations are the same. It is said that no two snowflakes are the same; whereas I can accept this, it is absolutely certain that no two human lives are identical. Holding hands with this goes the reality that the way each one of us dies is different, and not at all surprisingly, our non-physical discarnate lives are also different.

This is one of the great benefits of conscious spiritual growth. When you live consciously, you grow in consciousness. While it is obvious and apparent that this growth will affect your physical life, it is not so apparent or obvious that it will beneficially affect the process of laying aside your body, and the life you live between incarnations. One of the tenets by which you live is that in every moment of your life, you are creating the direction and the content of every moment of your life. Read this a few times and really digest it! It is one of the great, basically unrealised, principles of human Truth. And this tenet applies to you whether you are physically incarnate or not. You continue to be the soul you are living your life.

As for the question, why do we put ourselves through this earthly torture; why do you? To ask the question in those terms suggests that life has not been easy for you - but you are the creator of your life! Nevertheless, you are correct. For most people, earthly life is a form of torture. It was for me. But, I also came to accept that I was the torturer. I gradually came to the realisation that I did not like myself. I came to realise that my thoughts, my self-talk, was always negative, critical, and judgemental. This type of thinking goes hand-in-hand with a low level of negative emotions, and it is this potent brew of stinking thinking that creates the life we are living. Basically, we punish ourselves for crimes that were never committed.

So, my friend, it is my suggestion that you change your relationship with yourself. Banish the role of torturer, and take on the role of lover. Make yourself your very best friend. Think of yourself lovingly and respectfully, and develop a deep appreciation for the beautiful person you truly are. Forgive yourself every transgression, and sing your praises to yourself. And, as I am known to say and write, for yourself, constantly and consciously . . . choose Love!

Confidence, Truth and Humility

Question: At what point do we clarify confidence and truth with humility?

Insight: I can see what you are getting at . . . I think! Many people have the idea that humility is to be without ego, whereas being confident can often come across to other people as being egotistical. A sort of inverted conundrum!

First and foremost, what other people think of us is none of our business. Nobody can live in a way that meets all other people's approval. As a spiritual teacher, I am well aware that there are times when I must seem both arrogant and egotistical. This does not bother me. The people who are going to make judgements of me will do so regardless of what I say. This simply reflects the constant judgements they make of themselves. How could they not do this to me? We cannot live in a way that never makes other people uncomfortable. This is neither possible nor desirable. I always consider that if, at a public talk, a fair number of people are slightly reactive toward me, this indicates that I have shaken their complacency. That is a gift to them. Of course, many agree with most of what I say, indicating to me that they are progressing well in life.

I well remember, many years ago when I lived in a community, that people were often saying to me what a humble bloke Hunter Lilly was. Actually, he was a good friend of mine, but I was fairly sure that they were not telling him what a humble bloke I was! I was not well liked. I was anything but humble! I was too confronting, too much of a catalyst. Anyway, I decided that I would copy Hunter; he would be my role model on how to become humble.

About six months passed, and one day a guy named Peter told me that I was a changed man. “You have become humble,” he told me. I was ecstatic. Off I went down to the river to tell the river - my teacher - that I was now humble.

If a river could sneer at such news, this river sneered. “You have not become humble,” the river told me. “You have become insignificant.”

Intuitively and instantly, I knew this to be correct. I was now utterly insignificant. Six months of effort completely wasted.

“This is where you find humility,’ the river told me, and I felt it flowing through me, its power beyond all comprehension. I felt a power so great that I could have held the whole river valley high in the air, and in the midst of this power I was aware that this was me, yet far beyond me. The power was in me, but it was not my power.

“This is humility,” the river said. “Knowing your power and your greatness and yet never for a moment personalising it. The greatness is in who you are, not in who you think you are.”

I went back to being me . . . aggressive and arrogant, doing my best to hide the timid man who lived within the act. I had many more lessons to learn!
New Books

Available in early 2017 ...

Getting There - in Dutch: Uitgeverij Hajefa  - Click Here     

Insights of a Modern Mystic - in German: Hierophant-Verlag - Click Here

From Illusion to Enlightenment - New book by Michael coming in April 2017.
This is the book so many people have been waiting for. In it Michael fully explains what he teaches in his Intensives. It has a very simple story line, because Michael is a storyteller, and this is the way he imparts information and Truth. We both feel that this could ultimately be his defining work!
From Illusions to EnlightenmentExcerpt ... “Interestingly, yet inadvertently, living subconsciously creates stress in people’s lives, stress they are mostly unaware of. If you were able to see the stress with metaphysical vision, it looks rather like a shadow-self, and it is negative. Not negative because all such people are negative, but negative as in being polarised like a magnet. In a like manner, being conscious creates a positive effect. The long-term stress from our subconscious condition has a detrimental effect, shortening lives and causing illness. Of course, I am at risk of people not believing this, but unfortunately not believing something does not change the reality. And this is a reality that only a few people are aware of. The day will come when it is not X-rays and MRI scans and suchlike that will determine our condition, but metaphysical energy scans.”
    “So . . . being subconscious does not mean that we are compelled to be a negative person?” Anita asks. “I need that clarified.”
    “Not at all. You can be a lifelong positive person and live a productive life, but your metaphysical energy will be affected by the polarisation effect.”
    “So when you said you never get tired, this is one of the reasons why? You live more consciously and reap the benefits,” Anita exclaims.
    “Yes, this is true. I am free of the energetic stress that accompanied me for many years. That energetic stress actually is an energy drain. Yet, like it or not, we have created it. It is a fact that most animals, cell for cell, have far more energy than humans do. But potentially, our energy can be by far the greatest, as it certainly should be.”

Comfort Zones

Going, Going ... Gone!

. . . this was the state of my ‘comfort zone’ during our recent tour. After years of successfully avoiding Michael’s ever on-going encouragement for me to speak during the Intensives, he really nailed me this year by saying, “What would you rather do, sit on the sidelines and stagnate or stand up, speak, and GROW?” Well, in all honesty, sitting and stagnating had the most immediate appeal, but, refusing to diminish myself to that degree, and with a strong desire to finally shut him up, I reluctantly agreed. It wasn’t speaking in front of a group that bothered me . . . it was what to say! I worked on-camera for many years, but always had memorised scripts, tele-prompters or cue cards. Never did I speak from my heart. But, with Trust ever-bright, I took the plunge. And, as we’ve all realized many times over, the thought of doing something that takes us out of our comfort zone is far worse than actually doing it.

Thoughts: life is so much easier when we don’t think. I’m not referring to necessary thinking, I’m talking about that yappy little narrator who critiques every situation, past, present and future, passing judgement on how it was, how it should have been, or how it will be (Oh God, not good . . . fear . . . fear . . . fear.) And my little teller-of-tales, who over the years has learned to quietly sit in the back, was suddenly making a takeover bid for the driver's seat as I approached my first talk. Gulp.

I asked myself, ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I feeling such trepidation?’ And then, the most important question, 'How is this here to help me?’ I saw my resistance to change, resistance to inner-growth. How much easier it is to sit on the sidelines of life, rather than participate. How much easier it was for me to sit, the adoring wife, smiling at Michael while he gave his presentation in country after country. My subconscious was happily doing its best to maintain this status quo. And in all honesty, I knew, deep in my heart, that it was time for me to speak . . . yet my loud thoughts were hijacking this quiet knowing. Ego ‘thinks’ . . . but consciousness ‘knows’. I was identifying with my ego thoughts, not with my Self.

True freedom is freedom from thought . . . freedom from mental conditioning and repeated mental noise. Freedom from allowing every thought to control us, often holding us in imbalance. Freedom from regret of the past and fear of the future. Freedom from thinking something ‘out there’ will make life better than it is in this very moment. Simply by not thinking about things, we automatically move into a different state of consciousness.

So I just stopped thinking about it, and when I did, I told myself I CAN do this . . . I CAN and I WILL do this, and I’ll do it well. And with each passing country I relaxed more and more into my time to speak, and received more positive feedback than I would have ever imagined. The addition of my strong feminine energy, as a balance to Michael’s very strong and powerful masculine energy, was very well received.

As it’s been said many times, ‘If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.’ This, in a nutshell, is exactly how we create our reality. So KNOW you can . . . whatever it is you may be facing, or whatever passion you’re drawn to follow, just go for it. Smash down the walls of your resistance and comfort zone, jump into the flow of Love and listen to the whispers of your heart. It will never lead you astray. There’s always a new horizon over the next ridge!

With all my Love,


From the first conception of 21 Days to Awakening I liked the idea. It got of to a rollicking good start from the very beginning, as Nature - our first topic - is obviously close to the heart of most aware people. I have been both surprised and gratified by how many people have been involved, and then, of course, we have the silent majority who read, but do not comment.

This was our first 21 Days attempt. The second will come in January of 2017. Twenty-one days in each quarter. About 700 people have been involved in the English language, with a few hundred more in French and German. To all of you, thank you. You made it very worthwhile. If you were not involved this time, I invite you to join with us next year. You will meet many like-minded people with whom you may connect.

People like us are very much the minority of humanity, no matter how much we would like this to be different. We need each other. United and connected, we grow. So often when alone and disconnected, we languish. When we connect in a spiritual way to the degree that we are open, we grow, and in our inner growing we help others to grow. This is what life is about, to grow from involvement. It is our wish that 21 Days will assist in this process.

In Love and Light,

In Every Moment of our Lives . . . We Create!

Look at all life on Earth as a vast, multidimensional holograph, interweaving the physical and the metaphysical. Remember this . . . in every moment of your life you are creating the content and direction of every moment of your life. This includes all our so-called past and future, all happening simultaneously in this moment, on many levels. This, of course, applies to every one of us . . . all interwoven. We are all creating our path into life based in every thought, every emotion, every reaction, every belief, etc., etc. There is no such thing as individual people, only individual bodies. Think bigger, wider, and on a far more cosmic scale. Let go of every notion of separation, and realise that all life is energy, and that all energy is information, and that all information is communicating endlessly into the energetic All. I have learned to listen to this universal exchange; not many people do. Most lifeforms live ‘consciously', receiving and transmitting energy/information back into the universal all, constantly. We live subconsciously - less than fully conscious - so we do not hear or heed the universal exchange. We are disconnected, outsiders, trying to subconsciously make sense of something so vast that we are required to be fully conscious to comprehend it. This is the purpose of our Intensives . . . to take the participants out of the mass illusion and connect them with Truth, with a greater reality, with the very essence of their Being.
In Love and Light,

Michael Roads on the Road

Enlightened Spiritual Teacher Michael Roads presents
Evening Talks . . . Weekend Seminars . . . 5-Day Intensives

The 5-Day Intensives are designed as a transformational process to raise the participants' consciousness through a natural synthesis of simplicity, clarity, wisdom and Truth. The depth of the message of unconditional Love, the power of creation, is so clear that the energy of Michael’s spoken words create an opening for powerful and very positive change. The authentic, sincere and often humorous way in which he presents his teachings allow the participants to naturally and organically embrace their true nature by experiencing a far more profound knowing of the true meaning of life, a knowing waiting to be re-ignited in us all.

Through dialogue, guided inner-exercises, deep inner-connections, and plenty of fun, laughter and ‘letting go’, the Intensives provide a rare and welcome opportunity to embrace emotional balance and mental clarity. You have to spend 5-days with Michael Roads to truly comprehend what an Enlightened consciousness can do for those who choose to immerse themselves in his energy, and are fully open to inner-growth. We invite you to come and experience a life-changing event of expansion and inner-freedom.

All Love, all ways,

Click to view our complete Tour Itinerary
All dates and locations listed below are confirmed, but in some countries the cost, registration details and links are not yet available. Please contact the organizer listed with any questions, and visit the tour directory on our website for all updates.


April 20: Evening Talk, Vienna (German Translation)

Location: Grunerhof Leobendorf
Contact Prem Spranger:

April 21 - 25: 5-Day Intensive, Manhartsbrunn (near Vienna) (German Translation)

Location: Hotel Stich
Contact Prem Spranger:



April 29: Afternoon Talk and Concert with Nanne and Ankie

Location: Burgum
Contact Ankie van der Meer:

April 30: Afternoon Talk

Location: Bennekom (unconfirmed)
Contact Irene Pielich:

May 3 - 7: 5-Day Intensive, Helvoirt

Location: Guldenberg Hotel
Contact Irene Pielich:



May 12: Evening Talk, Zürich (German Translation)

Location: Volkshaus
Contact Patric Pedrazzoli:
Website: and

May 13 - 14: Weekend Seminar, Zürich (German Translation)

Location: Volkshaus
Contact Patric Pedrazzoli:
Website: and

May 17 - 21: 5-Day Intensive, Bern(German Translation)

Location: Stiftung Landguet Ried
Contact Patric Pedrazzoli:
Website: and



May 24 - 28: 5-Day Intensive, Haute-Savoie (French Translation)

Location: Le Chenex
Contact Philippe or Martine Garcin:

June 1 - 5: 5-Day Intensive, Alsace (near Colmar)(French Translation)

Maison du Kleebach
Contact Philippe or Martine Garcin:



June 8 - 12: 5-Day Intensive, Hampshire

Location: Park Place Centre
Contact Julia Wright:



June 21 - 25: 5-Day Intensive, Berlin (German Translation)

Location: GLS Sprachenzentrum
Contact Janina von Krosigk:



July 1 - 5: 5-Day Intensive, Montreal (French Translation)

Location: Manoir Rouville-Campbell
Contact Leslie Sebastiao:


July 19 - 23: 5-Day Intensive, Unity Village, MO    

Location: Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center
Contact Thane Kraut:



January 13 - 14: Guest Speaker, Afterlife Explorers Conference 

Time: 14 January 2017, 4pm - 5:15pm
Location: Byron Community Centre

August 14 - 18: 5-Day Intensive, Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Location: Novotel Twin Waters Resort
Contact Carolyn Roads:



Early November: 5-Day Intensive, Kyoto

Location: Co-op Inn
Contact Yasumi Okame:

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